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How do I unlock King Mickey and Sora?

I heard u can get them after completing the story mode and then save it. Then buy them from moogle shop. But I don't see anything new, except a new weapon that costs 30000 heart points, then nothing more. Neither yellow badge with King Mickey face nor Soul of Sora is there...

SoraRoxasVen provided additional details:

Sorry, i haven't opened this for a long time. I've already got King Mickey by accident. The only problem now is about getting soul of sora. I appreciate everyone who had answered my question...
Thank you very much!

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xShadowBlitzx answered:

You need to beat the game for both of them and buy a specific item.
King Mickey - Return of the King from the moogle shop
Sora - Soul of Sora from the moogle shop

basically just buy everything and you should get them

I hope this helps
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Reifer90 answered:

To get the Return of the King item into the moogle shop, you need to make sure every single mission is complete in story mode, but if the mission has 2 levels of completion, you don't have to 100% that mission ( I think to get soul of sora into the shop, I think it does, not 100% sure)

You'll know when you have it in the shop because it has the 3 circles making the mickey logo for the icon of the item.
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