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How do you duplicate (or dupe) items?

My friend told me there's a way to use the online shop to somehow make copies of items. Anyone know how to do this?

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Zakaerys answered:

No one as far as I know can do this. Your friend probably heard it from an unreliable source, as not everywhere on the internet is dependable. Now, you can get multiple copies of items using an Action Replay, and you can get infinite money to be able to buy things forever from the online shop, but otherwise I'm afraid duplicating items is impossible.
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Chris309005 answered:

I dunno how anyone could do that. But what do know how to hold a weapon's use count at whatever number of uses it has. Get one of your units to hold the Star Orb or Light Orb.
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DiamondHeart451 answered:

Seriously, I nvr heard of anything like copying of items. YOur friend must have used cheat or action replay, who knows, nobody, except who use cheats or use action replay , cause there is no way to copy items from shopping online
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fireemblempro31 answered:

The only way to to it is ar and doing that totaly takes the fun out of games it supplys you with everything you need to succeed.
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