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Chapter 15: I cant defeat Gharnef?

Ok i know you face him in chapter 23 but i have no warp, so pretty much what do i do?

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Also could I use less then 16 units, i can use my units that can go across the water and get there without dyin?

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aidan230 answered:

I am sorry to say this, but a good idea is to use one to the pegisi sisters to distract garnef, they might or might not survive cuz of average RES, but without warp there is no other way.
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RoyalPersonGuy answered:

Simply use someone with a high resistance to stand on the bridge. If they get hurt badly, swap them out for someone else, then heal them. He leaves soon, then the rest is easy.
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Heroo1234567891 answered:

Just wait he leaves in about 5 turns
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xZephyrus answered:

You can't kill him yet, but you can avoid him .
Set the game to show his area of attack (Just press A on him)
and avoid that red area at all times, go up past the small island and have a unit with a high number move, make sure he follows the unit left on the small island, this will stall.
He should leave by the time he leaves the small island if you've done it correctly
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Thekiller37 answered:

Yu also could ignore him and focus on the left side of the screen.
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Ichigokurosakiz answered:

If you still have warp and if you're marth is really good and has his rapier and the item that allows him not to lose its uses then warp marth to the top where the castle is and have him kill the person guarding there.Then next turn just seize it and win.
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shyguy3000 answered:

I hid along the back of the board (worked for me). Wonce gharnf leaves the rest of the levelis easy
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Thekiller37 answered:

Have a mage prepared and send him/her to face gharnef as a staller without the dead part.
just watch out for the wyverns.
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firethief98 answered:

At this point there is no way to kill Gharnef im afraid so i recomend keeping to the bottom corner of the screen with a mage to stall as someone said earlier
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