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Villagers Likes / Dislikes?

Does anyone have the list of ALL of the villagers ( Not Bachelors / Bachelorettes ) Favorite, Loves, Likes lists of items? I noticed that they weren't Fogu website yet, but if anyone does. It would be such a huge help if they could post them.

Thank you,
- Annialis. :)

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chibisunsun answered:

These are easy gift in the beginning of the game

Pet food - Mirabelle, Taro, Vaughn and Julia
Lumber, branch and rocks - Gannon
Any type of flowers - Sabrina, Lanna, Eliza, Felicia and Will
Chocolate - Lanna and Eliza
Potato - Elliot
Curry Powder - Denny
Any type of fruit - Natalie
Bamboo shoot - Pierre

Once you unlock Volcano Island
Gelatin - Chen, Charlie, Pierre, Lanna, Eliza, Natalie and Elliot
Ores - Sabrina, Regis, Isaac and Slater(sub-villagers)
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ravenwoods answered:

The villagers from island of happiness have the same here are the new ones.
Fav-Red flower mix natto
loves-boot, poisonous mushrooms, fodder, animal feed, peach juice
Likes- failed dish natto, peach
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Purple_Link answered:

If you go to the villagers listing in the assets tab of the menu you can highlight the villager and on the top screen it will tell you there likes and dislikes and other pertinent information.
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chibisunsun answered:

Forgot to add

Turnp - Elliot, Denny, Taro and Felicia
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SyberiaWinx answered:

There are easier gifts, and I don't recall Pierre ever really liking bamboo shoots.>_> You definitely want to spring for a fishing rod, though. Not only can you enter the competition and get money from shipping fish, but a high number of characters in the game like fish.

Fish-Denny, Lanna, Martin, Ray, Kirk, Nathan, Shea, Wada, Purple Harvest Sprites
Pet Fodder-Mirabelle, Vaughn, Julia, Witchikin, Orange/Green Harvest Sprites
Most Flowers-Harvest Goddess, Felicia, Eliza, Will, Sabrina
Gelatin-Chen, Charlie, Regis, Blue Harvest Sprites
Building Material-Ganon, Green Harvest Sprites
Ore-Regis, Slater, Issac, Blue Harvest Sprites
Milk-Indigo Harvest Sprites
Crops-Yellow Harvest Sprites
Red Herbs-Witch Princess
Blueberry-Will, Natalie
Mushroom Clusters-Vaughn, Pierre
Bamboo Shoots-Taro, Elliot
Roasted Rice Candy or Pickled Turnip-Carol(use Turnip or Rice Candy from festival to get recipe)
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hendee answered:

How to give them a gift? put it on hand than talk to ppl who we want to give?
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chibisunsun answered:

@ SyberiaWinx : Actually every time I gave Pierre a bamboo shoot a music note would appears over his head. So either it's only doing that for my game or he does like it.

@ hendee : Yes, but you need to talk befriend the villagers first by talking to them at least 4 to 5 times... I think correct me on that number if I'm wrong
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skarn359 answered:

The fogu is up and if you look under the profile for each character in the assets menu it gives basic likes and dislikes.
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