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Quick question about the cabinet ?

If you leave items in the refrigerator they will loss freshness after some time. Happens the same with the items in the cabinet??

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DeIuxe answered:

Yes. But you can upgrade the material of the cabinet, like the refrigerator, to increase the time it takes for items to drop freshness. Go to Gannon to change the material of the cabinet; material stone is a step up from wood, then the next level is golden lumber, then the final upgrade level is mythic stone, where the items don't lose freshness at all.
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abcynthia answered:

I've never had any item that I've stored in the wooden cabinet to have dropped in Freshness/Quality at all. Even wonderful stones/wonderful stone shards that I've won at festivals (game) years ago are still at perfect 10 in Freshness and still S rank. I've also stored gemstones/ore for the mining festival in spring with absolutely no loss of quality by winter. I have experienced loss of freshness with the refrigerator, but not the cabinet. I hope this helps!
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WarriorOfHope answered:

The freshness point of wonderful piece and the wonderful itself won't drop even if you bring it on your rucksack
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abcynthia answered:

WarriorOfHope>> In my experience, leaving a wonderful stone shard or a wonderful stone in my rucksack will not only result in a noticeable decrease in freshness points, but also eventually result in a change of rank.
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