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More Harvest Sprites?

I have 2 hearts on my blue one and I can't seem to get any more? Do I have to have 2 hearts on all of my sprites?

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CRtwenty answered:

No, I had three Orange sprites before I got the second of any other sprite. Their heart levels are independent of each other. However the hearts you see in the Asset screen is just an estimation. Keep giving the sprite gifts and you'll eventually get a new sprite.
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Amarath28 answered:

I don't think so...I have noticed that going from 2 hearts to 3 hearts is a big jump that takes a lot of gifts to raise
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0DragonWarrior0 answered:

No just give gifts everyday to all sprites depending their likes. The cheap gift you ever give is pet food or mechandise items in Chen store
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honorary_oracle answered:

More Harvest Sprites come if you talk to/hire/gift them. Befriending/hiring one team doesn't affect the others.
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