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How to digiovle metalgreymon to wargreymon?

How to digiovle metalgreyymonto Wargreymon?
I wan looking foward to my metal greymon to digiovle to WArgreymon,but instead,it digiovle to VictoryGreymon,luck i got a another Metalgreymon plz help mie i struggling !!!!!!!

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Odydg answered:

You need the following requirements:

- at least 60 Dragon-AP
- at least 14 Battles
- victory ratio above 50%
- at least 1 Egg-Revert

HOWEVER, DON'T get (either of the following conditions):

- more than 30 Battles
- 2 or more Egg-Reverts

Basically, VicotryGreymon has higher requirements in general (more than 30 battles, 50% victories, 2 egg-reverts) than WarGreymon and you need to make sure that your MetalGreymon fulfill the requirements between the two.

Hope it helps.
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