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Puzzle battle 3 : layton vs dimitri help?

Please help.. Where the sensors??


carlxx3 answered:

Is either LIE upside down or flipped to the other way or u can check at .html
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TheGuidingLight answered:

A picture showing where to mark the sensors can be seen here
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gefflt answered:

Without giving you the answer, start by placing flags on the spaces where, in the row or column, there's a 5. This indicates that there are 5 mines in this row / column. By starting with the bigger numbers, you'll get the small ones (who would be harder to place) by default.

Hope this helps!
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FireCharizard answered:

It was a bit simple for me.
Here is the answer. Do not touch Hersel's list.

Starting from the top.
1. 1
2. 1
3. 4
4. 3
5. 1

Therefore, both people gets 2 wins, 2 loses and 1 tie/draw.
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FireCharizard answered:

P.S; By mistake, I meant dimitri, not Hersel.
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swordfire328 answered:

um.. FireCharizard... you got the answer AND the question wrong.

u were supposed to do the one with the sensors and the answer is..

Layton (right)

1. 1
2. 3
3. 4
4. 1
5. 1

Well back to the other question, turn it upside down and put LIE in the boxes, in CAPITAL!!!
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FireCharizard answered:

um..swordfire... this doesn't look right. You are doing puzzle battle 2. You also made a mistake.
Although you were right about the answer. Turning the puzzle upside down and writing LIE.
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lkox3 answered:

Right.. im in desperate need of help! ive looked at all of the walkthroughs to puzzle battle 3 .. and there is a certain way the table and people are placed. but mine is completely different! and i just cant do it :(
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TheGuidingLight answered:


Unwound Future Solution Picture

Lost Future Solution Picture
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omegachaos1 answered:

Mine was an infinite sign looks lke a double 00 hope it helps ya
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Firefox107 answered:

If you have got the English Version: Write the infinity symbol.
If you have got the American Version: Turn your DS upside down and write LIE

Hope this helps
P.S If none of these work then you will have to use the clues on the outside of the screen.
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