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What is your stats at level 99?

Just wish to know thats all.

for example u are at level 60, and your stats are atk 300 def 400, spd 250, tech 400and etc for example...

mrfatso provided additional details:

Cool, thanks i was asking this question on behalf of my friend since he was at level 99 and he noticed that his stats were only around this figure so he was worried whether was this a glitch or did something screw up?

Accepted Answer

Shukuen answered:

With no equipment, the stats at Level 99 are:

HP 8200
SP 650
ATK 248
DEF 238
SPD 242
TEC 247

HP 8700
SP 600
ATK 245
DEF 245
SPD 235
TEC 235

HP 7300
SP 900
ATK 241
DEF 227
SPD 240
TEC 237

HP 7100
SP 750
ATK 240
DEF 225
SPD 252
TEC 244

HP 7900
SP 500
ATK 251
DEF 235
SPD 236
TEC 234

HP 7650
SP 800
ATK 243
DEF 233
SPD 247
TEC 252

HP 9000
SP 500
ATK 245
DEF 252
SPD 220
TEC 237
1 0

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