Question from fullsade

Where is gible partner quest and when is it?

Like right after what and what city/area?


nhahtdh answered:

Boyleland. IIRC, it will be available after you have beaten Darkrai.
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pikachu250 answered:

It is in Boyle Volcano after you get the quest given by the old woman by the volcano after you follow the pelliper it will lead you to the wild Gible
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pikachu250 answered:

Oh the quest is called Pelipper's Plea you find him by the volcano entrance with the doors
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Pipluppals answered:

Pelliper's Plea- Volcano cliff.
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sakura_haruno42 answered:

The quest is called Pelliper's Plea you go the the elderly woman in Boyleland first, Go to Volcano Cave, there will be a Pelipper waiting for you, it will run away, follow it, after you follow it, capture the Gible, the Gible will be your Partner Pokemon.
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