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(What is the best partner pokemon?)

Which has the best move?

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sam493 answered:

Lol shieldon pachirisu hippopotas gible snover are the best ones unlessyou care about hit points alot
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Chaet_legend answered:

It really is a matter of your own opinion - most people argue (and I agree) its either Shieldon or Pachirisu. Shieldon stops them attacking whereas Pachirisu stops them moving at all...but it can be harder for a beginner to use.
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metakaiser10 answered:

Of course it's shieldon even though pachirisu is good his poke assist time is too short
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elsbeth1 answered:

I personally think it's sheildon because then it stop the pokemon from attacking but doesn't defeat the purpose by making it too easy
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

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mudkip77 answered:

I think it's dark or electric
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CharizardFire answered:

Machop's is good.
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Varil_Rools answered:

That is an opinion. In my opinion, Shieldon, with the Steel PokeAssist, is the best, as he is easy to charge, and doesn't allow the target to attack, extremely useful in capturing Rigigigas, the final Pokemon in the Almia Browser.
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alton603 answered:

Electric assist and steel are godly. ghost is not too shabby since the target can be hit lots of times with the tired condition. whilst dark is a defensive assist. it removes mud puddles and other hazards.
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happyspartans answered:

Pachirisu- i think he is best because without him i wouldnt have beaton the game i mean cmon sheildon you have to flick gravel or something!
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andibad answered:

Electric assist and steel are good, ice is really nice to use. The starter partner is ... Pachirisu because is good for hard boss and can stop move, or you can caught another electric pokemo in some area.
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pokeking111 answered:

Craindus (the rock dino ting) he filcks dirt at open to increase freindship to get pokemon while they r useing hard to get around attacks
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hartalan answered:

Really it depends on you and what you like. i like fire, fires for me.
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Camble01 answered:

ITS Shieldon
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jwolfe340 answered:

I personally keep piplup with me, but only because I love piplups. Otherwise, the best to keep with you is shieldon.
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mattel98 answered:

I think my favorite and best partner is Cranidos!
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Protoalex2006 answered:

Imo, and apparently a lot others,
Is Pachirusu (Sp?) and Sheildon,
Both have similar effect, but there is a trade off.
Sheildon, at its largest size, does more damage then pach., but it does not stop moving, but can't attack
While with Pachisuru. It will stop moving and attacking, making it easier to capture,
Helpful for larger pokemon.
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Kibuto answered:

It all depends on your style. Test out all of them and decide which one you like the best.
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shadowrazr98 answered:

The best one is the one you can use the best.
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