Question from death_dreamerz

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I find Roserade? *Possible Spoilers*

I have beat the main story line and doing the final quests I have done all but 2 atm and for one I have to find a Roserade the only tip the game gives is deep in a forest but I have looked all over Vien Forest and union road.-the name of this quest is "Roserade Red, Roserade Blue?"--------------

On the other quest I have yet to beat I have to locate Murph for his father any ideas where too look?- name of this quest is "Murph's Disappearing Act"

Accepted Answer

From: Drake_fire 6 years ago

Roserade is located near the cave you find Regirock on the far harbor from where you use Blastoise
Murph is located where you fought Lucario in Almia Castle (Make sure to talk to Ms Winters first)

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