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Asked: 5 years ago

What do you do after you beat the game?

I've beaten the game, found the Capture Arena, now what?

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you can finish the quests and if u already did that try and get all the pokemon on rank S.

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When you complete your browser you can catch regigigas. You can also level up your styler to 100 and S rank all the pokemon.

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You need to complete all the quests, beat the Capture Arena, complete the browser, and try to get the styler to level up the whole way.

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You can complete all the Quests, complete the browser, try to get the styler to the final level(level 99), then beat the Capture Arena, beat the Capture Arena last because there are very, very hard Pokemon in the Capture Arena, so, when you come back, you will be stronger and better than ever.

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