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How do you get the key to your house in sims kingdom?

I got a house at the begining of the game it told me''you can not enter with out a key''.I look arouned and could'et find one. So I went up to other pople in the game but they told me noting. Please help me by telling me where to find it thanks?


x_XLAYLAX_x answered:

Talk to Helen. She won't give it to you automatically (because she can't find it), then go talk to Dr. F. After you talk to him, go back to Helen and she will give it to you.
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JordanDevost answered:

Yes, right. ELLEN has trouble finding the key, so she sends you off with a package to deliver to Dr. F. Bring it to him, and he will ask a favor or two. Complete each favor then go back to him. Ellen will go inside Dr. F.'s place and you will recieve the key. Don't listen to that other answer, it's wrong.
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