Question from PukingPug

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the Perplexing Paw?

Im on chapter four where you have to find the 5 items for Dr. F, i have four but there is one i cannot find at all, I need the Perplexing Paw.

Accepted Answer

From: miko116 5 years ago

Just build many houses then talk to them. If you have answered the unkown people correctly, they may give you the perplexing paw.

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Get Bronze in every Mini game including the Easy Normal Hard parts,

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I just got a bronze in the kayak game and received the Perplexing Paw. I also just finished giving Tim all the pictures. I have NOT gotten a metal in the tennis game or the ski jump game so I don't think getting a metal in all the mini games is what is required to get the Perplexing Paw.

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you have to get a bronze medal or silver or gold then you would be rewarded the PERPLEXING PAW [thats how i got it]

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Im sry I forgot to put the game for the answer I put above!!
you have to play the kayak game

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As far as I know, get a bronze on all the mini-games. (This doesn't include the balloon mini-game.) Also, you need to help out Dean. I got the Perplexing Paw from Johnny after helping Dean.

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Oh yeah, you only need to get a bronze on easy for the mini-games. (I think)

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All you have to do is get at least a bronze metal in the kayak mini game.(it took me 10 times to get the bronze metal, that game is hard!)

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You don't have to get a medal in any other mini-game, i didn't get any of the animals either; you only have to beat 55 seconds in kayaking. it took me once to do it- but it is hard!

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Can anyone tell me where to find the polor bear and the pig?

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WOOHOO!! Thanks evryone i got the perplexing paw!!

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