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Asked: 5 years ago

Where do you find Mecha-Dog?

I can't find him anywhere!!! I have searched in every part of the map and just everywhere!!!!!!!! Please help me!!!
Thank you.

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead...

The first time he is sent out by Dr. F he will go to the Zoo. Look by the crocodile/alligator.

The second time, he will wind up near the ski jump.

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I looked in both of those places and still can't find him!!!! Do you know what time of day it was?????

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Go to the zoo and you get a cut screen of the dog with a gator. they will run off. go into the cage and go down the laddar.

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I think you have to do something else before you can find mecha dog by the ski lift because i can't see him! Was it an afternoon?

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I actually haven't played this game in a long long time so I was really confused on how to find him as well yet I found him in the mountains at night near the ski lift. I hope that helps a lot ;0

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