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Good or bad ending in this game?

I've completed this game but the ending isn't satisfied ><
is there any good ending?

chuongcyper provided additional details:

what will happen when i play with Mellia?will i have two ending like maria?

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ServantofGoth answered:

There are a total of nine endings in the game. In Red mode (the storyline with Maria):
Good Ending: Get Ancardia (Scene 23.5) and recruit Algiery and don't let her die or transoul her into another unit.
Bad Ending 1: Get Ancardia and transoul or let Algiery die after recruiting her.
Bad Ending 2: Get a game over on Scene 47.
Bad Ending 3: Do not get Ancardia.

For Blue mode (storyline with mellia):
Good Ending: Don't go to Scene 23.5, recruit Algiery and don't let her die, and you must side with Marietta at the end.
Bad Ending 1: Good ending requirements except Algiery must die.
Bad Ending 2: Don't go to Scene 23.5 and choose Mellia at the end and get a Game Over on Scene 47.
Bad Ending 3: Don't get a Game Over on Scene 47, don't side with Marietta.
Bad Ending 4: Go to Scene 23.5 and get a get a Game Over on Scene 47.
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Umbradragon answered:

If you manage to get ancardia while playing with Maria as the heroine you get a better ending than if you didnt find it
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