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What use is a veggie burger?

I just obtained it and I've no idea what use it is. I know the icon is the same as the faerie dust's but does it do the same?

Dypo provided additional details:

No, it doesn't give me any HP or SP. When it does, it's just because of specialist.

Dypo provided additional details:

WAAAIIIIT! It DOES give me HP and SP. But only 10 and 20, though.

Dypo provided additional details:

But, then again, that means there wasn't really any need not to sell it in the shop if that was the only reason. I mean, what's the point if it only gives you minor HP and SP? This led me to thinking that there is another use for a veggie burger.

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Dark_Cecil answered:

Check the item description and stats. If there's some number by SP or HP, then it probably refills that stat by that much
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