Question from xoz444

How do i get to make my own level?

I got to the hall of heros but i dont know where to go to build my own level.

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Codinator answered:

If you go to the left of the hall of heros you will go to a graveyard based area. When you go outside goto the southright to see three gavestones. They says "Here Lies Wi-Fi mode" "Here Lies City Build Mode" and "Here lies Vehicle Build Mode"

I wish I could build a city T_T
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Kirbyfreak411 answered:

Sorry to say, but no matter where you go, you CAN'T make your own level (sorry, I wish I could make my own too but...)
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Mega_pikmin answered:

You cant unfortunately; its as simple as that. They likely just said that is to tempt and torture us with things we want but will likely never have :(.
Some ideas they had to put in the game but found it to much work to do. Ether way I hope the make another game like this, but actually give us the ability to build all the things we want >.<!
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