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Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2
GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin) Guide

NOTE: I am basing these strategies off the Normal Difficulty.

| [000] Table of Contents                                              |

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For example, type in [001] to go to the Version History.

[000]................................................ Table of Contents
[001].................................................. Version History
[002]........................................ Copyright and Legal Stuff

[003]............................................... Basics of the Game
[004]................................................... What is GUILT?

[005]......................................... Mutated GUILT (returning)
[006]............................ Kyriaki (The Invisible Blades, Sunday)
[007]........................... Tetarti (Synchronized Venom, Wednesday)
[008]............................... Pempti (Armored Bacteria, Thursday)

[009]......................................................... NEO GUILT
[010]........................................................ Nous (Mind)
[011]..................................................... Bythos (Depth)
[012]..................................................... Sige (Silence) 
[013].................................................... Alethia (Truth)

[014]........................................ Frequently Asked Questions
[015]........................................................... Contact
[016].................................................. Closing Comments

| [001] Version History                                                |

 6 July, 2008 |
Completed writing the guide, and added in-depth strategies for dealing
with GUILT.

| [002] Copyright and Legal Stuff                                      |

This guide is copyright (c) - fi3rcedragon, 2008.

This guide is to be solely used on www.gamefaqs.com only. If I see this 
on another  site,  I'll sue you with my interweb attorneys (I'll get Phoenix 
Wright onto you). 

Or something.

| [003] Basics of the Game                                             |

Well, Trauma Center 2 is the sequel to Trauma Center (durh) and it is a
surgery simulation game, although simulation is pushing it a bit. Have you
ever heard of surgeons in real life using lasers and stuff to kill crazy
mutant diseases? Probably not.

The aim of the game is to save your patient - it's all pretty basic. Your
patient is hurt, and you have to save them before the time runs out, or
they die.

 Game Screen           |

       _____________________         ___
1  80 |__________________|__|       |___| 13

 .---.                              .---.
 | 2 |                              | 7 |
 .---.                              .---.
 .---.                              .---.
 | 3 |                              | 8 |
 .---.                              .---.
 .---.                              .---.
 | 4 |              12              | 9 |
 .---.                              .---.
 .---.                              .---.
 | 5 |                              | 10|
 .---.                              .---.
 .---.                              .---.
 | 6 |                              | 11|
 .---.                              .---.

(I have such great ASCII skills. =_=;)

These are your patient's vitals. If they drop to 0, he/she dies. 
Simple as that. Vitals can be increased through the use of Antibiotic Gel or 
the Stabilizer.

Sometimes, you may notice a blue line on your vitals bar. This means your 
vitals are capped at that point, and cannot go any higher.

The Medical Laser is used to destroy some GUILT, as well as burn off small 
tumors and stuff like that. If it is held over a spot for too long, it will 
burn the patient's organ, creating a small hole - so be careful.

The Medical Laser has a limited use, and you have to wait for it to recharge 
after using it for a long period of time. To use it, just touch the area you 
want to shoot the laser at.

The Antibiotic Gel can heal small wounds, disinfect areas and a bunch of other
things. Also, it raises a patient's vitals slightly, so you can rub it 
everywhere. If you apply a lot of Antibiotic Gel, a patient's vitals will also 
drop slower, so make good use of it.

Like the Laser, the Gel has a limited use and you have to wait for the 
recharge. To use, just rub the area you want to apply the Gel to.

A fairly basic tool, but it is used a lot. The Drain is used to suck up excess
blood as well as get rid of gases that some GUILT may give off. To use, 
touch and hold the area you want to drain, and pull upwards.

The Forceps are used to pick up things like tumors and bullets. It is also 
used to place objects into a patient if it is ever needed. After picking up 
items, you need to get rid of them by placing it into the tray at the bottom 
right hand corner. If you fail to do this, you will drop the object 
(it'll magically fly back to its old position) and you'll get a Miss, not 
to mention a vital drop.

Also, you will occasionally find large wounds (which are big, gaping cuts). 
You will need to use the Forceps to close the wound, then suture it.

To use, touch and hold whatever you want to pick up. To drop it, stop 
touching it.

Healing Touch is back. When you use Healing Touch, it allows you to slow down
time, allowing you to quickly treat your patient. You can only use this 
once per operation, so only use it when you're in trouble.

Healing Touch lasts for about 20-30 seconds.

To use it, draw a star on the screen.

The Ultrasound is used to pick up hidden items underneath the organ. 
If you find something, a black shadow will appear. The Magnifier can only be 
used at certain times, and is quite different to the first one. Instead of 
magnifying a certain place, it will let you move your point of view around.

To use the Ultrasound, just touch wherever you want to check. To use the 
Magnifier, touch and hold the screen, then drag to wherever you want to 

The Scalpel is used to cut things up, and that's all you really need to know.
If there is a green dotted line on the screen, CUT IT. If there is a 
yellow dotted line, you will need to disinfect it with the gel - and then it 
will turn green. If you cut a yellow line without disinfecting it, you will 
get a BAD rank.

The sutures are used to stitch up wounds. To use, simply draw a zigzag 
line from  one side of the laceration, to the other. Simple.

The Syringe is used to inject different medicines into your patient. 
There are  a lot of different ones I won't mention, but the one medicine 
you will have all the time, is the Stabilizer. The Stabilizer, when 
injected, increases your vitals by 10.

To use the Syringe, touch the button. Bottles will appear, and you need 
to touch and drag upwards to fill the Syringe. Then inject it into the patient.

11. MISC.
This spot either holds the PENLIGHT (available in later missions) or the
BANDAGES. They only appear at certain times, though. To use the penlight, just
touch the area you want to light up. To use the bandages, just touch and drag
to apply the bandage.

This is your patient! Don't let them die! :D

If you don't want to listen to all the dialogue that the characters have
to say, just press the SELECT button. This will automatically skip all the 
dialogue. A button saying "SKIP" will appear when you have it activated.

| [004] What is GUILT?                                                 |

GUILT is a deadly virus created by the biochemical, terrorist group, Delphi.
GUILT stands for Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin... I bet you didn't 
know that. If you did, good for you.

In the first game, there were 7 forms of GUILT. In this game, three of the old
GUILT (which are Kyriaki, Pempti and Tertarti) make a return, and there are 4 
new ones, known as the NEO-GUILT.

If you have played the first Trauma Center you'll be glad (or not) to know
that there are not as many GUILT Operations as there were in Trauma Center 2.
I found that Trauma Center 1 got a bit ridiculous, since halfway through the 
game, nearly every single operation was a GUILT Operation.

| [005] Mutated GUILT (returning)                                      |

Three GUILT strains from the original Under The Knife, return. They are
Kyriaki, Tertarti and Pempti. They are slightly different from their
original counterparts, but the whole procedure is generally the same.

| [006] Kyriaki, The Invisible Blades (Sunday)                         |
| DIFFICULTY: Hard     |

Out of the three returning GUILT, I have to say the Kyriaki is the most
difficult. I still can't beat X1 from the original game...

For those unfamiliar with the Kyriaki, they are small little creatures
which cut up a person's internal organs, not very pleasant. They will
create a lot of lacerations, so you will be using the Suture Tool...
a lot. You will have to learn how to suture wounds up quickly.

| ATTACKS              |
   Lacerate [Low Risk]                                                         |
 This is the Kyriaki's main attack. It will move around underneath the         |
 organ, and cut it up. Each laceration does around 7-10 damage,                |
 so be careful.                                                                |
   Triple Laceration [Medium Risk]                                             |
 Once the Queen Kyriaki emerges, it will start off by creating three           |
 lacerations. This does quite a bit of damage, so keep your vitals             |
 high.                                                                         |
   Lay Egg [Major Risk]                                                        |
 This move is used by the Queen Kyriaki. It will occasionally drop eggs        |
 inside your patient's organs. If you do not remove the eggs quickly           |
 enough, they will hatch another Kyriaki. If you find an egg                   |
 when using the ultrasound, simply cut the area, then remove it                |
 using the forceps. These are your first priority, so remove them              |
 ASAP!                                                                         |

When you open your patient up, you will notice a bunch of lacerations, 
as well as a few big wounds. To heal the big wounds, drain the blood, 
and close them using the forceps. Then, just suture as per normal. 
Quickly treat them.  A good tactic is to leave a few small lacerations, 
and pump your vitals up to the max. As soon as you patch up all the cuts, 
the Kyriaki will emerge.

The Kyriaki will start off by cutting your patient a few times. Ignore them,
and go after the Kyriaki. They move underneath the organ, so use the 
ultrasound to locate them. Once you find a Kyriaki (you will see a black 
shadow), cut the area with your scalpel. This will force them up. Be 
careful, when you  force them up, they will immediately do one laceration. 
When they are outside,  quickly burn the Kyriaki with the laser to kill 
it. Repeat this a few times until all of them are gone.

Once you have killed all the smaller Kyriaki, the Queen Kyriaki will emerge.
It will start off by making three lacerations which will hurt you 
considerably. Ignore these and go after the Queen, using the same strategy as 
before. The only difference is that it takes a lot longer to kill the Queen, 
and it has the ability to go back inside the organ. Once you kill the Queen, 
kill all the remaining Kyriaki (if there are any), suture the wounds and 
close up your patient.

When looking for the Queen, be on the look out for eggs. If you find an egg,
immediately excise it by cutting the area, and removing it using the forceps.
If you don't get rid of it, they will hatch your Kyriaki.

The reason that this operation is hard, is that the Kyriaki will barely give
you any time to pump up your vitals. If you pause to treat your vitals, they
will start going on the offensive and start cutting you up. It's best to 
ignore all the lacerations until there are too many.

| [007] Tertarti, Synchronized Venom (Wednesday)                        |
| DIFFICULTY: Easy     |

The Tertarti are quite easy to treat. If you don't mess up, you can literally
beat the operation flawlessly. The Tertarti are three little guys that change
color. To kill them, you simply have to inject them with the same colored

In the original, there were three color varieties, but in this one, there
are five different color varieties. There are still only three separate
GUILTs, but five different variations.

| ATTACKS              |
   Create Tumor [Medium Risk]                                                  |
 If you do not successfully inject the serums into the Tertarti, they          |
 will create tumors. The colored tumors will deal damage to your vitals,       |
 so be careful. In order to get rid of the tumors, inject the same colored     |
 serum to the tumor, cut it, then remove it with the forceps.                  |
   Tumor Gas [Medium Risk]                                                     |
 If you do not treat the colored tumors in time, they will release a gas       |
 which will drop your vitals considerably. Get rid of the tumors before        |
 they become too much of a threat.                                             |

Once you open up your patient, you will notice a few tumors. Use the Syringe
to inject the tumors (use the same color serum on the same colored tumors),
cut them out with the Scalpel, then remove them with the forceps. Then, 
use the forceps again to apply the bandage, and meld it into the organ 
with the gel. Easy.

If you want, pump up all your vitals to the max before you finish 
removing all the tumors.

Once you treat all the tumors, the Tertarti will emerge. When they appear, 
they will be a certain color (either Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue or Black). 
Quickly remember the color each Tertarti is, because they will quickly lose 
color. Now, use the Syringe to inject the Tertarti with the colored serum. 
Inject a Blue Tertarti with the Blue Serum and so forth.

Do this quickly enough, and they'll disappear, then re-appear. Just use 
the same process a few times, and they'll die. After each 'phase' they'll 
become more quick, and lose their color faster; making it more difficult to 
inject them. But still, it's quite easy. Once they die, just close 
up the patient.

If you are too slow with injecting the three Tertarti, or you inject 
the wrong serum, they will take no damage, and leave behind a tumor. The tumor 
can seriously mess you up, so I suggest retrying the operation. Aside from 
leaving the tumors, they have no other attacks, so if you can flawlessly 
inject the Tertarti quickly enough, you should have no problems.

| [008] Pempti, Armored Bacteria (Thursday)                            |
| DIFFICULTY: Easy     |

The Pempti aren't much harder than the Tertarti. During Pempti 
operations, you have an unlimited use of your laser, so just fire away. 
The Pempti are two cores, which float around and summon little bacteria 
which  screw your patient over. Like the Tertarti, they are easy to treat, 
but if you  stuff up, it can seriously stuff you over. It is possible to 
flawlessly treat your patient if you are quick enough.

The key to defeating the Pempti is to even out the damage to the two cores. Once
you destroy one core, the second core will go crazy and start dealing a lot of
damage to your patient. If that core is still at full health, it will be
extremely difficult to take it out. If you were smart and attacked both cores
evenly, destroying the second core shouldn't take too long.

| ATTACKS              |
   Slash Bacteria [Medium Risk]                                                |
 The Pempti will summon little pink/purple bacteria. When this happens,        |
 quickly start attacking it with your laser. If you are too slow upon killing  |
 it, it will create a laceration, dealing minor damage. It does add up after a |
 while, so be careful.                                                         |
 Pempti will only summon the Slash Bacteria one at a time during itís          |
 beginning phase. During its berserk stage, it can summon quite a few of       |
 these.                                                                        |
   Tumor Bacteria [Medium Risk]                                                |
 The tumor bacteria come in a group of six (both cores will summon three tumors|
 bacteria next to them). They will halt at first, giving you a chance to       |
 quickly blast them with your laser. If you are too slow, they will create a   |
 few tumors which can hurt your vitals.                                        |
 To remove the tumors, simply laser them, and use the antibiotic gel on the    |
 holes.                                                                        |
   Spinning Bacteria [Medium Risk]                                             |
 Occasionally, the Pempti cores will summon three bacteria that simply just    |
 spin around the core. Although it doesn't look like it is doing much, every   |
 time it spins, it deals damage to your vitals. Since they are spinning        |
 quickly, it is difficult to hit each bacterium.                               |
 Instead, focus your laser on a point where all the bacteria will pass, and    |
 just hold it at that position. The bacteria will spin through the laser and   |
 get damaged, and will die after a couple of revolutions.                      |

Open up your patient, and pump up their vitals. Once you see a little hazy 
object, inject it with the serum (which is brown-colored, iirc). Do this a 
couple of times, and the hazy object will split into two. This is where it 
really begins.

To defeat the Pempti, all you really need to do is fire the laser at it. Just
hold the laser down, and keep attacking it. If 'OK!' appears, you have just
damaged it. The cores die in roughly 5 'OKs!', so keep up the offensive. They
will alternate between the three different types of bacteria listed above,
so stay alert.

Like I mentioned before, even out the damage you die. Instead of focusing on
just one core, attack both. Once 'OK!' appears on one of the cores, attack the
other one. Once you destroy one core, the second core will go berserk and start
attacking a lot, which is extremely difficult to halt. The second core will
retain the same amount of health, so if it was nearly dead before you destroyed
the first core, it will be nearly dead during the berserk phase. Hope that
didn't sound too confusing. =_=;

There is not much different between the first and berserk phase, aside from the
fact that it will summon much more bacteria - and at the same time. This would
be a good time to utilize your Healing Touch, since it is nearly dead.

Once you've dealt enough damage to the second core, it will die, and you have
defeated the Pempti!

| [009] Neo-GUILT                                                      |

Neo-GUILT are the four new strains of GUILT. They consist of Nous, a spore
like tumor thing, Bythos, a giant core monster, Sige, a small metallic
GUILT that spews smoke everywhere, and Alethia, the mother of all frustration.

| [010] Nous (Mind)                                                    |
| DIFFICULTY: Easy     |

The Nous is a fairly uninteresting Neo-GUILT. It's simply a spiky organism that
spawns a bunch of spore-like tumors. In order to defeat it, all you need to do
is to extract all the spores, and then cut up the GUILT with your scalpel.

| ATTACKS              |
   Drop Tumor [Low Risk]                                                       |
 Once it appears, the Nous will drop a bunch of spore like tumors. These are   |
 easily extracted, all you need to do is: drain the fluid and the cut along    |
 the line, then extract it with the forceps. There is a catch, though.         |
 You MUST extract the tumors in the same order they appeared. If you don't,    |
 then they'll...                                                               |
   Tumor Explosion [Major Risk]                                                |
 Yes, the tumors will freaking explode if you don't extract them in the right  |
 order. Each tumor does about 20 damage to your vitals, so if there are 3      |
 tumors, and you mess up, they'll explode, and your patient is probably dead,  |
 or nearly dead.                                                               |
 However, they don't ALL explode. For example, let's say you were supposed to  |
 extract the first tumor that appeared, but you extracted the third one by     |
 accident. The first and second tumor will explode, but the third and the ones |
 after will not. However, it's better just not to have the tumors blow up.     |

There is not really much to write here. The Nous will appear and spawn tumors,
and you just need to extract them in the correct order. If you still can't beat
Nous, you probably have to exercise your memory a bit.

| [011] Bythos (Depth)                                                 |
| DIFFICULTY: Normal   |

Bythos is a massive green core with an eye in the middle. This is a fairly 
enjoyable GUILT strain (unless you spend most of it throwing your DS at the 
wall), but can be a bit difficult at times.

| ATTACKS              |
   Lacerate [Medium Risk]                                                      |
 This is the Bythos' main attack. While it floats around your patient's        |
 organs, it will occasionally cut up your patient. The damage it does isn't    |
 major, but if left unattended, the overall damage can stack up.               |
   Teleport / Hemorrhage [High Risk]                                           |
 Sometimes, Bythos will teleport from one position to another. Although this   |
 SEEMS like it's doing nothing, it will leave behind a hidden wound. Use the   |
 ultrasound on the area where it teleported from, and you will notice a black  |
 shadow. If left unattended for too long, these hemorrhages will burst and     |
 deal about 10-15 damage to your vitals.                                       |
 Personally, it's better off to concentrate on killing the Bythos quickly. If  |
 you stop to fix the hemorrhages, Bythos just deals more damage, so it wasn't  |
 really worth the time. Just leave them to burst (fix them up when they do,    |
 though) and focus on killing Bythos quickly.                                  |

Open up the patient and fix the lacerations up. Then, Bythos will appear.
The procedure is simple. Equip your laser, and shoot it at the eye in the middle
of the GUILT. Concentrate all your fire onto it, and it will eventually explode.

Now, you'll notice the shards of the core are everywhere, and small orbs of 
light are floating around. What you need to do is use the forceps to pick 
up the eye, and extract it WITHOUT touching the orbs. If you touch the 
orbs of light while extracting the eye, you will suffer about 20 vital 
damage, and you will have done no damage to the Bythos whatsoever. Note that 
touching the shards will also make you take damage.

Watch out, some of the orbs (the green ones) will home in on the eye as 
soon as you pick it up, so you don't have much time to waste.

While Bythos has been shattered, this is the best time to quickly suture your
wounds and pump up your vitals. Once Bythos starts shaking, you know you 
have a few seconds before it reassembles itself, so quickly remove the 
eye. Bythos will then regenerate, and the process will repeat itself. 
You'll have to do this  about 3-4 times before Bythos dies.

When it is moving around, just ignore all the wounds, and focus on 
attacking the eye. Only stop to heal and pump up your vitals if you are 
nearly dead, or Bythos has been shattered. Keep your vitals at least at 
30+, 50+ to be on the safe side.

| [012] Sige (Silence)                                                 |
| DIFFICULTY: Hard     |

I seriously do not like this guy. Sige is a small little Neo-GUILT that moves
extremely quickly. It acts a little bit like the Kyriaki, but is a lot more

| ATTACKS              |
   Lacerate [Medium Risk]                                                      |
 The Sige will occasionally throw out a few lacerations. You've dealt with     |
 these before. Simply suture them if they become too much of a nuisance.       |
   Release Pus [Low Risk]                                                      |
 This is the Sige's main attack, and although it is not threatening, it's      |
 fairly annoying. The pus itself doesn't do much, but if left unattended for   |
 too long, inflammations will appear. To get rid of the inflammation, simply   |
 inject the blue medication into it.                                           |
 Aside from creating inflammations, the pus can also obscure your sight. You   |
 cannot harm the Sige if it is hiding underneath the pus as well, so be        |
 aware of that.                                                                |
   Release Gas [Low Risk]                                                      |
 When you excise the Sige, it will release a bunch of gas which will obscure   |
 your sight. To get rid of the gas, simply blow into the microphone. During    |
 this period, you cannot do anything, so use the stabilizer to pump up your    |
 vitals, while simultaneously blowing into the microphone.                     |
 You will notice a large gaping hole after you get rid of all the gas. To      |
 heal it, use the forceps to drop the synthetic membrane onto it, and meld     |
 it into the organ using the antibiotic gel.                                   |
   Hemorrhage [High Risk]                                                      |
 The Sige will occasionally create a few Hemorrhages. These can be healed      |
 by finding them with the ultrasound, slicing it with the scalpel, draining    |
 the blood, then suturing.                                                     |
 If left unattended for too long, the hemorrhage will burst, dealing about     |
 10 damage to your vitals, as well as bleeding damage.                         |
   Clone [Medium Risk]                                                         |
 Once the Sige is nearly dead, it will create clones of itself. The clones     |
 are darker in color, so you can easily distinguish them apart.                |
 The clones can create pus and lacerations, so be aware, but DO NOT, I repeat  |
 DO NOT attack them. If you attack a clone with the scalpel, it will explode,  |
 releasing pus, and doing about 20 damage to your vitals. So, go after         |
 the real one.                                                                 |

Open up your patient and get rid of the pus using the drain, suture up the 
lacerations, and get rid of the inflammations using the blue medication. 

The Sige moves around underneath the organ just like the Kyriaki, so you 
need to use the ultrasound in order to locate it. Once you have found its 
shadow, slice it with the scalpel. The Sige will then release a bunch of 
gas, which you need to disperse by BLOWING INTO THE MICROPHONE. During this 
time, you cannot do anything, but you can inject the stabilizer, so do that 
while blowing into the microphone to get your vitals up.

You will notice a large gaping hole after you get rid of all the gas. To 
heal it, use  the forceps to drop the synthetic membrane onto it, and meld 
it into the organ using the antibiotic gel.    

To hurt the Sige, use the Antibiotic Gel to slow it down, then slice 
it with the scalpel. Try to make a big cut, since small little taps 
don't really seem to work. After slicing it, it will burrow back into 
the organ, and the process repeats.

Occasionally, it will create hemorrhages. Do your best to ignore these, 
and kill the Sige as quick as possible. Pausing to fix the hemorrhages 
is just wasting time, and won't really help much. Let them burst, and 
heal them when they do.

When you have nearly killed the Sige, it will create clones when you 
excise it. Ignore the clones, and go after the real one. If you slice 
a clone with your scalpel, it will explode and deal damage, as well as 
releasing pus.

Pus is not a priority, but it should be quickly removed if it 
obscures too much of your sight.

As usual, keep your vitals above 30 at the least, and 50 to be safe. 
Once you slice Sige enough times, it will finally be defeated.

| [013] Alethia (Truth)                                                |
| DIFFICULTY: Very Hard  |

Alethia is the final boss of the game. It incorporates all the GUILT 
(in a slightly watered down form, though) in the game, so there is quite a bit 
of variety. Not to mention  the music is kickass.

In order to defeat Alethia, you must expose the eye (which occurs after 
killing GUILT) and inject it with the antibiotic gel (which is the black one). 

After enough injections, the eye will turn red, and a bunch of pipes will be
revealed. During this time, use the scalpel to cut the pipes. You have a 
limited amount of time to cut all the pipes, or else no damage will be 
dealt to Alethia.

The pipes will turn red at times, and when it is red, DO NOT CUT IT.
If you cut the pipe while it is red, you will take about 30 damage, and you 
will deal no damage to Alethia. 

Alethia goes through a bunch of phases, which is a certain GUILT you have 
faced before. Upon defeating all the GUILT in that phase, Alethia will 
be stunned  for about 10 seconds. During this time, you can either keep 
attacking Alethia, or pump up your vitals.

| PHASES               |
   Kyriaki [High Risk]                                                         |
 During the Kyriaki phase, a bunch of Kyriaki will circle around Alethia.      |
 They do not need to be excised or anything, so just laser them. Watch out,    |
 they can deal heavy damage, but they cannot create more lacerations than      |
 the amount of Kyriaki that were present. For example, if there are six        |
 Kyriaki, there can only be six lacerations present at a time.                 |
 After killing one Kyriaki, Altehia will be exposed for a second. Take this    |
 time to inject the antibiotic serum into the eye. Every time you kill         |
 a Kyriaki, inject Alethia. The damage builds up quickly.                      |
 The more damaged Alethia is, the more Kyriaki appear.                         |
   Nous [Low Risk]                                                             |
 The Nous phase is incredibly easy to defeat. Nous will only create a very     |
 small amount of tumors (depending on how much damage you have dealt), so      |
 you can literally just risk the 20 damage, and just quickly drain and remove  |
 the Nous.                                                                     |
 The Nous only need to be drained and cut with the scalpel once to be          |
 defeated. Although, there are multiple Nous in the phase. Like before,        |
 after defeating each Nous, attack the eye with the antibiotic serum.          |
   Tertarti [Low Risk]                                                         |
 The Tertarti appear quite suddenly, so make sure you are focused on the       |
 screen and memorize their colors. There are only 3 colors this time, so       |
 it's not as hard.                                                             |
 If you fail to inject the serum quickly enough, the Tertarti will drop        |
 tumors, which is extremely annoying.                                          |
 After killing the Tertarti, Alethia will be exposed, as usual.                |
   Sige [Medium Risk]                                                          |
 Instead of only one Sige appearing, about six of them will appear. Your       |
 plan of attack is the same, simply spread some Antibiotic Gel, and slice      |
 them with your scalpel.                                                       |
 The best way to get the Sige is to wait until the mini-Siges stop moving,     |
 quickly spread Antibiotic Gel over one, and cut it. Remember, the pus does    |
 prevent you from cutting the mini-Siges, so drain some of it if it gets       |
 in the way.                                                                   |
   Pempti [Medium Risk]                                                        |
 I have only encountered one type of Pempti when I fought against Alethia,     |
 and those were the tumor causing ones. They float around in groups of three,  |
 and can be dispatched by simply layering them.                                |
 Like usual, they create tumors which effect your health. Luckily, tumors are  |
 easily fixed with a quick laser, and a bunch of antibiotic gel.               |
 I'm unsure if the other two forms are present, but I never saw them. If you   |
 do, though, you know how to dispatch them. The laser.                         |
   Bythos [Medium Risk]                                                        |
 The Bythos are quite easy to defeat. Like the Sige, instead of just one       |
 big GUILT, there are bunch of small ones. This time, there are no orbs of     |
 light, all you need to do is to laser the Bythos until it shatters, and       |
 extract the eye.                                                              |
 Every time you extract the eye, Alethia will be exposed. A good strategy is   |
 to shatter every single Bythos, then remove them with the forceps one by      |
 one. Once you extract one eye, inject the serum, then extract another, etc.   |
 They don't do anything, aside from make hidden hemorrhages. Just keep your    |
 vitals above 50, and the hemorrhages are no threat. Just remember to fix      |
 them up once they explode.                                                    |

The third time you reveal the eye, the pipes will flash extremely fast, 
so fast, that it is impossible to cut the pipes using the scalpel without 
damaging your patient. It's literally impossible to kill Alethia. Unless...

Use Healing Touch (I told you to save it... if you didn't, you're screwed).

Time will slow down, allowing you to cut the pipes. Healing Touch will last
forever during this time, so don't worry about running out of time. Be 
extremely careful, though. If you mess up and hit a red pipe, YOUR VITALS 
WILL INSTANTLY DROP TO 0. Yes, all that hard work will go down the drain, 
so take your time, and cut carefully!

Once you cut all the pipes, you beat Alethia!

| [014] Frequently Asked Questions                                     |

Q. Help! How do I beat <operation>!?
A. Your best bet is to really ask on the board, or check the other FAQs. 
   I don't have enough time at the moment to give you help on every single 

Q. I still can't beat <guilt>!
A. Once again, ask the board for more directions. If you still can't beat it,
   there is always Easy Mode.

Q. I need help with the X Missions!
A. So do I. I still can't beat them... T_T

Q. OMG, ur guide is teh suxx0rs go die in a hole lololol
A. Seriously, no sending emails to me like this. They will be ignored, so go
   spend your time doing something else.

Q. Your guide is awesome! <3
A. :D

Q. Can I host your guide on my site?
A. Short answer, no. This guide stays on GameFaqs, and GameFaqs only.

Q. How many GUILT are there?
A. There are 7. 3 old ones are returning from the first game, and there are
   4 new ones.

Q. How do I get the Sound Test?
A. Simply finish the game, and it will appear on the main menu.

| [015] Contact                                                        |

If you want to send me some constructive criticism, saw me write something
wrong (I don't really care about typos and stuff like that) or feedback, 
mail me at zhailzur@hotmail.com

Please title the email: "Trauma Center 2 GUILT FAQ" or something
like that, or I probably won't reply. No hate mail please. If you're gonna
write, "ZOMG LULZ UR GUIDE IS THE SUXX0RZ" stop wasting your time and
get on with your life.

| [016] Closing Comments                                               |

Well, I'd just like to thank everyone that read and found this guide
helpful. I'll be updating the guide when I see fit (aka, when I feel like it...
which is probably never).

Thanks to:
 - People that help GameFaqs stay running
 - People reading this guide
 - Parents for getting me a DS. I'm too poor.
 - Me. >:3

This guide is copyrighted (c) by fi3rcedragon 2008.