Walkthrough by Ukitake

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Gyakuten Kenji (‹t“]ŒŸŽ–)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Game Guide by Paine Ver. 1.00


About the guide:

I sometimes write guides just for myself, which tend to not be very useful 
for the open public, but I was asked to write some help for friends, who 
cannot read it. So I decided to change some things in the guide. The main 
problem was that it should be useful for people who are not able to
read Japanese and so also need to know what they are actually doing, as 
well as for what reason they are doing it. So I added some extra 
information about the events into the guide along with the actual guide.
This Guide is in no way to be mistaken for a translation and if you wish
to understand everything about the game, is it highly recommended to buy
a translated version of the game. I also have to add, that this guide is
due to the extra information filled with Spoilers.

Additional information is usually a sum up of Mitsurugi's thoughts, rather 
than personal impression, although I could not fully avoid adding those 
and even after overworking the 'script' could I not bring myself to erase
all of that content without scrapping too much (probably) necessary 
information to understand parts of the story. The guide can, eventually,
also work with other versions of the game, but was written while
playing the Japanese version of the game. So it is possible that some 
things might get slightly changed.

The Walkthrough is written with your all-daily txt creator. Had hoped 
to use another program, but it seems to not get accepted. So you have 
to bear with this version.

About the game:

The game itself has 3 modi.

1.) Crime Scene Investigation (Investigation Mode)
Here you walk around, talk with people, look at evidence pieces, 
investigate them more thoroughly etc. After ending
this mode will you regain part of your 'health' and only at those

2.) The cross examination Mode (or what seems like it)
You are not in the court anymore, so the regular rules do not apply,
it cannot be called a cross examination anymore, but for the sake of
the good old times did I just name it as such in this section. You 
will press statements to get new information, attempt to find holes 
or things to object in those statements and then present evidence 
at the correct point to prove your ideas. 

3.) The new mode is the logic mode. It is actually in most cases 
inside the CSI mode, but I decided to give it, its own section as
it is quite new. You have logic pieces and combine them. They are
quite easy and short. It is not necessary to have a particular order
of combining those pieces. Just the correct ones should be matched.

Opinion about the game:
I found the game to be quite fun. It is quite easy to find out the 
culprit or people's identity right away. A bit too easy, which lead
to me in the beginning putting heavy spoilers in this guide (which
were removed). Yet was the point of those games never to find the 
culprit, rather than prove them guilty and you have a lot to prove.
Sometimes things that seem a bit irrelevant, but the game structure 
is very well built up and logical. In fact were only two parts in 
this game giving me a bit of trouble, but that also just adds to the 
fun. It is also quite long with 5 episodes, has a lot of small comedy
parts in it, which make it even more worthwhile to play and 
interesting characters. The only part that I disliked a bit, was the
last battle, which was a bit too stretched out for my taste. You 
already knew most of the important information and still had to 
fight this 'losing' battle where the clich? 'come in at the last
minute to save the day' was a bit overused. In comparison with the
good points of this game, easy to overlook. I am already now most 
eager to see the next game. The minimum play time you might have 
to invest in this game to finish it is 16 hours.

About Names: 
As the name Yatagarasu shows up quite often and plays a major 
role in this game, is it necessary to add some extra 
information. Yatagarasu = ”ªš@‰G is a mythical Japanese creature 
that helped the emperor Jimmu and in Chinese mythology
some crow on three legs living in the sun. Somehow it gets 
mixed up sometimes and the helping crow has three legs.  
I decided to leave it as Yatagarasu and is in the game always
written in Hiragana. Like most names actually.

The other names were taken from the Japanese version, because
I am not too familiar with the other versions of the 
game series, but I tried to add the European/American  version
names, where I could. This was not possible for new 
characters though and I in most cases stuck to the Japanese 
names. (I liked Oldbag though). Still have I usually 
the first time mentioned English and Japanese versions of the 
names, likewise. The attempt in romanization
should have worked, but I was not entirely sure how some names
would be properly written in an English version.
I have left them looking a bit strange.Name order is Japanese 
for Japanese Names and Western for Western Names. 
I do not give guarantees on correct romanization nor the correct 
names of the western versions, as I have only
played the Japanese versions and had to ask about those names, 
myself. It is also possible that I have not used
certain names at all, because they did not seem to be important 
for me and I also wished to avoid wrong names as 
much as possible, as this is not too easy with European names.

Terms that get repeated often:
Just because they are regulars, did I decide to add those words to 
the guide, despite most knowing their meaning anyway.

ƒNƒŒƒFI                  Kure!                       Take this!
‘Ò‚Á‚½I                 Matta!                       Wait!
ˆÙ‹c‚ ‚èI                Igiari!                      Objection!
ƒAƒ}ƒCƒiI                Amaina!                      Naive!

The Cases: (Here is where the guide begins)

First of all before the actual story begins, might I repeat that this 
is a spoiler heavy guide and that I tried to explain some things, but 
if you wish to understand  everything of the story might it be better
to get a translated version of the game, when it comes out. It is also
always wise to press all statements just for the fun moments, albeit 
it might not be as fun if you can't understand it. Exceptions
are mentioned in the guide. If you can speak with people, always ask 
everything. I might point specific questions out, but it is an obvious
thing. So do not expect to find things like 'Click option 1, then 2,
then 3.. etc.'  If I say show eItemf, do I mean that you have to show
evidence. So go in your evidence folder, click on the important 
evidence and present it. 

I also have not always said that you will get a logic piece. You 
can see that for yourself. I have tried to make it easy understandable
for English readers, avoiding Japanese words as much as possible. If 
terms were not clear, for example evidence pieces,
have I for the sake of avoiding a misunderstanding added a place
description of said evidence. I hope this is enough. 

The game has 5 chapters. While the first two are quite short, is
especially the last one quite capable to match the first half of the
game on its own. All cases are connected with each other and the big
figure a certain case named KG-8, which occurred 10 years before 
the events of case 1. The time order is episode
4, 2, 3, 1, 5.

Episode 1

Mitsurugi Reiji (ŒäŒ• —厘 / Miles Edgeworth) returns from his overseas
trip (after the end of the first game of the original series) to find
a corpse in his own room and also meets an unknown person, threatening
him not to move. Someone has attempted or managed to steal something 
from your room and killed off a witness. Question is why are you alive
then? A most loyal detective shows up because he was worried about you.
His name: Itonokogiri Keisuke (Ž…‹˜ Œ\‰î / Dick Gumshoe).
You will now receive your first logic pieces and also get info about
the game controls:

L Button is for the Logic Mode or you just click the button with 
Logic written on it. Yes that word in the upper left corner means 
Logic. First is quite easy. You only have two pieces so combine those
two, simple click the first and then the second 
and then matomeru (X Button), which means to conclude. As he could 
not easily get into the room without a key, was there a specific goal
in it is the said conclusion. The CSI Mode or Investigation Mode as 
it is actually called will begin. Y button enters the speech mode 
with your colleague or partner. You can also just press the portrait
in the lower screen. You can try it out and will by clicking the 
second option find out about the A button that is the same as 
clicking the screen in order to continue, speak, investigate etc. 
The R Button on the other hand is your investigation notebook.

You can also just click on it, which is the
option in the right upper corner of the lower screen. Repeated R 
pressing or just clicking the same symbol switches from evidence
to personality profile mode. The word literally means personage 
or just person. Anyway not too important. Left lower word means to
return and is your cancel. Pressing the B button is also always 
your cancel. It is also your skip if you wish to go faster
over already heard information, which is possible when you look
at the same evidence or have already pressed a statement for the
second time, etc. It only works if you have already heard said 
info. On the normal screen you can walk by pressing the position
on the lower screen or simply using the cursors.When using the 
curser will holding the B button result into Mitsurugi to run.

The only areas to investigate are the cop on the right. To 
investigate press the button on the lower right, which means
investigate or if you get close to a person enables you to 
speak with them. If you do not wish to use the screen then
you can just press A as well. So much to the controls. On 
this special investigation screen check the corpse and 
especially the purse, as well as his bloody hand and the 
files on the ground. Then go over to the gun. You receive 
another logic piece. Enter Logic Mode and combine: gun with
corpse.Logic, Cop and Gun means that it is his. His gun is
not in his holster. You will now check the gun more and by 
looking at the barrel find out, that it has been shot just
once. After you are done with those steps will someone 
enter screaming Leo (ƒŠƒ‡ƒE). It is another prosecutor who puts
up quite the drama show about his buddy's death. Yuuki 
Makoto (—D–Ø ½l). He will even accuse you of murder because 
it is your room. The reason is that there was no other 
who had the keys. If not for knowing too well that he was
the killer would I now call him extremely incompetent. 
Anyway...Keisuke will tell that he held 
the keys in Mitsurugi's absence who had just returned 
today, making him the prime suspect number one. Till you
silence him for taking his reasoning too far. A prosecutor
should keep a cool head. You should now just leave him alone. 

Checking the frame in the background, well his old uniform 
will show that there is a hole there. How? Didn't he got 
shot in front of the bookshelves? Well you should remember
that the thief from the intro shot at it.But Mitsurugi
thinks at this moment that it is a problem. So check the
hole first and then use 'Mystery' on it (have decided
to call it special investigation, despite not being
a proper translation, just because I liked it better). 

Now you have to point out that the gun was just shot once.
So show the gun. (One of the points of the game that I 
did not understand, as it made Mitsurugi appear a bit 
stupid in my eyes.) After some interlude you are back 
on the case and will check the safe behind the uniform.
No one knew about it, other than prosecutors, so it is
already quite an important info. Check especially the
digipad. It is too clean. Why? Logic: The murderers
object was the save. So enter Logic Mode and put the
culprit's goal (which is the black figure) and the safe 
together. Then next is the updated safe as being
the goal with the corpse.  You will look again at the
corpse and find it odd because the files look like they
were skimmed through. You will go back, while Yuuki 
complains about his friend's death like in a bad Tv
show and have Keisuke rearrange the files.

Anyway.. the corpse was moved, wasn't it? The handprints
tell the whole story of that. Check this picture, 
especially the lower shelf and find a hole into one of
the files. Use the special investigation method and then
show the corpse picture. He could not have been shot like
that. What is wrong? If the hole is in the lower file would
he have been shot through a leg and not where he was. So 
the files must be in the wrong order. 'How the files stand' 
Option 3 is the answer. (Not how the corpse lies, nor the form
of the hands)  So the files will be moved in the correct 
order as those were special files and so not using the usual
numeration which would set the 0 on the ground level. The 
corpse will be set to how it was as well and you will find 
something new. Check the files on the right. Your most 
beloved cops name is written there! He is the culprit!? 
Moreover is one file missing. The investigation ends and 
Yuuki will now accuse Keisuke to be the murderer,
for real.

You will set to the normal objection mode. Click option 
one to have the controls explained. (How it is done etc.)
or two to continue without. You really should not need it,
but it is your decision. Press all statements (if you wish 
or none at all), but most important is the 'last but not 
least one' (4th statement) as it says that the culprit has
not seen the letters. 

Sorry, but why did he take the file then or moreover how
did he without seeing that the blood is there!? Just present
the bloody files at the statement and he will call in another
possible culprit, who is none other than 
Suzuki Mako ({X–Ø ƒ}ƒR / Maggey Byrde) and you will find out
that not your key, but most likely the Masterkey was used.

Press the first statement and wish to hear more in detail
(1st option), but in the end there is nothing to get, unfortunately.
I still suggest doing it. More important though is the second 
statement. The objective was the safe and not the files 
(is what you think). So present the safe at this point and
explain as well that Mako was not the culprit as she could 
not know about it.As previously stated do only prosecutors 
know about it. Yuuki switches and thinks that it is his fault,
as he has told his pal about the safe and now meaning that he
had attempted to steal and Mako just entered the room to 
catch him redhanded and killed him. Yet was there no reason 
to kill him, just for that. So she is still a murderer in any 

Save Point.

So you will set out to check the corridor. Check the bench,
especially below it to find the lost file. Then check your 
room, especially the nameplate and knob, then the one next 
to yours, which is Yuukis, then the ball and the ballgoal
for some comedy (nothing more yet, as those are just tips
for you and do not add anything to your evidence or logic 
list. You can also talk with a prosecutor from another game.
But even Mitsurugi forgot his rather unimportant name.)

Speak with Mako and use all options. Just about her 
lifestory, which is clear to anyone who played the other
games and nothing else that would help you. She does not 
know much about the victim (1st option). Also present the 
masterkey as evidence to open up more questions, and she 
will say sth new.Ask the last point to find out about
the reason for Yuuki (she has said this before) to need 
the master key. He apparently has lost his 
own key, or better just could not find them temporarily. 
Anyway you just got new logic pieces. Use logic to combine 
stolen key with master key used to get a new option 
(Both are just keys, so no detailed explanation necessary
here to get the right pieces.) and you should return to the
right door.  Check the knob and then use the special 
investigation on it and then show the door. The option 
door knob, which is the second option, is the problem.
Or will become the problem. You are interested
in fingerprints and Mako's should be on it. So point 
at her portrait. But there are none of hers. Then you will
look down a bit. Check the note on the floor to get it.
The dead cop was looking for Yuuki, but he was not in his
room. So he will deliver the 3 evidence pieces at a 
later time.

And the goal to see that it was moved. Obviously. He
just changed the number plate, moved the goal and then
had Mako open Mitsurugi's room instead of his own! 

You will switch back to the objection mode, this time
accusing him of murder. Most funny is when he then
comes with that he had no key (3rd statement).No need for
pressing. Present the key. Seems odd, but you will then
speak how he did it and that the room was not his. 
For this you begin to tell that it was not
him that opened the room, but that he had someone 
open it for him. Present Mako. Of course he denies 
that it was not his own room. You need to proof that. 
The next evidence for this is the basketballgoal. 
He moved it for the purpose of resembling his own and 
that you found the motion marks.

Present when he tells that he had her open his room
(2nd statement) the door. It will continue that he 
has cleaned it because he does not like having 
fingerprints on the knob and that he was 
training all the time. Present note. Oh... now he
suddenly was not, but has an alibi. He was together 
with countless other cops at the time of the murder. 
Press everything but you cannot do anything. His alibi
is water proof. Mako is chosen as the poor culprit and 
is about to get arrested till, you get into logic mode 
to avoid this bad end. Combine the new statement with 
the safe (uniform pic) and then the last remaining ones 
to get the idea, that there were two people. A murderer
and a theft attempt. Niiiice~ Almost finished. 

Finally payback time. Yuuki was about to steal something, but 
Leo showed up and got killed for interfering. There was no 
reason to come back twice, as the shadow person was not the 
same as the murderer, but another thief. He wishes to search
for this thief as he might be the murderer, but you do not 
think so, nor that he is in the vicinity anymore. Press 
statement 4 and he adds something new about two pieces of 
evidence that were given to him. You can just now show your 
memo to finish him off. There were 3 pieces and the third 
piece is what ends this case. Yep.. he hid one piece of evidence.
It is a videocassete, turn it to find blood. It is the proof 
that he killed the cop. He will begin to deny it, freak out, 
eat his own medal and go ko. Show your pals the file to finish
this chapter. Although.. one item will be given to you.
A black card, which might be very important later on.

End of Episode

Episode 2

The one stealing it was a certain masterthief, called Yatagarasu and 
it will actually be 2 days before case 1. You 
will be accused of murder by the guide (CA), –Ø”V˜H@‚¢‚¿‚é
(Konomichi Ichiru).

Everyone is in panic and she calms them 
down by stating, that everything is cleared up, the murderer already in
custody. Mitsurugi will try to tell them that he is a prosecutor, 
but this does not convince anyone that you are not the killer. 
Yet are you given One chance to proof your innocence to the CA.

At the 4th statement, she will say that you held the murder weapon in
your hand. But all you held was a purse and there was no blood, but
wine! Show he purse. You will check the purse and get in dirt again.
It is the victims. So you stole it and killed him to get it. You can
press all or just nr2. At the second she will only 
correct herself to keigo. >_>; Even a double keigo variation. 
(keigo is polite speech in japanese and you might
find especially sales people or tour guides to speak 'different' 
from your average person. As in more polite. 
I will not explain more here. She uses it all the time, just not 
at statement 2.)

Fun that she really thinks that YOU of all people need money. Should
be the 4th statement. (no pressing necessary actually, just funny to
see how she misunderstands you getting angry at being accused of 
murder for not having used the correct speech, towards a customer
in statement 2.) Just show her the corpse.  There is a lot of money
around him. He was obviously not killed for money. Point to any money.
A gigantic uoooooooooh will make people certain that you are not it
and will attack the guide verbally till you stop them. (They later 
still do not trust you though.) Case solved... well not really.
Just that you are not the culprit.

A person jumps up and will talk to you with weird hieroglyphs, 
Jinku Howaito (ƒWƒ“ƒNEƒzƒƒCƒg / Zink White). After seeing
the passport you should already know that some person of that 
country have a comeback. They showed up in another 
game of the series. Well some still do not believe you like that 
oddball, an artist. You and the guide are now a team and go for 
investigation, after she had asked the captain for the necessary
approval. You can try and look all you want but will get nothing 
in this place. Just head to the west to the scene. Look at the corpse, 
especially the pocket area to find a photo (The info when the person
was killed and where the elevator leads to are added).
Look at his neck and you see that there was a cell on his clip. Now use 
special investigation on the clip which is empty. Check the murder weapon
to see that it is a shop item of the plane and his head wound to get the 
reason for his death. Leave this picture. Check the wine for some foot

Point them out. Time for some logic, if you do not wish to check the rest. 
Wound and statue for he was murdered with the statue. Then the culprit and
elevator is next. So, the culprit was in the elevator with the victim. You 
will get a new option, proving that the killer left the elevator. You 
already have the footprints. Use those with new piece and you can continue. 
The old man, with the sometimes strong feminine way of speaking will show
up. At first he is quite angry that a certain movie was not playing, when 
it should have and will complain to the other CA. Then his anger will go 
towards Mitsurugi. He thinks that you are not believing into his words,
when he said that the victim left to the elevator at 5:00 and challenges
you to some duel. 

At the second statement he will speak about a special event at 6:00 
(the movie, but you do not know that yet and it is also not too 
important in this turn.) Press the 1st statement first to get a new
one. He said before that the dead guy was riding alone, but a bit 
unclear. With the new statement is it clear now and it really 
says that he was alone when he was using the elevator. Not possible. 
Show your proof - the footprints. Funny is that he will panic now and 
talk in his language! The other guide, quite weird  eyes and rude sleeper,
sloppy style.. will translate now. 'This is not possible' 
(his language is quite inefficient for using all those signs for that 
short sentence...) 

Press Statement 2, where he is so certain that he can verify the time. 
You need to know the reason. He wished to watch a movie as it is not 
playing in his country and this was a rare chance, but it was not 
playing. Looking at the guide will tell you that the movie was 
scheduled for 6:00. But the movie DID play and you find out by 
pressing the new statement. Anyway at statement 3, which should 
be the current one, if you pressed like I said, you will show the 
guide. He said that he had set the clock before, 
but that was in another time zone. So he saw the murdered one not at 6 
but at 3 to use the elevator, which means that the culprit could easily 
be the other tour guide. The question is where was Akubii 
(ƒAƒNƒr[EƒqƒbƒNƒX / Akube Hicks) then during all this time!?

Finally the other guide will say something by herself, with one hell
of a weird smile. Her name: Shiraoto Wakana (”’‰¹ ŽáØ). Hicks was on his
seat at 5:00. It was the time when the shop was open and the 
conclusion is that the statue must have been bought as it was not 
there anymore. You will get the catalogue and mShiraoto's written 
testimony. In the end you will be the main suspect again and have to
show that he could also have been killed elsewhere, as the murder
weapon was not a bottle or anything, bought a statue right? Show it as

Not enough, but your partner will help you out this time, having seen 
said item at 5:40. You will find out by the not so sleeping pill that
you were not allowed to check on anything, but that your partner made
it up, as she felt guilty. Konomichi has to report to the captain.
Seems you got a new partner for now. Although she is not in the 
partner portrait. Well... theoretically, but she sleeps
anyway. Head right to the shop. Check the suitcases to find out that
Konomichi designed them and that Mitsurugi is not really liking 
that design. (an understatement) Then the broken showcase. You will 
find a cap. Remember the figure in the nut's arm? 

It is the same. So the statue had a hat and was in the showcase! Use 
logic to combine those two. Check the case again and the middle for some
fun stuff.Weird how often the nut cuts herself without dying. (Okay, 
maybe I overdid the clicking here, but it is fun to see herself 
getting cut over and over again by the glass). Special investigate there 
and then the statue to make sure it was there. What for? The only good 
thing is that you will see that there was no one who broke the glass other
than the statue, because no glass is inside. The same stuff that first 
brought the cases to move did this. Use the logic to prove that
this moved the suitcases, but why where they not in disorder then before
coming? Anyway combine air pocket (plane pic) with the suit cases. Now 
to find out why they did not move. You have to show what is weird. You 
will see that the right case is secured, but the left is not. Point out
to the left... not the right as this is wrong. (yeah my first attempt was
wrong, eat me.) Check it on the underside to find wine. Then the 
lock to open it. There is blood in it. What was transported is the next 
question... the corpse. Present it now. You proved your innocence, but the
guide is in trouble. Konomichi is the only one who really cares for the 
shop. You have no time anymore as the plane is about to land.


You are now on the airport and you will meet up with Karuma Mei 
(Žë–‚ –» / Franziska von Karma) will show up and has the usual 
friendly greeting for you, considering that you dirtied the name 
'von Karma' by killing someone.

Denying it will not help too much.  Funny that your good old friend
Mei is the prosecutor in this case. Well you will now see that your 
innocence is not really too official as you are under ..her 
'protection' now. But will leave you under Keisuke's care. So you 
are alone with your good old 'Gumshoe'. Speak with him. He will 
tell you that Mei was already here, before anything happened. Almost 
as if she knew that a murder would take place and then more about 
Mei herself. She has joined relatively short as a Japanese Prosecutor
and is quite tough as he states. Now he is your partner.

Head to the plane and see a lover's quarrel between the nut (Wakana)
and the captain. Seems she is jealous, because the captain gets a
bit too friendly with Mei. Unimportant person so why does Mei speak
with him? (Mitsurugi thinks so. Well me too.) Just to whip him? 
In the next area will the artist complain that his personal 
belongings are currently checked through by the police and how 
important they are to him etc. Anyway speak with the weird gramps.
The talking option is not really important as he only speaks about 
his pieces of art that are what comprises his luggage. More 
important is to show him the stuff you found in the case. It is a hat
(The same style that he wears).  He will complain that they should 
hurry and that the CA is more important. Ask now more about the CA 
and you will find out that she is already a while in that CA room 
and not coming out at all. Mei will show up again, to complain. 
It is about the previous investigation and she will now duel you 
to prove your innocence to her as she is not so easy 
as some CA.

'You are not able to deceive her eyes.' This one seems tougher 
than it is as all she says is true, but one thing. She did not
just say the place where the corpse was found, but also where 
he was killed was this lounge. So that is not true. 

Second statement, show the suitcase. Show that you have proof
that it was moved. You have to show the footprints. Point out 
the thin lines under the prints. It just does not proof that 
you were not the murderer, though. She states that you could 
have moved it too. 

The hint is in the very first sentence, as she says that you 
prepared everything. Show the murder weapon and you can easily
explain that everything was still at its own place as the time
you were already in the lounge. To be more exact that thing was
still inside the case after the so called air pocket
(vertical draft), which made you go ko and is supposed to be 
the reason for the corpse to have fallen out of the suitcase. 
This also means that the weapon was not available at the time 
of the murder. So it is a fake evidence. Meaning that it was placed
there after the murder and is not the real weapon. The murderer 
might have it still... fun is that she thinks that the CA did it as
she had the key. Head to the CA room which is the blue door next to
the cop. 

Speak with Konomichi. First about the discussion with the captain. 
She will tell you what you know already. That she was not allowed to
and only felt  ashamed to have wrongly accused you and wished 
to repent in this form. Next about the shop as she was the only one
with the key. All options and then show the suitcase for a new 

Apparently there was only one suitcase left and not two. In the 
beginning will she also lie, that they were quite popular, but 
Mitsurugi' thinks by himself that this is quite different from 
what he had heard by Shiraoto, who has not lied in this case. 

Weird convo about buying the last one. 'Thank you for buying.' 
'I have not said anything about buying!' 'Please say it!' 
After checking the locker will your Main Character find a suitcase
inside. She says that it is an old one, but it is a new one. 
To prove it go to the tag on top. You will say that it was 
in the shop and that she bought it.. obviously. To say it,
click the second option, which says Plane Shop.
Not CA Room, nor First Class, which are the other options.
As Konomichi bought it, you have to click her
portrait next. Now you get extra info. They were not too popular, 
despite her having tried hard in designing them. He also thinks 
that the plane is not exactly the best place to sell them, either.
You will get a receipt that one case was sold at 5:40. She is 
also not too happy to hear that the case was abused for the 
transport of a corpse and an info that you need no special key
to use the elevator from this room you are in right now. Just
the key card carried by staff. She is one of the few who has 
this actual card (her and the captain do), and will check for 
it, but it is gone. Yet Mei does believe that this is just part 
of her plan, to make it appear as if she was just bestolen.
Unfortunately does everything speak against the CA and she will
get arrested, but you know by now who the real culprit is 
or not?


You will check the freight room. No wonder no one bought 
those suitcases.. 120000 yen. Keisuke is even liking them
but shocked after seeing the prize. You will find out by
check the case in the middle which is open then the colored
ones to find glass. Yep.. the broken glasses. 

Logic Mode: Combine Broken glasses and glass. Speak with
Mei to receive a new logic piece. She was at the place
to meet with a cop from the ICPO. Then combine the logic
pieces together and speak with her again. The cop should
be the victim, so that is what you will ask about. Her 
relation to him. She was here first which was weird 
because of another case. New logic piece and 
the info that some important item is gone. You just do
not know, what this special thing is supposed to be at the
time. All info suggests that he went to the freight room 
to check on his goods. Which means that he was at another
location as people believed and that it could not be 
the CA. The pics speak for themselves. Now you have to 
prove that it was not Konomichi to Mei. 

Press the third statement when she speaks about the 
murder weapon to begin that it was a fake. 
You will get to speak about the real murder weapon. 
Choose the option with the dead body, which 
is the third option. The investigation of the cause 
of his death are still not cleared up and 
the autopsy info not in. She is too fast with her 
conclusion. 'Beard' or most should know him
as Keisuke will be ordered to get said info right away.
The info tells you that he is full of
bruises. Means that the murderer was quite overeager 
to punch and kick him to death? His back
is a total mess. The geezer forces his way in to get
to his belongings, but another airpocket 
makes him fall over the railing, which could have 
ended with his death. Just some oversized 
piece of luggage saves his life.

After a weird scene you think that it might have been 
an accident. Could it have been due to 
an airpocket? Logic mode: Statue and bruised body. 
Then new hint 'Big weapon' with the 
'Unfound weapon'. (Both carry question marks.) No 
accident afterall but shoved on purpose? 
You know what it is and you will say, if you choose
 correct, that it is not a thing that 
you can show. Second answer. It was no real weapon 
afterall. Then again the second.
He fell to death. The others are 1.) Suffocation and
3.) Strangulation for interested people.
Next problem is how? As the gigantic thing saved 
the geezers life. So was it not there before?
Prove it. Show the document that begins with the 
japanese FOUR. Shiminhoukoku's oil supply
(Žl–¯–P‘‚Ì‹‹–û). Evidence Piece number 9 (first evidence
on the second page if you followed the
guidefs order). Yeah that item that tells you that 
there was a freight moving from 4 to 5. 

Check that gigantic thing and the geezer will interfere.
It is his luggage. Doubt he can carry that... Speak with 
him about it and you get a new logic piece. It is a national
treasure.Combine them to know that Akby was looking over 
exactly this item. Speak again to continue. You need to
ascertain that it is really this item and will get a 
document to prove it. Not that you can read it though.
It is in that country's language. Still even if Mei says
so is it too early to say for certain. So you will uncover
it to make sure or actually the geezer does so. It is that 
ugly thing on the victimfs picture. Almost.. check the eyes.
They are not red like on the pic. Special investigation on 
the eyes and pic. Seems our artist is quite 
shocked to hear this. Seems he spared his 2 seconds wisely. 

(He is always saying 'time is money') Then check the statue 
on the downside again the piece of cloth the statue is 
standing on and then use the other pic with all the boxes. 
(New evidence on the second page 1st item.) So he really fell
 to death here as it was not on this place, but the blood is not
really here. (not that Luminol cannot show its presence, though.)
Just that it was not a coincidence, but someone had removed 
it on purpose.

Next step is: how was the blood removed? Present hat. Whose
info makes is wrong when he 
was here? Of course the other stewardess (2nd option).
Other options are 1.) Konomichi 
and 3.) White. He could not have been on his place at 5:00. 
The autopsy says that his time of death was between 03:00-04:30. 


Shiraoto will be questioned now. You will tell her that she
lied, but she means that she might have been mistaken as it
is not her job either. Apparently is she only a translator
and all the other work is done by Konomichi. She was in her
room from 3-4 (alone) and again from 5-6 (alone). Press the
4th and last statement when she says that she was 
in the CA room from 5-6. She will be asked if something 
occurred, but she will only say that no one came by. So 
dig further (first option) and then present the bill. 
She could not have been alone. Konomichi was around 
afterall at 5:40. She will just play dumb 
though and like calling Konomichi the criminal. 

Mitsurugi has just revealed her to have lied, that is all 
there is to it and will then explain how Konomichi was 
in the 1st class and used the lift to get to 1F to get to the
shop. So she should have met her, but after asking Konomichi
if she met Shiraoto is this denied. So where was the sleepy
CA? 'Toilet?' (-_-;) 'I have gone to the toilet. Probably.'
You cannot prove anything right now. It could have been. 
It still means that she gets more eager now to prove 
her own innocence.

Another turn. Entertain yourself with the now occurring 
discussion about Mitsurugi going to help Konomichi 
because he likes her, or her (not) liking him because 
he cannot understand her style sense, and continue. 
The next one is hard as it is not really a mistake but
a conclusion. You have to press the 3rd statement to get
a 5th and then show her at the 5th the letter in this 
special language (evidence #7; the documents you got when
speaking about the special Item that Akby watched). 
As she is the only one who can have done the manipulation
and also was the one who signed the papers, 
because she is the only one who can read the documents! 

Funny is that she acts more polite under stress and 
quite nervous. Unusual stress relief. She will say that
even if it was the case would it not explain the murder, 
but Mei interferes to call this an actual motivation, 
and reveals to her that he was a cop.  You will say that
she has from the very beginning tried to blame everything
on Konomichi. Show the suitcase.  Next is that she wished 
to frame her to manipulate the place, so 1st option. 
Others are the time and the person, which are not really
possible. As the time can by analyzed quite easily and 
the victim can only be one. It does not impress her too
much though. She states that she got sleepy again because
of this and that there is no evidence to proof her guilt.

The question is how to prove it. She should have his cell, 
should she not? This is the next thing you show. Reason is
simple. If she is stupid, it will be on and Mei can call it,
or she has another plan and it is elsewhere. It is not on her,
but in the CA room. More precisely Konomichi's locker. Well
so much to that. Why did the culprit keep it? To frame Konomichi
and this works really well as Mei totally believes it. Time to 
act fast. Anyway check the cellphone and check the camera lens
on the back. (The screen is damaged.) So not useful in the 
beginning, as you cannot show at all what the detective might
have on information on this cellphone. She was careless or 
should I say too overeager to go with the framing and forgot
a main point, as she could not erase the data either. As Mei 
can easily read it with her own mobile phone! The criminal 
is not too happy about this.

You have to find something meaningful on this pic. Check 
the box on the right (the one with the big B on them). 
The old man will tell you that those are items from his
country. What is inside? Next evidence is again that weird hat.
As it is the only clothing and should have been in that box,
as after the old man translated it, this box means clothes 
in his language. She needed it to wipe the blood and was 
the only one who could read it as it was in that special language! 
She means that it could have been a coincidence. But no other
box had been opened and you would go to the first you might 
see. Especially because they are all with ID. One big example
for this and a case that would be used before this unusual 
language box is the following: Now point to the box in the 
upper area with shirts written on it (ƒyƒbƒhƒVƒƒƒc). Would also be
suitable, but it is in normal Japanese. Seems she was too 
focused on the other box, that your average passenger cannot
read.So now you come to the conclusion just like Mei, that 
every normal person could see this box first and use it. 
She knocks herself out with soap bubbles and confesses. At 
the end Konomichi can smile for real. Was fun before wondering
when she gets a muscle cramp there and you get a suitcase 
as a present. Back at the airport will you get a call from 
an old acquaintance who will tell you that his son got 
kidnapped and that he needs your help.

End of Episode

Episode 3

Do not ask why.. but this is a direct continuation of 2 and also 
before 1. After following various instructions, Mitsurugi gets 
kidnapped. Careless Reiji, but you will be woken up by the rain 
and after some useless struggle get rescued by a new friend the 
ninja, Yatagarasu. (Actually a masterthief as she says herself.)
 Even gives you her real name Ichijou Mikumo (ˆêð ”ü‰_) 
Err... ask her first about exactly that. Is she really a Masterthief?
Enough to arrest her, till she says that she has so far not stolen 
anything, and complains that he treats his lifesaver so badly. Next 
question is about Yatagarasu itself. A thief that has not stolen 
anything so far?

She only steals ONE thing, but does not say what at this point. The 
attempt to open the door fails and going through the window might not
work out either. Going down is one thing, up another, without real 
wings.The Investigation begins. It goes without saying to check the
middle to find your cellphone. 

You will speak with Keisuke for some time, before he is rudely 
interrupted by some other guy, who has the inspection over and is a
member of the International Police, called Rou Shiryuu (˜T Žm—´), who 
tells you that he heard about you, your previous 
case in the plane and does not intend to help you. 'Try till the end
to come out with your own ability, Prosecutor-san.' So not too nice.
(I decided to go with Rou in this romanization, although I previously
used Law, because it actually means Wolf and would be most usually be
seen as Roh in english versions. Other reading is Ookami for interested,
which as you can see later on, also uses often for himself and his 
verbal sentences about biting someonefs throat out. Mikumo also 
sometimes calls him Wolf [Wu ru fu].) The battery of your cellphone
will die and end this unnecessary conversation.

Next check the boxes at the back. Then check in this pic the key. For 
what might it be? All other info is added right away. Also check the
lockers and the costume head for logic pieces. Then check the 
advertisement in the middle of the room. IF you have checked all 
things and only then can you receive a new info from Mikumo, by 
speaking with her about the kidnapper (option 3). Where was he? He in
the other room and that there are actually two of those. She 
will now finally not be at the door anymore. So check the door and 
there the ladder (logic piece) as well as the iron support near it.
(just for you. It looks like this room.)

Logic: Combine ladder with the metal support. Might seem stupid, but it 
explains that the hook is just for that special door, yes it also
has such a door on the ground. Just remove the blue cover and check the
door. But you cannot open it yet and will receive a logic piece instead.
Now open it! How? Use logic piece key with the new one. Mikumo tests
it right out and almost gets hurt in her reckless attempt. Also bad 
news. No exit, but you can now use the ladder. Ladder with Locker to 
get out. Now you will meet Rou who looks more like a yakuza with his 
yakuza lady, Sheena (ƒV[ƒi or Shiina) and for an interpol cop has a lot
of folks around. He likes his men though and dislikes them being 
counted. Everyone has a name and is number one and you receive his 
card, while handing your own. That is where the friendly greeting
ends though. He wishes for you to not interfere and blocks all paths
with cops. A prosecutor does not have to mess around at the crime scene. 
(In fact is this especially in Japan not the case, but he is from 
Interpol.) They all swarm out to look for the kidnapped guy. Speak
with (Gumshoe) Keisuke to get info about Rou and then to get info 
about the latest investigation till he wonders who Mikumo might be.

Weird convo about stealing the aibou (partner) seat with Keisuke and 
Mikumo.Besides Keisuke calling her thievery cat no real meaning. Then
speak with our little ninja about the investigation and she will tell
you that she will help in the investigation till Mitsurugi wonders, 
why a Thief would do that.

Next option is finally about that one thing. She actually wishes to 
steal 'the truth'.  Eh!? Okay, doubt you have to lock her up. Mikumo 
apparently is the Nidaime or Second Generation Yatagarasu, as that person
was already active 10 years ago. Later comes the father of the abducted 
child and you can speak with him: Amanokawa Jouichirou (“V–ì‰Í Ëˆê—Ç). 
You have to tell him that the money got stolen then speak about the case
and then about his son. Keisuke is involved in the investigation and so
dragged away by some other cops after the convo. All you found out so far
is that his son called him for help and that he has a girlfriend.

You will end up with your masterthief again. Go to the right and speak
with Taihou-kun (the blue costume)... an old friend. Mikumo is a great
fan and immediately takes photos. He is not speaking though, till his 
head is removed by the girl. First you ask him about himself and then 
about Taihou-kun. He seems to hold some clue. So ask about it in the 
3rd option.

He was here for an hour, but has not seen anything. Mitsurugi has not 
asked anything so far though. Quite strange. He goes into detail and says 
that he only has seen Taihoukun. Isn't that himself? So you have to show
him that there is just one of those and the best evidence is this: 
Show him that poster where the family is written up (The advertisement.
So your last piece of evidence on the list). Yep the other was prototype
Taihou kun in the park.

You can then just check the area next to the rainpipe you used to get
down before for more info. Logic time. Combine the new info about the
2 Taihous with the rag and the tons of costumes and next, the newest 
info with the last piece. Yep some of those steps where the criminals. 
Check the area again to see which should be his. Your helper will use her 
skills to follow the abductant and first mistakes the cop in the costume
for the evil guy, but he just stands a bit bad. The real one went inside
the garage. You can now check and open the garage gate 
(with the horse on it). Not nice for little Mikumo's eyes.

It is assumed that this guy on the ground was one of the criminals. 
Check pendant, wound. It does not matter if it is the entry wound or the 
other one. You will see that he was killed somewhere else. Area to clean, 
right? Well it is a bit weird now as you have to special investigate the 
pendant and use the pic of the corpse to verify that the name on the 
pendant is not the victims. Took me a while... guess it was too easy. 
What ensues is a convo with his weird girlfriend Orito Himeko (DŒË •PŽq),
who thinks you are a playboy and will also tell you about her relation
to Hikaru and that she got a ring from him. Hard to oversee. She also
looks for Hikaru. Furthermore is she a bit shy about the topic love.
(In a unique way) and likes speaking to herself about this topic and 
how It is better for herself to not think about those things.  
eStop Himeko, this is bad.f To give an example. What follows is a 
'duel' with that psycho cop, Rou.

He thinks that Suzumu (the cop in the costume) is the murderer. 
Mitsurugi interferes, that he will protect the laws and rights of this
country, as Rou does act quite overly rough and uncaring for rights. 
Well press statement 4, as he means that guns are hard to come by in
this country and cops have them. Asking there 'will you arrest all cops 
then?' will result into our clumsy officer to tell you that he lost his
gun. Not helping at all, but you get a new statement. Present at this 
now 5th statement the old man corpse pic.The victim was not killed here.
Well time for more info from the officer.He still could have 
transported it himself with the car. 

Really important is to use the car, when he speaks about it, 
3rd statement. The car was not used. So how could he drive around 
with it to sell 'dreams'?

You will find out that he walked. Why did he walk when he had a car 
and this one is still standing here? It was suddenly gone. Temporarily 
stolen. Nothing that proves his innocence though. 
So he will get arrested.


Detective Itonokogiri will show up and give you information of an important 
eyewitness and you will head to a new location. Well new area. If it is not
Houzuki Akane (•óŒŽ ˆ© / Ema Skye) with the typical outfit plus rather 
unfitting cap. 3 years had passed and she is 18 now and was called in by
Keisuke to help you. Speak with her and have Mikumo introduce herself as 
Master Thief. Shocking revelation, till Mitsurugi tells her to not think
too much about that. So you will now speak with her and she says that she
is here to help with science (second option). Nothing new. Taihou-chan 
will come to you.

Speak again with her and you will find out why some people say that it is 
better not to know what is inside the costume. Ooba Kaoru (‘åê ƒJƒIƒ‹) or
Obachan (though Obaachan would be more fitting) or in english less friendly 
Wendy Oldbag. Another person you know from Phoenix Wright 3 years ago. Well
even if you do not wish toc ask her about herself........NOOOOOOO! 

She is the eyewitness. Poor Reiji, poor you. Anyway although he does 
honestly as he thinks, not really wish to talk with her, do you now have
to ask what she saw. It was the murder. Time to ask her thoroughly.
Press all statement. You know you do not want to, but it cannot be helped 
and she will not have anything worth. As she cannot say what he looked like,
but your ninja friend has an idea and a cool gadget. Wasn't Akane the
science freak? She is your most useful helper in the game. So with the help
of this gadget, called Nusumi-chan (probably “‚Ý for stealing) go on. 

Check the simulated corpse. Something is missing. Blood! Present corpse 
pic. Here is no blood either. Then check the stage for next logic piece.
LOGIC TIME!: No blood and Old man. He had worn a costume which should have
absorbed most of the blood if not all. Speak with Akane. Time to look for
footprints. There are indeed costume footprints and a lot of them. Time to
update Nusumi-chan.

Oldbag round 2. Why no comment about a costume?  On the second statement, 
when she mentions two men present your newest evidence. She will tell you
that she has not really seen them too good and only saw it from a seat on 
the 2nd floor. So primarily she just saw a shadow and that the victim was
really close to the stage. Logic: Put two pieces together. You only have two
by now. This will lead to you to update the info, which is that the victim
is now lying in front of the stage and the murderer of course moved along.
Okay next test. Obviously is it odd that our murderer is IN the platform.
Check him out to move him to the plattform. Also explains why the entry and
outro hole are so different in height. (Just odd... that the entry should
be higher than the outro. So he was shot in the back?) Rou shows up after 
the simulation is over. He is quite angry for you doing things like you

Your help in finishing things faster for HIM are quite nice, though. So 
the stage area is uncovered for more hints. He also means that he does not
need any toys, leaving Mikumo a bit depressed. (I think it is quite useful,

Next cop duel. Important is just the statement where he says that the victim 
got shot, by the culprit while the murderer was standing on the stage.
So statement number 3. As previously stated would he have had to run away. 
So the only other option is that the victim stood on the stage and not the
murderer. So again showing our beloved pic of the murdered victim. How often
already? Anyone counted. Anyway you will point out, what any hobby
detective already knew before. 3rd option, both were reversed. (Others are 
stage was standing differently and the eyewitness was standing elsewhere.)
So this goes against your idea about the plush having gone away? NO! Both 
wore one obviously. Next idea is that he then just used the car to transport
the corpse, as tire forms were found behind the stage that are only fitting 
those cars. Show the car on his 5th statement. Reason is the tires. They
are not dirty, like that sand there would suggest. so point at them. There 
was another car supposed to be in the lot. Should be the tool that was used
for transportation. Anyway.. Hikaru escaped and will tell you that one of 
the guys was not a guy but a girl. (Guess he wants to say that guy and the 
gf were the culprits?) Akane and Kaoru are both ending up as eyewitnesses
for Rou and you are forced to leave the area.


Hikaru's dad and girlfriend show up to thank you, despite you not having 
done anything great in this case. Speak with Jouichirou to get thanked again
and then get a letter. Speak about it now. Seems he is quite proud of his 
son to write such a thing to his girlfriend. Next is Himeko. First about 
Hikaru and then about the incident. You will find out at the beginning 
that her father died in a plane accident, called pegasus 10 years ago.
The second option will not reveal anything new. Well next is the criminal's
hideout. The others (murder scene and confinement area (where Mitsurugi
was captured) were already fully investigated. So the third option 
(Criminal's hideout). But first speak with the old guy and the girlfriend 
to get to this option choosing. Afterwards head to the police officer in 
blue and speak with him to get entry. Rou forbade it, but he is not one 
of his man, but a helper and a subordinate of Keisuke who ordered him to 
let you through.You will also get the file of the victim. Seems he was not
who he seemed to be.. and also explains the pendant. Inside check the 
door area. More thorough mode: Broken saber and door. Leave and then check
the big box for the costumes, then the table. In the thorough mode: Check
the key if you wish for comedy, but more importantly the cups. Seems there
were 3 kidnappers not just 2? Well there are also 3 seats, check them too.
Logic: Combine 3 cups with 3 seats to get there were 3. Combine sword with 
door. The sword was inside to act as a door lock. Inside? Quite weird to 
lock someone in. Surprise surprise. When you think nothing will happen will
another costume person show up to interview. Speak with him to get info 
about the show and wonder why it could not have been 4 people. 

Simple, Taihou-chans is still here and was not used, which would have been
the best cover. Yet did they steal Waruhokun (the bad guy; with gun and 
beard)twice. So this set would be double and would look too suspicious.
So why? One has to be a spare. Point to the only costume filled box, 
right under row.Again logic mode. Well you only have two pieces. Well you
will autocheck it. Check the right arm (so left from you) not holding a
gun right? Well special investigate and then use the book which shows all
charas including waru with his gun (NOT THE FLYER). Well seems like the 
Taihou costume was found and Itonokogiri informs you about this.


Just check the throat, as it is hard to oversee anyway for another pendant.
Rou will show up, take the pendant and look at it. It is Himekofs pendant
and she even says that she is a kidnapper, but highly unlikely to be the 
killer too. The gun would still be missing. Rou found the cop's gun, but it
was not used. Instead Himeko continues to admit that she killed him too. 
To get the truth, the real truth you will 'interview' Himeko about 

Press her last statement, when she tells you that he tried to kill her and 
go more into it (1st option). You have to proof that he did not wish to 
kill her. Reason is that he was her father. Show her his pendant, the 
horse. Next is showing Himekos. It is ONE actually. A pegasus. And 
finally finish with the old manfs file. The important sentence is about
his single daughter. So point to the third line (8th to 9th symbol to 
be accurate;  ˆêl). She cannot believe that such a person is her 
father and remains shocked. Your statement was that he did not wish 
to kill her because she was his daughter, but the cop means that he 
did not know it... another duel.

Important is his 4th statement when he says that the two of them made 
the plan. You have found out that three were involved. So show evidence,
boxes at this point. Point out who the 3rd one was. Well you should know
that it was only one... Hikaru. The fact that he should know that there
were three in itself speaks partly for itself, from Mitsurugi's opinion.

Hikaru's turn. Like in most cases will you not really add a new statement
but just get hints from Reiji's thoughts like pressing the last statement
about how he escaped. He means that the door was locked from outside, 
which is not true and he escaped through an underground route. Important 
is to show the broken sword at this point (the new statement). The sword
was to lock the room from inside to have no one, suddenly march in on him. 
What was his motivation? He is a richboy afterall. Show the love letter. 
He wanted to begin a new life and needed money. He will admit that he also
played a big role in the kidnapping, but not that he is the killer and
that the dead one first left with the money, after he tried to kill
Hikaru. And apparently later while they were searching for him shot at 
Himeko who killed him in self defense. 

Press the third statement when she says that her father was attempting 
to shoot her. She will update it to: He aimed his gun, which was in his 
left hand in her direction to shoot her. We all know that it should be 
in his right hand (if it was the costume gun), but if he had a real one 
as well could it be in his left. Just for what purpose was the right one
removed then? Also how was the corpse moved without wearing a costume if 
she ran away right away? Where has the money suddenly disappeared to!? 
But you were right about the left hand. The old man was a right hand 
user, which is written in the old man's profile. So what better than 
to show that one on this statement 3? 

So how is it possible? 1.) It was not Waruho-kun; 2.) He could not use
either hand; 3.) Both is the truth. Both facts are right (3rd option).
To prove it show the costume head. It is simple. The costume usually 
has a gun in the right hand, but he could use both because it was in
fact another costume (Taihou-kun) only with another head. She should 
have seen proto Taihou-kun as the other one is one of all her own 
costume and second would it have the special belts. So point out that 
weird one in the upper left. Mitsurugi will ask who wore it and Himeko
will response truthfully that Hikaru was the wearer. Everything was 
staged that make Himeko believe that she killed her father. Why? 
Because he is the real killer. He is even a left hander. But 
that all could have been coincidence if not for the fact that 
everything was prepared beforehand. To show this you have to show 
the gun.

Why would he otherwise need a gun? Moreover and more importantly 
did the costume not have the gun there anymore, on the right hand.
Himeko's gun on the other hand was thrown away into the sea. So no 
proof, but it is to be expected, to have just been a toy gun. So 
he should have needed to kill her father earlier. Himeko will now 
intervene and say that she has seen them together in the hideout
before the event. So that could not be.

Press the 3rd statement when she is speaking to have seen the 
victim inside to hear in the 4th that she could identify him, 
because he was wearing the costume head. Cannot be. Press this 
4th statement then press further (1st option). And you show once
again the costume head. Because it could not have been on at this
time, because it was right next to Mitsurugi all this time when he 
was captured himself. (Well Hikaru put it on his head for a short 
time, for his alibi, while Reiji was knocked out.) So yeah, she 
has of course seen none other in the other room, as she stated 
before, other than YOU! Mitsurugi. So the third answer. The 
others are Mikumo and Hikaru. Pity you canft prove all of it, 
till Hikaru's dad saves the day by having found all evidence. 
Well actually he did it to save his son, as he is certain that
it was Himeko, but it is still good for you. Mitsurugi only 
wonders if it might be fake evidence. Could be ..so careful. 

First check the bullet hole, then the head to find broken glass
and finally the gun. Odd.. why is glass inside? Hikaru will now
say that it is with the gun proven that Himeko shot him, but also
that he was trying to take her life and that you should consider
this to help her out. 

You can press the first right away. And press further (1st answer).
Her gun? How are her fingerprints getting on the gun when she wore 
a costume? Show the evidence, so the costume. Just to make it clear,
not the head on the first page, but the second one, which had before
a question mark. So the entire costume. It will be clear that she
indeed touched it before, but that does not mean that she was the 
one who shot it too. And then you use again the costume... to prove
that it was not shot on the stage. Simple point out the bullet hole 
on the front. The real costume should have one in the shoulder area.
So where was he actually really shot, as the thing that our Oldbag 
saw could not have been the real murder then. Time does not fit, no 
blood at all. There was glass in it, right? Horror House is the answer,
so the thing on the left of the map. When you remember back to the 
very beginning, could you see blood and a broken mirror, seems that
was not just fake. So the costume was shot again to make people think
that he was shot, while wearing a costume. So now to prove that he 
was there. Use the glass. Pity that the cop points out what most might
think as well. The hideout where everyone was also had a broken mirror.
You could now easily check the horror house, but Hikaru's father 
Ichirou made sure that no one is allowed to easily check on it by
buying the whole thing in advance. With the money from the suitcase 
no less -.-; No way out?


Your ninja friend will use her device again. Next thing is to find out
where the one came from who knocked Mitsu out. Point at the TA, the 
green dot.Obviously was the costume the one who got and knocked him 
out, you should remember that. Hikaru will be asked what he thinks 
about this, but he plays dumb. For now is it assumed that the Waru 
costume held the weapon in his left hand. Now check the scene, first
the mirror for a logic piece. Mikumo means that the glass looks odd. 
Next check that costume behind the simulated you. Did you remember 
anything.  Odd that this sword was in the room with the supposed 
hostage, right? Yep.. use the sword. There should be your blood on 
that sword as he knocked you out with it. Use luminol (1st option). 
There is only one weird thing about the sword which is the position 
of the blood. So assuming that you will look and investigate the 
sword (Reiji will even say it), then special investigate it and 
use the sword as evidence. So next is that he could have used the
right hand, but as everyone knows is the gun on the costume. So 
show the gun. (Not the murder weapon, but the one that is fixed to 
the costume on the 2nd evidence page.) The only option is that
it could not have been that costume, but another one! So it was 
Proto and Hikaru even gives in. But Rou will point out that there is
just a puppet in this horror house for real and that he had just
seen that. Reiji will regain his cool and says that Mikumo should 
add it to the info, while thanking Rou for his info.

Next head to Taihou-kun on the most left and check it. You will 
see that its belt is not on the correct side. Special investigate 
and use the guide next.

There is only one possible reason how this is possible. A mirror.
So combine the new logic piece with the mirror one to make 
Mitsurugi realizes it too. For what is that mirror wall? Show 
proof. Simple, because it is an attraction. So show the theme 
park guide. So how to make him disappear? 1.) Move the 
mirror wall; 2.) Move Taihou-kun; 3.) Make it dark (Switch off
the light) Three is NOT correct, albeit it sounds nice. He should
vanish suddenly and that is done by switching off the light? 
Would be odd because you could not see anything at all then, 
but you can move the mirror wall to make this happening. So 1st
answer. That also answers where the culprit has hid away and the
strange glass. Show to the now greyish hidden part on the left.
Next is to clear how the glas broke then, but Mitsurugi remembers
the loud noise from back then. So there is then, after the mirror
broke, another problem, which is that you can now see the hiding
place of the criminals. So they hid away, but there is not much
place and you have still seen something on the ground. So there
was something there which is missing in the current diagram. So
where is the problem? Its prev place on the left would now be
empty. Point at it. Answer is simple. The puppet Mitsurugi has
seen was at that time the waruhokun. Show the costume (again).
The result is that the murder happened at that time at this point
and that there was just one person who could have done it. 

So you won. Son gets arrested for murder and his father for 
faked evidence. AND.. that he might have helped out to save his
own ass, as the victim worked in Ichiroufs company before and
was arrested after a big scandal there. Interesting. Probably 
just a sacrifice? Unfortunately are the prosecutor
from Chapter 1, Yuuki and his (in that chapter murdered) buddy,
Leo showing up to take them with them, as he is the prosecutor 
who has this case over and this is the method used in Japan. 
Seems all facts are really about one case of the past.

Himeko will thank you now, but is so disappointed with Hikaru
and her father. But Mitsurugi will tell her that he was only 
protecting her and never really intended to go along with the
faked kidnapping. He only wished that she would not do 
anything stupid. Mikumo will then speak that it has been a 
while that they met each other and when Keisuke speaks up to 
get some info about that, she calls him Noko-chan. Also 
saying that he forgot as well. Well Noko-chan is quite 
confused then wondering about the familiar nickname.  At 
the end Mikumo will show one of Mitsurugi's scarf and asks
if you can remember now. 'I have now properly returned it. 
It was a promise afterall.' Mitsurugi will now remember a 
case of 7 years ago, when he met Itonokogiri for the first 
time. A lot of backjumping in this game.

End of Episode

Episode 4

7 Years ago. You will see a court scene about a previous case
about the previous thief. In the middle of the courtroom does 
the criminal suddenly say that he knows the real identity of 
Yatagarasu and that it is the prosecutor on the bench over 
there. Now a skip as that man has to defend himself against 
those accusations, needing a standin for this case. You! 
Your first case. More importantly finally Mitsurugi in his old 
suit and some years younger. Other than shorter hair can I not
see any difference though. Karuma Gou (Žë–‚ ‹ / Manfred von 
Karma) also looks the same. He will ask you if you are done 
reading the case documents. Well after some random talk about
failures are not excepted etc, the convo ends. Speak with him
again to get all info about the other prosecutor who was 
Mikumos dad. At this point not known, but they are both the 
thieves and have the same last name. Quite weird
to see a prosecutor being accused of a crime. Well... not 
really after knowing previous Phoenix Wright games and this 
game. His name is Ichijou Kuurou (ˆêð ‹ã˜Y). Next point 
is to speak about the case itself. 

On the 8th of Sept has a murder occurred in the Coodopia 
(Codepear) Embassy. And a certain Diido got killed. (ƒfƒB[ƒhEƒ}ƒ“).
The killer was a certain Makari Tooru (^Š  “§). He shot him at
night before the embassy and was recorded. At the same time 
did Yatagarasu hide himself in the very same Embassy and 
Tooru had seen him at this time. Mitsurugi believes him to
lie and wonders why he would bother to create such a lie. 
Gou does not care at all, and you continue with the actual
scene. That shows how Tooru killed the victim. He admitted 
to be the killer, but not to be Yatagarasu, but that this 
prosecutor is the thief. Next is the case KG-8 as Gou is
reminded of it and hands you the documents. A person 
named Kazura Yuuko (Š‹ —R‰KŽq) working for the Amanokawa 
company was supposed to speak about some dark secrets of 
the company, but was killed before she could speak before 
the court. People believed a person from this Embassy to 
be the killer. Manii Cohchin (ƒ}ƒjEƒR[ƒ`ƒ“). Yet all evidence
vanished and the case could not be put before the court 
and ended to be forgotten. It was a case that the other
prosecutor had over and Gou means that he would not 
have been able to run away, if he were the prosecutor.
No matter what hand he would play would he not be able
to run away. (We already know about his skills.) So now 
to speak about Yatagarasu. His goal was to steal the 
secret of that place and then sent something to the 
police. Yet it is unknown by Gou what it actually was.
You have to ask the prosecutor for this. A girl with 
a balloon enters the scene, being asked by Gou 'what 
she wants'.

(Oi oi Mitsurugi 7 years might be long, but you really 
forgot the old case, including that old guys face and 
cannot remember Mikumo despite having met
her, when she was a child!?) Anyway little Mikumo will
say that Gou is scary and will ask 'big brother' 
(Reiji) if he can change her little money into 
a bigger coin 100 Yen, which he can and does. She 
leaves after thanking you. Gou thinks that children 
of this country are too easy treated. (Which is 
not untrue. As Japanese Kids have more freedom than
in western country, which ends with school nonetheless.)
Your first time in this game and your first
time at all to be standing at this place in the court.
Well you are with Gou, so it is not your real first case,
as everyone might remember the real first one from 
another game. Well.. no one shows up, not the attorney
either and a new detective called Itonokogiri Keisuke 
will show up to inform you that you will not have a 
courtday afterall, as Ichijou and Makari died. Gou 
would almost have thrown him out before he was able 
to say all of this. You will change location to the 
murder scene and you see a group of people including
the attorney of the murderer in the new area, who will 
not really speak much with you. She is quite weird 
and a bit arrogant saying that she does not like 
speaking with people she does not know. Later that 
he is a newbie and Mitsurugi tries to state that he 
is not a simple newbie but a student of Karuma Gou,
which makes her laugh, laughs a lot. Too much 
actually, her name being Kazura Himiko (Š‹ •XŒ©Žq).
Mitsurugi's slight arrogant way of speaking is 
quite amusing to her. Anyway you can ask her about
the current activities here, but she does not know
anything and states that you should ask the cops.
No info. So ask the guy in black.

Really arrogant one, the main cop...at this point 
probably Gumshoes boss looks far more dirty than
him. Are those bullet holes in his coat? Funny is 
also that Mitsurugi acts more like Karuma with his
gestics. So the bullet hole guy is Badou 
Itetsu (”n“° ˆê“O) and the chief of the murder 
inspection unit. Quite amusing to see how Mitsurugi
who is or was usually so important is quite reduced 
in power in this game. Bouzu... ouch. (Quite the same 
as boy.)  He cannot ask really anything, as he says 
that Bouzu has nothing to say here. You will state 
that you are Ichijou's stand in and so have a right to 
hear it. Badou cannot deny that he studied well and 
seems to draw a gun. At least Mitsurugi fears so, but
it is just a mirror to check on his beard.
At least he will now explain to you that Ichijou was
killed with a knife and the other shot and after the
question if another person was around: 
Itonoko... ah. That Big Thing over there.' No one 
entered the room. So double kill!? The next thing 
will not reveal anything other that the Yatagarasu,
as well as the killing case are dry now and that he
thinks of you as a 'young lord'. (rich boy etc)

And this Kazura is more important than any other 
attorney that were seen as well. Naruhodo (Phoenix)
would be envious. Any way.. Now speak with Keisuke
who is also a bit uncooperative at first. Wondering
what the heck Mitsurugi think that he is. Nothing 
new from him, other than that he has not heard
anything happening in the room either. A guy from 
the embassy will show up to speak with Kazura and 
Gou will take the stage. Giving you the crime scene
till little Mei shows up. Well she just has a 
little horse whatever it is called instead of a 
whip and wants the case despite not even being a 
prosecutor yet. Gou decides for the BOTH of you 
to take the case. So you can guess who your partner
will be this time. BTW she does not like that
you got to become a prosecutor before her and still
can hurt you with that thing, even if she needs to
get closer. Finally you see the poor dead
prosecutor and well the murderer. Killed each other?

Would be an easy case, if. Well Badou is not a nice 
guy so do not count on him, calling the both
of you children and well our friend gumshoe dekabutsu,
big thing. >_>; Okay your partner is Gumshoe afterall, 
after Mei so friendly denied the 'Beard's
offer for help with a whip lash and it is a competition
between Reiji and Mei anyway, who will solve the case.
But he learns fast to not call you boy 
prosecutor, after a little thread towards his salary.
Well the gun was a weapon from the previous murder case
in the embassy while the knife is a new 
and unknown item. No idea why you are always a kid 
when Kazura is also just 22. 

Check the table and then for the fun of it the TV. 
Seriously do it! Then check the sofa next. Actually
the bags, but they are so close to the sofa that
it ends up being the same. Finally the corpses. 
Important here are the weapons and the bloody bags.
Logic time: You only have two pieces so you should
not need help with that. It will make you wonder about
one thing. Why are they scattered, when they were not
fighting. Also if the bloody bag has a 
specific reason. Also whose blood is it? Keisuke will 
go and ask, to return with the info that it is Ichijou's
blood. Evidence added. Then check the window next to see
that he could not have run easily, if there was a 
murderer and also that there is a smell of flowers coming
through the window. Go and check again the corpses, and
see that the hand is black (the prosecutors left). So a
pen might be the reason, but Keisuke could not find one. 
Finally you will think about moving them, even if Mei 
annoys you that you cannot figure it out without doing 
that. You are not allowed to move them as 
it is the detectives job. So... Keisuke is ordered to do
it. They will be moved to see where they were wounded. 
Important are the wounds to see from which distance he 
was shot and who died first. The prosecutors left jacket 
pocket. Logic: Hand and Item. Well the ink is really 
from the pen and that item is in fact the end of a 
pencil and shows that something is odd. Wouldnft he
have held the pen and the gun in the same hand? So 
use special investigate on the pistol and show the 
pencil evidence. The pencil proved that he is a left 
hander, but the gun is in the right. 

So Mei has theories and you challenge her. Most 
does sound actually quite intelligent and you will 
receive some blows pressing the first two statements.
There is just one relatively easy to oversee point 
and that is that they fought! Press statement three
 when she says that they killed each other.
So she will change it to 'That the two of them fought
and the knife thief, Makiri managed to kill Ichijou in 
return, with the last shreds of his strength. So a 
fight? Which is from your evidence as someone stood next
to the soda automat and had not heard anything not 
possible. So at the new statement 3 show that evidence.
Is the 3rd on page 1. The next guess of Mei is not too 
shabby either, but wrong 2nd answer. Easy. As she 
reversed her previous statement and now the immediately
dead prosecutor could shoot afterwards. Zombie? Anyway
show the crime scene evidence for that. The next 
problem is how they lie on each other, so the place 
how the corpses 'rest'. Option 2. 

Press the third statement to have her explain the
order more precisely. She will now change her third 
statement. Present the crimescene photo at this 
third statement. She thinks that he was in range to 
stab the prosecutor after he got shot, but the crime 
scene said that there were no powder remains 
on the clothing. Meaning that he was shot from at  
least 2 meters away. Not so easily possible. So it 
means that neither could have killed each other. 
So the answer to the next question: Who killed who 
first is simple. NONE (3rd answer). (1 would be Ichijou,
2 Makiri) So how to proof that there was a 
third person around? Show the bag. The murderer 
probably covered the grip of the weapon with the bag.
Kazura and the judge show up finding out that the 
cop who should guard the room was not always around 
and accuse him of murder. The judge made a testimony 
regarding this to Kazura. The only one who was 
the candidate is Keisuke. So ask Gummie about his 
motive. 1st option. He has none as he was not the 
Kazura will challenge you now. She knows one.. Aha?
Quite a ridiculous reason, but oooooookay. She saw 
that the prosecutor was quite angry with Keisuke,
but Keisuke was not angry enough because of this 
misunderstanding. (You do not even hear much about 
this at this point.) Anyway take her laugh bag 
image apart.

I suggest pressing statement 2 just for the comedy 
show. 3 too.... She has a weird sense of humor. 
In fact are a lot of humor scenes in this one. Only 
important is the last statement as her reason, 
unlike she says, is obviously not perfect at all. 
Press here. Use 1st option to dig deeper. For one why 
he killed the other guy too (Option 2). What were his 
motives there? She does not know, but does not think 
that it is important. Can you give a reason 
for killing that guy?

This one can be tricky if you think too much about 
the case itself. The question is WHO had one. She 
says herself in the very first line that there was 
no reason for killing both and later continues that 
it was just a wrong place wrong time murder that was 
used later. But was it really like that. Show 
the KG8 at the first statement if you do not wish to 
go through the comedy.  So yeah.. that guy Manii has 
a reason, but how did he kill them? He was 
under surveillance, so Gumshoe is taken away. Well 
you want to find out more about the old case, so you 
will speak with Kazura but she denies knowing 
anything, while the proof is the report itself. 

The victim had the same name: Kazura Yuuko. Her 
sister? Goes without saying to show it, right? She 
will not give in too easy, till you point out that 
she is related to the victim (second option btw) 
She will tell you about the case and how her younger 
sister died. Manii who apparently was the murderer 
got away because all evidence was stolen. He even 
threatened her on this very day. Mitsurugi thinks 
that she might laugh to hide her fear.


Anyway you want to continue with the investigation but Gou
is not too happy about it, as it is stupid to continue with
that case, that has nothing to do with him and a Halfling
like Mitsurugi should not speak about perfect cases, yet.
Yet is Mei another opinion and wants to duel again with you,
which somehow should be training for her.  Seems like the 
old man has something for his daughter afterall and allows 
the both of you to continue. NOW she is your partner. 
Pity she is obsesses so much with the duel and will not 
help too much.  You can speak with a dreaming cop, a guy 
who needs to the toilet and one who plays with water, 
but that is not really helpful. Speak with Kazura to get 
more info about the actual time of the murder, and about the 
activity of everyone. Be prepared for some whipping instead
of Kazura as she likes to anger Mei. Anyway you will find 
out that Badou was on the old case, that the murdered guy
is not the master thief, and that Kazura defended him to 
get information on that old case. Next is Itonokogiri
(Gumshoe) You will ask why the prosecutor got angry at him,
as he was fooling around like a elementary school kid and 
then what happened during the pause, why he 
was ordered to the place he was standing at and when, by
whom (Badou) etc. By searching his clothes, you will find
nothing they are checking all his belongings at the moment.
Well almost, just that his bonus pay of 500 Yen is now at 
Zero. Show him his own statement about the silent corridor 
to get some remaining info and ensure that nothing 
happened at all.

Mikumo will appear from behind you and kick you, leave 
and call you an idiot. Why? I have no idea at this point 
either. All she leaves is a dorayaki 
bag. Some food obviously. (To be more precise usually a
pancake with paste inside, that can vary. But the shape 
of the dorayaki can also vary.) Next on your list is 
Badou. So head to the corridor as Mei suggests, which is
to the left. Check the food machine to see that this 
dorayaki might have been bought here. Disregarding the 
odd choices in it and some fun convo with Mei about 
the individual pieces nothing to do here. 

More interesting is the window to the left. Especially
the pink piece. You will get whipped for not throwing 
the garbage into the garbage bin. Not that 
Mitsurugi really placed it there, though. The cactus 
is also important. Then use the arrow to scroll down 
and take the hand print and the substance on 
the ground. You are also getting whipped here while 
she complains that the places have to be kept tidy. 
Seems she likes letting out her aggression on 
Reiji. The print will be analyzed to  find the dirty 
culprit! Well only Mei thinks that this is the objective.
So logic time. Combine cactus with the 
pink garbage. Seems cactus-san was the reason for this
ripped piece. To be more thorough. It was a balloon,
that met his end through this green weapon 
of mass destruction. Then the cream and the food machine.

It is assumed that Gumshoe ate it and dirtied everything. 
Ask our judge and he will tell you that he saw everything 
from the toilet, or better what he did not see while there. 
The toilets are opposite from the window you just checked. 
There are for certain several areas that you might not 
see from there, but that is another thing. Next is Badou 
and speaks about what he ordered Gumshoe to do and
what he did when he heard the loud noise. He was called 
by Kazura and then ordered Noko-chan to stand guard at 
the door, while he spoke with her in another room. 
The time from the room, after hearing the shot till 
reaching the crime scene was only one minute. Mei also
cannot whip Badou, as he is good in evading and was a 
bit too rude at one point when she told him that he 
could not protect Ichijou. The only time that Badou 
actually is really angry. (Not that you see much of 
a difference to normal, though.) You can ask him now
about everything, but the time (1) is most important 
for you. Rest is what he already said before. Well
anyway... you can also show him the old case file, 
but he will not say anything. 

More important is to find out what happened to the 
second dora yaki. Yes you get two of those with 600
Yen. So return to the machine and special 
investigate the price tag (lower right) then use the
evidence of the bonus money, which was only 500 Yen
(1st evidence on page 2). Normally people could have
extra money, right? But Itonokogiri himself said that
he had nothing else. Not even a single yen. So he has
not enough, there was someone who should have helped 
him out and consumed the other one. (obviously Mikumo)
Anyway, it is obvious that something about the judge's 
comments cannot be right so you will talk to him again.
Pity is that he is not as easy to confuse as he is in
his later years. But almost...

Anyway you can press all you want, but it won't help.
We already know why he could not see him though at 
the 4th he will say that he could not see him. The 
reason is that he was sitting on the bench at this 
time and no matter how tall he is, he cannot be seen 
while sitting there from the toilets. 
The proof that he sat there is the fingerprint. So 
show the fingerprint at statement 4.

He heard a shot. AND HE SAYS THAT NOW!? He just has 
remembered. Our good old judge. All his apologizing
does not change that, but he  thought that a
birthday party was the reason for the loud noise and
forgot about it. Press statement 2 to see when he was 
on the toilet and for how long. (The judge even at
the beginning misunderstands Mitsurugifs grin for 
a rude laugh about his needed toilet time). Something
odd about the timing of the shot, right? Well show 
Badou's statement at the new comment. (The last 
evidence piece in your list) So the noise the judge 
heard was not the shot, but something else. Can 
only be one thing. Show pink broken balloon. A balloon
just broke on the cactus. Anyway it was Mikumos baloon
as we also remember now. Next is to speak again with
Keisuke to clear that up, after Mitsurugi, Mei and 
the judge decide whose turn it is to proof that he 
is guilty or not. >_>; (Just of lying and not the
murder, of course.)

Statement 3 Press it if you wish to see him get 
whipped and clear out that he said a lie. What is
so bad about eating something with a child? Anyway. 
After pressing, show the fingerprint on statement 3
to clear up that he was not standing by the door 
all this time. Well we already know that he was
not alone and even with whom. To show the proof 
show the empty dora yaki package and that there 
were two of them in the bag. Look who comes to the 
rescue this time, but misses the kick. (^-^) 
Finally we also know why Mikumo knew him in the 
prev ep. He also forgot her.. and how she lovingly 
called him Noko-chan. If you want to hear a praise
about the bread then speak with Gumshoe otherwise 
with Mikumo. Well you wish to speak with her by 
introducing her lost yakidora to her. With other 
words again that Dorayaki bag. She actually wished 
to give it to her father. 

Mikumo will begin to cry when she declares to 
have heard about the death of her father, despite
Gumshoe having tried to hide it from her. 
Nonetheless, Mei reminds you to do something 
'are you planning on letting a 
lady keep crying?' So he hands her a handkerchief,
or wishes to do so and she abuses his scarf. Speak 
with her again and then about her father to get a 
notebook with rules they wrote up together. 
Interesting rules about not going with strangers, 
greeting people, not crying in front of strangers
and helping out.

Anyway. You have other questions. Like about the 
bread or Itonokogiri. After the dialog will Mitsurugi
try to hand her the dirty garment, but she cannot
take it as one rules states to not take things from 
strangers. Not that they are strangers anymore. Anyway 
nothing special or bad talking with a kid. So
why did he lie. You have to show the reason. For once 
without losing 'health' when guessing wrong. The reason 
is ..weird. As he only hid it because he 
gave her something, while being a stranger at this point 
and it is a rule to not accept things of strangers as 
written in the rule note book. So show 
it as evidence. Your most recently obtained evidence 
piece. Mei is right about it being stupid, don't you 
think so too? You will now see everything and 
the pics are quite self explanatory. Still... she wished
to buy something, but even after changing just had 100 yen
so she found Keisuke and they decided on buying the dual
set of dorayaki together, then they sat on the bench, 
her balloon broke on the cactus, the bang sound surprised
him and so he ended up making everything dirty. So you 
have cleared up everything. Just nothing about the murder
at all. Quite a long part of this chapter to receive this
pitiful amount of info. Kazura appears to bring the little
girl away. 


A rather strong smell will throw Mitsurugi off, right after 
entering the room and Mikumo plays with Badou and some perfume.
Speak with Badou to get info about Kazura's brand item perfume
from overseas. All of Mei's mocking to lower the value of this
cheap fake item, resulted in her loss. So she get
interested in it and Reiji has to carry it for her. Then 
speak again about the special time interval, when he was 
speaking with Kazura. Nothing really new here. He was alone 
with Kazura, while Noko was on the floor to stand guard, but 
Mei also adds that it looks like Kazura dislikes him quite a 
lot. Reason was that he was the cop not able to do anything in
her sister's death? He is surprised that you already know this 
much and wish to hear about the relation between him, Kazura 
and Ichijou. As you already know as much will he finally open 
up this topic. He knew Ichijou since he was a rookie and also
Mikumo since the time she was born. Speak about Yatagarasu and 
you finally see his lollipop! Yes it is not a cigarette. Wait..
that is not the point.

He will finally speak about KG-8. They all went into a trap 
and you finally get the info that the holes in his coat are 
from that incident. Well not all are just from that incident.
Also about Yatagarasu the good masterthief stealing items from
bad guys to proof them guilty by delivering them to the 
police. Just not this time. Also that there are actually 3 
legs. 1.) Know well where an item in which building is, that 
you can steal. 2.) Carry the necessary know-how to break 
through the security. 3.) Don't leave evidence on the scene 
of the 'crime'. About Kazura only that she does not wish to see 
his face a second time because they were unable to keep her 
sister save and also cannot bring her back. And also again 
that she suddenly jumped in to be the attorney for Makiri 
and might have held special reason to do so. Mei does not
like that she helped a murderer, no matter the reason. 
Mei is after Badou's words just too naive (amai = sweet/Naive),
more naive/sweet than his candy. Yeah this pun does not work
in english at all and also states that both could feel that
Kazura actually did not like defending him. 

Well you are called back to check on the evidence of
Ichijou's case and the judge is still depressed about 
accusing Keisuke. First look at the purse for
a new info and then the knife to see that they have the 
same pattern. Use evidence key (the newest evidence) to answer
Mei. Now look more thoroughly at it, especially the underside
of the handle. From the tip of the edge the exact opposite. 
Just like the same position where you would expect the button
of a pen. By pressing it will the key become a knife. It is 
the same item. As most do not know about that feature and 
the weapon is the masterthief's it is assumed that the thief 
is also the murderer. Check the gun next. The file on the
right contains info about the last murder that was going on 
before the prosecutor and the murderer both got killed. The 
video that should be inside is not here though. If you 
remember Itonokogiri's accident with the tv then it might
be that said video is still in a recorder. Yet the judge 
is also shocked about its disappearance.

Speak with Badou after Rou (from the prev case just younger
left) and then show him after trying to chose option 1 (the
only one btw) the key as he does not know about it. Yeah it 
is like he said, unfine to only wish for cooperation while 
not getting news himself. Of course is he more than suprised
to hear that you tell him that Ichijou got killed with this 
key. You will also get to know that neither he nor Ichijou 
knew anything about this function. 'In short, the entire 
police force did not know about this.'And also that the 
item he was looking for was actually said key, just that 
it was a weapon at this point. 

So try again to get into a new cross examination. Or just
talking as somehow most members of an examination are missing
.. Okay press statement 3 when he said that they were sitting 
together till they heard a loud noise. Then that till the
gunshot nothing else happened. Now he has not heard anything 
at all, till that very time. Cannot be. Show evidence balloon
at this new statement number 3. They should have heard that! 
Interesting he now tells you that the rooms are special 
and that you canft hear anything from outside. They are 
soundproof. So how did they hear the shot then? You will 
now wonder how it is possible. The reason should be that 
the window was open. You enter logic mode. Combine perfume
and window. Which was the reason why it smelled the first
time? Kazura pushed the perfume over as Badou said and you
even smelled it here! That strong smell was the reason why
the window was open in the room where Badou was. Anyway 
next is the new hint, so the updated window with the TV. 
The TV is loud so sound can carry over. How exactly? Well 
the window allowed the sound to carry over it is updated
once again. Combine the last two logic pieces to finish 
up.  The two have not heard the real shot but the shot 
from the video.  So they made sure that the lost video
might really be the cause for the sound and still in 
VCR. Anyway finally will he think that the TV is important.

Took a while but the video is there. So check the VCR. The
most clear reason is that the VCR was a method to hide that
the victims were killed earlier. But now it is the question
how they could hear it as it is still another room. 
(Mitsurugi knows already from his logic mode, but has to
tell the others now, through the complicated method.)

You now have to show how it is possible to hear the gunshot
in another room. So you special investigate the window and
then point out the videocassette. So the killer opened the 
window on purpose to as I previously pointed out change 
the time of the murder (option 2). (1 would be the place 
and 3 the weapon.)  Already clear but only one person could 
have done it. Kazura. The question is why, but you just have 
to ask, right?


Press all statements. She will ask straight out why you 
think that the time is wrong and what they heard. Present 
video. Kind of weird how the Attorney acts out the role of
the accusant while the prosecutor defends. XD So why could 
they still hear it in a room which is soundproven? Well 
the window was open (2nd option). (Other options are for 
curious people: 1.) The door was open; 3.) It came through
a hole in the wall.) Of course to hear it is it necessary 
for the window in the other room to be open as well and 
there were just two people in it. Well we already know 
anyway that it was Kazura. So she is the culprit. Point 
at her picture to make it clear. 

Actually the first is already wrong.(Press all to receive 
some info if you want, but it is not too important.) There 
is no evidence that she opened it? She pushed the perfume 
over to have a reason for opening it. So present perfume 
at the first statement. Of course is the beginning hard, 
as you cannot say she is the killer just because of some 
perfume. She will also say that you are just all getting 
hyped because you think that you are special being
Karuma's pupil. But it is impossible for her to have killed
Ichijou. Because she did not know where the knife was, that 
was used to kill Ichijou.

Press her last statement to make her fall into Reiji's 
trap. 'The knife was in Ichijou's bag.' Mei is quite 
shocked that you hand out this rather crucius information
to Kazura. Just to get the testimony he wishes for. He will
continue to say that it was a piece that was not turned 
into evidence at this point. She then will tell him to 
please stop with those lies as she can understand his 
thought pattern. He had no knife in it. The evidence he 
had in his bag was the key he had received from Yatagarasu.
She will mention the key.  How did she know about the key 
and why mentions it in this manner as if it would be the 
weapon? She fell for it. Now you present the key at the
new statement. Mitsurugi really messes quite a lot with 
her. When he states that someone that has nothing to do 
with the police cannot know anything about it and that 
makes her Yatagarasu. 'Why did you know?' 
'Hu,Hu hu. ...I heard from Ichijou.'

She even mentions that she heard from the dead 
prosecutor. How? He did not know himself! It is not 
written anywhere. She will now try to counter that it
is sometimes happening that not all info is written in
the notes. But you can counter easily. 'It is not 
possible. Because Badou did not know anything
about the knife, either.' He was the person Ichijou 
trusted the most, afterall. So now you have to say who
the person was who knew that the key can become a weapon.
Just the thief. So the only person, who is no  more than
a black silhouette on the profile page. So you have also
pointed out that Kazura is Yatagarasu. The only thing 
missing is the reason for the murder. So she will tell 
you finally. Quite a pity... anyway you won again. 

She will tell when she is attacked verbally by Badou 
with her name that this is only her disguise name. The 
actual face is Yatagarasu, the thief. She 
also states that he knew about her real identity and 
so she had to erase his existence and Makiri was also 
dangerous. In the break the both of them 
spoke with each other, which allowed her to form her plan.
She could hear them very well through the door's crack.
Makiri was weak against money, but in the end she had 
just to kill the both of them. KG-8 is not important 
for her either. Does not seem to care much for her dead 
sister. She will also tell you that she was the one who
actually requested the murder at the embassy from Makiri.
She is a member of a secret organization. She was also the 
reason why they could not catch Manii. At least Badou 
begins to think this, whereas she only replies with 
'who knows'. 

Now she will mention the three feet of 
the yatagarasu and points a gun at you and makes a dramatic
escape, almost killing you, without Mikumo's 'guide' at 
least. She escaped, despite Badou's attempts to catch her. 
All he did was receiving a new hole. Mei and Mitsurugi are 
both fine, though. The problem is that Mikumo suddenly 
disappeared and no one knows where to.

Well Badou decides to go looking for her and also 
apologizes to Keisuke and tells him that he has heard from 
Mikumo that he protected Mikumo's heart even if he cannot
entirely forgive him for creating a false testimony. Badou
decides to leave now and also tells you that he will catch
Kazura for certain and that there might be another 
opportunity for them to meet. Keisuke will now come and 
thank you and tell you that you are great. Finding the 
truth like that and also Keisuke did well in the last 
steps. Just the judge is still depressed and also 
apologizes to him, meaning that it has caused him trouble. 
Well now to give Itonokogiri a present from Mikumo. You 
only really have one item that he is interested in.
If you guess wrong nothing will happen. Just the end of
the chapter. 

The correct item is the dorayaki. It is what they bought together
and her father cannot eat it anymore. Back jump to the present
where they will remember her and wonder what happened to her.
She had just returned with her mother to her grandparent's home, 
after her father had died. And as it was a biiiiit far away could
she not return too easily. The question from Mitsurugi now is
why she wished to see him and why she uses the name of her father's
killer till she tells them that this is not true. The REAL 
yatagarasu was her father as she found the info in his diary.
The other was a fake, as well as the card at the time of the
murder 7 years ago. The new goal is to find the fake and bring
her to justice.

End of Episode

Episode 5

The final concluson chapter where everything comes together. 
Yatagarasu has sent an invitation to the embassy and you will 
investigate. While watching Live Action Plays. Tonosaman 
(Steel Samurai). Check the table to the left of the door. Next to 
the green guy for some layout of the house and to
continue. Talk with the new entry, the samurai to get an autograph
and see them leave. Well after watching the ninja, will the fake 
thief show up. Apparently Mikumo follows the route to end up in a 
room with a corpse. The police (namely Shiina/Sheena) will think
of her as the culprit and as it is the embassy you have no real
rights here as it is not Japan. Soon Mei will show up to participate
as well in the investigation and an overly enjoyed Keisuke will get
whipped for his lack of manners. Anyway you will as Mei's self chosen
helper, without her actual consent ask the ambassador to 
participate in the investigation. The question is if it is really
such a good idea to have just become her underling. Anyway the 
murdered one is the secretarian of the ambassador and you know him
already. Manii.

Now to work. Check the corpse, then the knife next to him and more 
importantly the key in his pocket. It is the same one as in the 
prev chapter. Show Keisuke how it works. Next check the statue in 
the middle of the room. Then the wall painting. Next the knife 
display or well the area below the burnt yukata and finally the 
safe next to Mikumo.  Logic time: Knife and symbol. It is the same. 
Obviously.. Speak with Damian Hinji (ƒ“ƒ_ƒ~ƒAƒ“Eƒqƒ“ƒW), the blonde 
guy to speak about the dead guy. KG-8 again. You will get new info 
regarding the key and can already say by yourself that the key is 
meant for the safe. So combine your two logic pieces and open the 
safe with it. Well you will not find much other than some paper. 
So choose option one to tell him that there has to be a second 
device or key. It is the typical second wall trick safe.

Special investigate the area left or if you wish normally before.
It is a strangely shaped hole. Present the key again. This time it
is just the reversed function. Seems that it really was a double 
key nothing more. Check the front of the 'knife'. Well the only 
important thing in there is the paper. Anyway make sure to speak 
with Mei now for a new logic piece and new info. And by further
asking another logic piece. Combine them to continue 
with your conversation with Mei. Remember the paper from before?
2 pages and the numbers 1 of 3 and 3 of 3 while 2 was missing? 
You get page 2 now. Return to the safe and investigate again. 
Special investigate on the paper and show the paper evidence. 

The investigation is over but you have to save Mikumo now and 
speak with the violet eyed Sheena in the typical manner. First
at testimony statement 3 when she speaks that the girl called 
herself Yatagarasu. As this is not enough to be called a killer.
So she will add a new statement, that she was after the key. 
Show the key at this new Statement 4. The thieffs objective was
the key? Funny he still has it. Pity that this does not mean that
she hasnot killed him She could have killed him just because he
was at the scene where she wished to steal something and the cop
says that she saw Mikumo holding the knife.

Quite strange she never held it, right? Present the knife at the 
second statement. Well she still could have held a fake. The main
point in this hole is not that you just trust Mikumo not being the
killer, but because there is only blood on the edge. Nothing on
the handle with this shape. You can actually take the edge out.
Check it out by clicking the edge. So the next step is that Sheena
thinks that Mikumo has exchanged it herself, BUT the big
thing is that this knife does not look like the other two. The edge
IS NOT a part of the collection. Prove it by going to the part under
the edge (Where swordsmiths usually leave their insignia). The 
engraved symbol is another one. You only have one evidence which
can prove where it is from. The layout plan from the very beginning.
So show it. It would be nice for Mikumo to not call herself master
thief. You proved her innocence but being the thief is bad enough 
and a reason to get arrested too. Maybe she made the fire!? Well..
Sheena is not stupid enough to believe that she did it and lets 
you go. Go go Mei's subordinate to the other embassy. -_-;


Well you will run into Rou again who gives one of his cops a birthday 
present. It is also a big surprise that actually two people were 
killed. Just a pity that he does not have, but one of his relatives?
Sounds made up. Anyway before he does not wish to let you through, 
the ambassador of the other country, Kaaneiji Onreddo (ƒJ[ƒlƒCƒWEƒIƒ“ƒŒƒbƒh) 
will show up, not that this helps, till Damian will give you a hand
as well. No comment about this weird stuff. You can advance, just 
not Mikumo because of her thief status. Well Itonokogiri is ordered
to watch her. Speak with everyone and you even get some ink 
from Damian. First go with Mikumo, then Gumshoe and then Damian and
then Mei as she will give you the final pieces.  She is on the trail
of a money faking secret organization. Mikumo and co will meanwhile
investigate the other area.

Anyway in the new area the samurai will run you down and get whipped
by Mei for attacking her subordinate. Another known face in this 
costume. Yahari Masashi (–î’£ ­Žu / Larry Butz) who will introduce
himself as Ooedos landlord (due to his Steel Samurai Outfit which 
plays in this Edo (old Tokyo)). He is accused of murder. Surprised?
I am not. Funny how Badou will arrive at the scene to give info. Rou
is by far less helpful. 

Now you can check the area. Check the statue, nothing more. Then 
go to the knives and check them more thoroughly to find the real
handle of the murder weapon and well then to desk next to the 
fireplace. You will see that the statue on the picture is looking
in another direction as it is in the room. Odd or not? Then check 
the flowers on the right and finally the corpse's face. The poor
guy is Akaishi Aoi (ÔÎ ˆ¨). Of real interest are the weapon and
the right hand with the paper. The rest is just nice chitchat. 
Back to the statue with special investigate and then use the 
photo as evidence. Time to waste some time with Masashi. After 
asking him why he was on the roof he says that he played Santa...
in March. I can understand Mei as well for not believing him to
forget that big spear. Just Mitsurugi does.. because he knows him.
Next important piece is the spear, which stands next to those 
knives. Special investigate it, because it is bent and use the 
autograph. Not the best example, but it works. He damaged it while
fooling around.

Himesaman (Pink Princess) enters the stage to be questioned. As 
you will find out anyway. The children's dreams are shattered 
once more. Oldbag returns.She has a stalker. I doubt that this 
person knows who is inside the costume. After questioning her a 
new addition to your team is made, in the form of
Missile, a dog. He finds something, but eats it immediately. 
Good that Reiji could identify it as nothing but some sweets. 
Advertisement for the samurai show. (Steel Samurai in eng and 
tonosaman in jap). A better item is the singlet (looks more 
like a sweatshirt though). Logic Time: You only have two
pieces so it should be easy to choose. It might look unwise, 
but not too many people are here that could be the owner of 
said shirt. So speak with Oldbag and present it to her to get 
a new logic piece and a new dialogue option. Again logic time 
to make sure that some things happened in another room.
You again only have two parts so anyway fireplace and singlet.
So as expected can you get to the other room through the 
fireplace. Time to get the truth out of Masa-kun. 

Anyway he entered through the roof to play santa. So press the 
final statement, then more detail (1st option). And now whom 
he wished to give a present. Obviously he wanted to impress a
girl. Present Oldbag. Yep... He just liked the pink girl and 
is also the stalker most likely. Actually he mistook old 
bag for the previous owner of the costume, a certain 
Nanami (ŽµŽO) who 'collapsed'. You have gotten a letter 
from granny regarding this. The evidence 
right next to the pink letter. After Larry's next most 
stupid statements I have ever heard, you will get to dismantle
it again.

You can press all you wish for some weird scenes, but the most
important is just the last statement. He would not do something
embarrassing? Well just show the stalker letter. For anyone who
cannot read this japanese word. It is the pink letter. The 
proof on the letter is the name. Himi  (ƒqƒ~)instead 
of the kanji properly written out to mean Nanami. Very first 
line 3rd and 4th symbol.  (You can take the Himi Kanji as an 
example.) Try to click the middle, but it does not really 
matter to hit exactly. He just wrote bad, but wished to meet 
Nanami. Now he denies that he is the writer, but you have 
already a written sample from him. Show the autograph. Now 
the last remaining problem is the weapon. 

You will duel it out with Rou. Press the second statement to
have him translate it into proper Japanese. Most important is 
that the so called murder weapon is as fake as the spear. You
can not kill anyone with it. Well maybe you can, but it would
be quite the hard work. To show this will you have to show 
the spear at statement 3. Nice to see that Mitsu now wishes 
to find the perfect truth, rather than a perfect victory like
Mei, but this still does not help. You still have to proof 
that he was not the murderer with something else, or better as
that sword was the only weapon found with blood in the
entire building, that he still just got lucky and not broke it. 

You cannot do much, other than pressing more on the 'no other 
weapon' detail. So statement 3 then option 1. Now you have to 
show the only weapon they do not know about. Well there is 
just one in this room. The statue. So present it. Obviously 
the one of this room. Seems he finally believes you, but as 
it is special can he not investigate it without the ambassadors
special order. Pity that that guy is not really allowing it. 
Does not really concern Rou though. Investigate the statue.
Blood is on an odd place and you will find a print on the 
underside of it. It belongs to the other guy who got 
killed today. Might take a while to finish this case. 


You will after saving get to another scene to meet up with the others,
who had fun during their investigation and do not seem to have really 
made any progress. Well Noko-chan is good to get rid of evidence. Some
will be returned to Hime... which Keisuke 'likes' after hearing out who
is inside. That sigh says a lot~. Speak with him again to get a new hint.
Then next with Damian. Then show the lamp for some joke and more 
importantly the statue (the unburnt one). Afterwards it will end 
automatically and you will tell Mikumo everything from there. You will
also get entrance to a new area 'Rose Garden', a new Guitar Pick
evidence piece and perfume that you should be familiar with from 7 
years ago. It is the very same bottle. Wonder if it is useful for 
the dog? Pity Missile will not show up again. Head South then east.

Unfortunately can Mikumo not follow, but you are in the rose garden now.
You will join up with Mei and then check the well to see it get filled 
with water to get a new info. Masashi is also there to dive for his 
lost son. The kid in the cart, which was pushed in the beginning. 
Most likely was it used to transport one of the corpses. Check the
statues. You can also check the roses on the right to make fun of Mei
by telling her that the thief might be somewhere there and almost get 
whipped. Nothing else. So speak with Rou. They think that the thief 
was there, but that might not be necessarily true. Find out what else
could have thrown the shadow. (If you are speaking with Rou first, 
you will enter this search mode for the shadow after checking the
statues. It just starts automatically after you have done everything
else in this area.) 

Point to the female Statues head or elsewhere on it. The female 
statue is on the right side of the area so scroll and a second statue,
so the one on the left. You can also just reverse the order. 
Unfortunately is still something missing or better not correct. 
Point at her raised hand. You will see it normal in one scene and 
should understand. After you cleared up that it was just a faked 
shadow, you will get a pic from Badou. Now it is turn to return
to the other embassy with Mikumo. Check everything like usual, but
only important is the desk and more thoroughly the ink on it. Then 
speak with Damian to find out that there were actually two fires 
on that day. So you will also know that it was in another place 
and that the pic from Badou was shot during that time and not the 
later fire, you witnessed. The first was on 5F and the second on 3F.
In the following convos you will find out that Damian was together 
with the victim for quite some time till the fire broke out. And 
that his own office is currently under work, which was the reason
for them to be in the very office you are now. Also that Damian 
was confused that the ink was still here, because he thought it 
was what has burnt so brightly during that incident. The fire was
green and this ink produces a green flame. So something else was 
the reason. Well as you probably were disturbed by Damian you now 
return to the desk and check the drawer on it. Especially the small
piece of paper, with the strange form. Special investigate and use 
the evidence piece that looks the same. The one that was found in 
the second victim's hand. Seems that this is a normal form for this
country. The notice in the dead man's hand was from the first 
victim. Damian could verify the handwriting to be Maniis. Well 
speak again with Damian to complete the investigation here.

Your aiding cop will show up and you will begin to recreate the 
incident again. Check the clock to see that it was moved. 
The clock also stopped working. So it was used for something?
After checking inside, will some wire be found. Next check 
the flame to find out why it has this strange color. What does
look similar? Present the lamp. Next is to say that Damian 
mistook the reason for the color for something else. Show 
ink. The question now is what was actually burnt in this fire,
for what reason was the fire created. Present the money. 

Now speak with Keisuke about the fire incident. After finding
out that Sheena was coming out of the next room before she 
caught Mikumo. You speak again with Damian about the layout 
of the building. Of course are all rooms on both sides the same
as you saw for yourself already. Logic Time. Combine Fireplace 
with the new layout info. So the fireplace should also be the 
same. Check it. But something is odd about it. The fireplace
seems untouched. But Damian said something else. It was used.
So point at the fire with special investigation and use the 
correct evidence, which is the written statement from Damian.
The letter next to the wire.

So the burnt material is not here anymore. Logic: Combine the 
fireplace with the questionmark saying disappeared cinders. 
The conclusion is that you can turn the fireplace and everything
is in the next room. Things you already know, anyway. It also
explains how the murderer escaped. Doesn't this mean that Sheena
had a good chance of being the killer? So anyway next is to combine
the new logic piece with Sheena. Well Keisuke will now play the
murderer and can finally press the button to  get on the other
side. He comes back full of dirt, reason for Mitsurugi to pay for
the cleaning. So the murderer if Sheena was it was clean. Could mean
that she used an overcoat and got rid of it. 
(Oh.. and Kei likes his coat as it is. Prefers it to not get cleaned.)


So now with Keisuke back with the checked letter you will ask Sheena 
straight out, why she could not see the murderer while being in the same
room. Now you will recreate the story with Rou saying that the culprit 
could as well have left the room in the darkness through the door. But 
would then have run into Sheena. So you will point that out by choosing 
her profile. Kei was also already on the way. So no matter what would the
thief have run into one of the cops. You are not thinking about sharing 
the fireplace info just yet, intelligent as i think, and will let Rou 
think that the window is also an option. Who will even use the pic as 
evidence. Two problems. The thief cannot fly and second it was a 
different time. So how is it possible for this person on the pic to be 
the one Mikumo saw? Show the pic itself, as the info with the times and
floors. So you finally have Sheena in your questionaire~

You can press all statements if you want (like usual) but only the 4th
is really important, when she says that she was in the other room and 
could not see the thief. 3rd gives some nice extra info about Mitsurugi's
thoughts. The problem is clear anyway. Present fireplace at this point.
(Statement 4) You will already say that the only reason is that the 
murderer and Sheena are one and the same person (looks even like Kazura,

*Yes i have written that in the beginning and erased it to remove that
extreme spoiler* She even finally laughs out like the old one. Seems she
learnt some control in the last 7 years. Well now she acts the very same
as 7 years before. Now she wants proof that she really used the fireplace.
The fireplace itself is the actual info. As the cinder was on the other 
side after the fire took place. So show the evidence fireplace, again. 
Interesting duel: Mitsurugi, Mei, Mikumo and Keisuke vs Rou and Sheena.

The last, is the only useful one as she says that nothing strange was 
found in the room either. Present the money! Pity is that Sheena already
knows about Mikumo's device and thinks that it is no real evidence, 
which is true. So you have to  find something that was really left. All 
in all there is only one real evidence you have found in the room, which 
is the wire. So show it. The only room that was not investigates as it was 
not a crime scene was the room next to the scene. So point to the room 
with the green dot which indicates Sheena. Quite logical, anyway. Keisuke
will be the only one to investigate though and will bring back some 
cosmetics, a coat and shoes. Well everything that you would need in order
to look proper after coming out of a fireplace. Washing the face would 
not be bad either, but I guess some people do not need water for that.
She even says that it is nothing strange, but just her clothes and that
it is nice for Keisuke to have brought them, but this also means if you
find marks on the coat that she is screwed. Quite careless. 

She just did not think that they could so easily check it, and assumed
Rou would do something against that, but his trust in her is her 
downfall. Well most important might be the coat, so check the 2nd option.
(1. Cosmetics; 2.) Coat; 3.) Shoes) Quite dirty, right? She tries to use 
the previous fire and her helping in the dowsing as an excuse for the
dirt. Next is more importantly to explain the black patch on it, that 
is not normal dirt. Looks like ink? Present it. Next is to find out 
that it was really that special ink. You already know that Damian told
that the ink produces an interesting color. So you would find out by 
burning the coat. Yeah.. it is a bit harsh, but touching it and wearing
it would not do anything. So option 3. Everyone knows who she is,
but proving it is another matter. There is not really much that could
identify her, other than an ultra rare item that 
the old and new one should have. Yep, some people like their perfume 
even after 7 years. Present perfume. Well she snaps and has one heck 
of a laugh, gives in and tells you that you did it again. You won. 

Unfortunately falls Mikumo as reckless as she is for Kazura's verbal
attack and goes into attack mode, while not standing the slightest 
chance. Perfect to end up as a hostage at gunpoint. She will ask you
now who the real yatagarasu is and will again talk about the three 
principles he used. The answer is that neither Mikumo's dad nor
her are the thief. So answer 3. Mitsurugi will explain it. It is 
the 3 pillars of the system that work together to
find out the truth. Attorney, Prosecutor and Detective. You 
only have to think into it. 'If you are a lawyer and act as an 
advisor will you also get the opportunity to get knowledge of
the inside of a company.' 2.) 'If you are a prosecutor, are you
plenty equipped with the know-how of crimes.' 
3.) 'The evidence disappears. Because..the detective in charge
can hide evidence.' 

Well Badou will answer the last point appearing
behind Kazura. So it explains that the three of them were together 
this very special person. Rou saves the day and rushes in taking a 
hit from Badou but saves Mikumo and Kazura alike. Not that those 
pictures need explanation, though. After arresting her you will also
find another weapon which is the missing edge. So present the knife
handle to finish that riddle. You will begin to explain the incident,
but made 2 mistakes. One is that Kazura had planned to use Mikumo
as a scapegoat. It was no coincidence that Yatagarasu was seen by 
Mikumo. The other comes later. Anyway she will also tell that she 
was from the very beginning not working together with them, but 
a spy and that her boss is and always was the same person. She 
had only been ordered to kill Mikumo's father.

NOW to the great revelation. Kazura did this night not kill anyone?
Seems this chapter is not over yet. She will also not say anything 
more about the organisation, thinking that this is the cops work and 
that she already had enough fun for now. Mikumo will then notice some
sticks (Kanzashi) that are quite nice and have fallen on the ground 
before, but Sheena does not need them anymore, and leaves them to 
Mikumo. Badou will repeat that they were a team and together Yatagarasu
and that he was the person who threatened you with a gun in chapter 1
(the unknown thief) and returns the papers to you. Kazura never was
Kazura. The victim of this case did not have an elder sister. Probably
you will never find out who this woman really is. Also that the
black was the original card and that the white image was actually 
stolen. So much to all the previous info from Mikumo. Badou will 
leave you to all things, after telling you that Ichirou helped in 
several crimes. (episode 3) and asks to get arrested for being a 
thief (yatagarasu).


The identity of the masterthief is cleared, but not the murder itself. 
First Keisuke will use the videotape. It does not appear to be useful,
but Yuuki was used to get it, so the boss might think it is. A car,
from the embassy. Point to the flag. The ambassador will show up trying 
to get rid of you. Even Rou seems to be under pressure, till he explains
that he knows who the real culprit is. Any guesses? Any real culprit?
Unfortunately not. Instead... Manii was killed by Sheena and the other
one by....... Mei!? Is he really that stupid? Unlikely.. just to get 
a chance on the real target? We will see. At the crime scene you are
again up against Rou.

He says that there were only 2 items moved in statement 3. If you go 
through everything will Mitsurugi wonder as well about this. Present 
the dirty statue. She was after Damian's testimony moved during the 
show. His statement about Mei being the only one who could easily go 
to both areas is not true either as we have another route, than the
secured ones. You have only one piece of evidence that shows a person
using a weird route. Present your picture. So who was the person 
in the picture? Who can fly? The answer is no one. It was the statue. 
Present it (the other one from this room).  

Next you hear out Mei to find out what might have happened in this 
room. So you have to press the last statement and then have to press
the new statement. She has given the flowers some water and there 
were 4. You have evidence that there are only 2. So show it. While
investigating the flowers you will see two holes. Look at them (not
important though). Then at the flowers. They seem familiar to those
two kanzashi you got from Sheena. The dirty ones (hair ornament). 
Choose 1 to show evidence and present those.  She used them most 
likely as arrows, in order to transport the statue. Next
is what she needed to use as a bow. Well there is a bowgun on the 
wall. Quite easy. Point at it. Problem is how to shoot a statue 
with some arrow to another area?

Press statement 1, then the new one. Now at the third when he asks
what she shot: Present the wire. (If you have problems here just
press everything first and after you are through go to statement
(three and do as instructed.) Next is how she was able to move the 
statue up on the wire. Down is easy, but up!? Circular Motion,
Pendulum Motion or just like a coil. (hard to explain) anyway 
answer is 1. Circular Motion. Yeah how else. Why did she need 2 
arrows to begin with anyway, otherwise? He now wishes to have 
proof for that theory. Is it just me or are others never needing
any proof, just you? She needed something as a device. What 
could be better for a motion than a moving fan? Point to that
fan on the ceiling. Now you have to proof who the culprit is
by showing evidence. As the only proof are the arrows, most 
obviously, show them now. No no no.. it is not Sheena. But 
the only person who would think of the flowers being important.
The very same who always meddled with your investigations. The
Ambassador Kaaneiji. Well Mitsurugi points that out right now
anyway. The question is why he did all that. So you have to 
point out what should be investigated to find out. The statue.
As it was important to move it and it was not allowed to check 
it thoroughly. Is it actually the real thing? Check the statue
especially from above. The headpiece.

It is like, as they say one of those Steel Samurai Figures and
you will really open it to find some interesting items to 
produce money. To be more exact are those pressing plates for
counterfeit paper money. That guy only says that Manii was 
the boss of the secret organization and you will finally also 
hear that Rou from the very beginning wanted to get a chance 
on Kaaneiji's throat (he always plays the big bad wolf). 
He even trusted Mitsurugi. Quite creepy at this point, but
seemed that he woke up, after Sheena's betrayal. Pity that
the boss still can deny everything. 'I did not know anything. 
Nothing at all.' So you have to show evidence.

You can not proof anything of this, but if he was always the
boss, should your items from the 10 year old KG-8 case help 
you out here. Time for the final duel. You can now hear him
think that he is not like Gou, nor like the Trio, but chose 
his own way. Which one is it? A hero of justice? You are
now given the chance to use your trump card or not. Use is 
1 not to use is 2. It would move up a lot of dirt are 
Mitsurugi's thoughts, but after some comments by the others
will use it anyway. Use 1 to continue. (It appears that 2 
will in the end also end up like 1, but i have honestly not
tried it out for too long.)

Now you watch the video. Show that the card was on the 
location. Point at his right hand. The card is there. Is it 
really the same card? There is blood on the backside. Point
at that. Next point at the pocket of the jacket. It is a clear
identifier that the person is Manii. It also clears up that it 
is even now 10 years later, easy to proof that Manii was in the car.
That guy will finally show his real form. But the problem is. How to
proof that he was in it, too? Now you have to find something in this
picture. Easy as that guy is an idiot for showing his real form. 
Look at his rather sparkly medal and then look at the window in the 
backseat. Can you see the object there? It is the MEDAL! Point at it. 
Pity that it is so sparkly, right Boss? Well he is really proud of it 
and explains that there is no second of those. No one else is carrying 
one. He now proclaims to have only defended himself against the Dead 
Mask and that he even got wounded. He used the scissors of his flowers 
to actually kill him. You canft do anything at all against it.

Save point

Well your orders are to leave, but Mikumo thinks that this might mean 
that there is still something important around that could cause troubles
for that boss guy. Get some logic pieces and head to the picture on the 
left to investigate it. Check the rather unorthodox flower in the old 
geezer's hand, which is right above the red one. You should remember
the shape anyway. So after you did that, special investigate it and 
show the knife. Yep it is the same shape as the knife handle's symbol 
and not a flower at all. Next is logic mode. Combine money with the place.
A rather ancient logic piece by now. A good area to create fake money, 
don't you agree? 

Who is the one who would do something there? Boss. Option 3. Yes, I am
trying to not use his name. So combine the last two remaining logic pieces
to finish up here. The reason why he killed Manii and why he wishes you 
to leave soon. Now you have to point out where they could meet as both
worked in different areas. The neutral place. So place your cursor on 
the grey building. Well this is neutral area, so if something happened 
here can you get information/material. Mei will show up with a videotape 
from this corridor. The said item and you can check it. Now you can check
3 different times. Check 5:23. The others are not helping at all. You 
might already have thought what has become of Masa and
his son or what was in that cart. Now it is time to check that. Afterwards
you will check the other side, but no one comes out. Well you found a hole 
here, but the boss will show up again with guards. His actual plan is to
leave the country. Seems to be quite in a hurry.  Yet once again our friend 
Damian saves the day, with his little private army and wants him to spend
a little time to keep the good relation between their countries intact.

So now you can ask about his alibi about Maniis murder time. As Sheena 
(who could have lied back then) has not killed him (which you NOW know), 
you can say that he killed him himself. Most likely in his own office 
and then later carried him over or had him carried over. His first is 
useless. As he does not speak about his alibi, but only that he was not 
in the other area. Press statement 2 receive a new statement. You cannot 
do anything with the old one. Then press the new one. Important for now 
is to show that he had a reason to kill his partner. Statement 3 
(the new 3rd). Show the mini letter with the way description. He showed 
someone the way to Kaaneijis office. Manii wanted to betray him. He will
try to get away, again, but seems Damian wants to clear the misbehaving 
of his subordinate up. Good to have a powerful ally. Weird, but powerful.
Unfortunately does it not work this time. 

Like in any Game before, is it like usual that the criminal almost gets
away several times. This time Mikumo stops him. She has her father's 
notes and purse. Well the boss wished to kill her father. Might there
be some info in there that he wishes to keep a secret? She also has 
Nuzumi-chan. As it was created during the time, he was hiding himself 
in the embassy, is a lot of information in it. She suggests that he 
duells himself again with Mitsurugi. (yes the exact word) If he wins
he will get those two items. Seems it is enough to convince him to stay.
When she speaks with Mitsurugi does she not believe that there's really
anything useful inside, but the boss does not know that. Anyway as 
previously mentioned is it necessary to prove that the victim got killed
before he reached Babaru (that country's name). And the Boss increases 
the difficulty quite a bit. You will receive a lot more punishment for
wrong guesses now. Not to mention that you also lose points for 
pressing at any statement. He states that he has no time afterall as his 
plane is about to fly.

Actually it is really easy. Already at the first statement, display the
photo were the old man is holding the flowers and the knife. He said 
that he met him at this point for the last time. Considering that he 
later stabbed him this is already your chance. Considering that he had
the weapon, means that he was the only one who could have stabbed him
with it. You got him good, but it does not mean that you can arrest him. 
He will just state 'Game Over' and that it is time for his flight. Rou
reappears with all his buddies. Wondered already where he was. He 
managed to make him lose his special status as Ambassador and his 
immunity is gone as well. No wonder everyone is shocked. Seems his 
country did not like that the boss showed up on that video, making
him shrink to his previous size. He is though a bad loser and soon 
rejuvenates. So far the last piece of evidence was still not shown. 
Anyway you will continue again with normal difficulty. It is not a 
game, but a battle, is Mitsurugi's intro to this round. 

Press all statements if you wish, to get some important info, 
albeit already knowing what to do anyway. Right? So just show the
cart evidence at the last statement (the 4th). His statement that 
the corpse could not have been moved is incorrect. Next is to guess
what was inside this cart. The corpse most obviously. So show that
evidence. The picture with Manii. Pity is that this cart has not 
been inspected so far. Till.. Keisuke shows up with it, 
at last.  A close one. I stopped to count how often it almost ended
with a loss. You will easily find the patch of blood inside. Pity 
that the cart was just moving to the boss' area and not into the 
right direction as you can see for yourself. (He was still holding
the spear at this point.) So the cart really just served to get the
corpse away from the crime scene. So how was it moved to the 
correct area? 

Next statements.  Just three this time. You can press all three 
statements and come to the same conclusion as Mitsurugi. There 
is not really a problem with those statements. If just.. well
he appears. Steel Samurai with his son and co. We already 
know where he looked for it and now he found it. Nice to get 
going with our bad boss. Even though Mitsurugi is not 
happy at all to see those both and wishes for them to just go 
home. At first, till he sees the worth of the kid. It was in 
the other country's ground and was found in the water. So how
is this possible? 

It had to be moved. 1.) Yatagarasu; 2.) Bilateral Symmetry; 
3.) to create fake money. It is 2. Sounds more flashy than it is.
Bilateral Symmetry is a Mirror-Image Symmetry. It just means that
the object on one side also exists on the other. Like you could 
see in various instances in the entire building.  Fireplace trick
on the right and on the left, room design etc. whatever you want
to call it. So move the cursor over the pool and then over to the
other side of the wall. Or to express it differently. A bit above
the right entrance. Just like the entire complex is build like a
mirror image is there also a pond, just that it was hidden and they
are combined. Which is the reason, how the doll moved from
one to the other area. Nice to know this, as we know how the 
corpse was moved away from the murder scene but not how exactly
it got into the correct room. Sheena arranged this. But she
could not have used the pond like this, as it is difficult to
move a corpse so easily in that water (wet or not, the fire 
would dry it anyway). Yet you know yourself that the pond was
almost empty at the beginning. 

Present the fire evidence. The reason for the fire was to get rid 
of the water or at least have a reason for the pond to be empty for
some time. The only problem is how she got the corpse out of that
empty pond. Is not such an easy feat. Yet there was a method to
control the rise or if needed the lowering of the water (it was
only necessary to have a reason for it to be suddenly empty 
afterwards she could play around with it if necessary.) The 
device is in your evidence and you have seen it in action. It
is the leaf with the water. 2nd evidence page, 6th item. (If
you followed the order of evidence searching like stated in the
guide.) You will see a nice demo how it was done at this point,
anyway. So no need to use any fantasy. Pity is only that you 
still cannot prove him to have been in any of this and also only
pointed out that it is possible to move the corpse this way. You 
have now to proof that it was actually done. But as Mitsurugi says
now: were more things transported with the cart than just the corpse.
Remember that Mikumo gave you something some time ago? This guitar
pick? Show it now. The only thing is that it is not a guitar pick at 
all. You have to show now what it is. 

It's real form is.....: Found it out? Mitsurugi told you anyway that
it is even on the photo. It is a part of the knife. You can even 
check for yourself and see that a part of it is missing. So show the
knife again. Now you proved for certain that the waterpath was used 
to transport the corpse. 

Save point

Press the first for some Oldbag action, 2nd is useless. Press the 3rd.
(He wishes to use his being at the Steel Samurai show as an alibi. As he 
has no proof will he go and tell you what happened during the show. Indeed
some sort of alibi. If he is the murderer did he not have the time to watch
the entire show, though. So that is what you have to clear up now. It 
appears to be more difficult than it really is, if you have remembered 
everything and can read evidence. By checking the spear will you maybe 
remember that Yahari told you that the spear broke and so the final 
technique could not be used. It is on the spear info too. Most readers 
of this guide might not be able to read that though.) A new statement about
the special finish technique will be added as his 4th statement. So his
4th statement about the final attack was just a guess, because it is often
in the program, just not this time~ So show the spear at statement 4.
So he used another special attack this time. That voids his alibi. So 
now he just went to the toilet at this last moment. Yet he calls himself
a great fan, which infuriates our Steel Samurai loving prosecutor. You 
will now hear from Masashi that actually another tech was supposed to 
be the final tech, till the info to use the special tech was written on 
the board. So the tech he knew to be the final was not supposed to be 
the final technique at all. How did he know that? So he must have seen 
the board. 

Well it was either seen, heard or given to him. As the only people who 
knew about it were the ones who decided it or the actors must he have 
been at the room and seen it. So choose option 1. More important is now 
why he was in that room. The reason is the cart with the corpse. If he
was not involved would he not have to get there, right? He had to place 
the corpse in it. So show the cart now. They will now discuss that the
murder scene could even be that very room. His level of creating excuses
is quite impressive though. Now he got lost on the way to the toilet
and stumbled into it per accident. The only way to solve this is to go
to the room and investigate it. Rou will say that it is not necessary 
though which might surprise you and think he wishes to meddle again, 
but he has already sent his men for this task to investigate and they
did not find anything. You lost... and yet not. This time Oldbag saves
the day. She will give you her present of love. 

'Micchan. If you eat it you will get better.' I expected something else
at this point. Just like anyone else of the cast. You will see that 
there is a red patch on it and get it as a logic piece. Mitsurugi will
enter logic mode automatically and have three pieces. The first on the
left is that the tonosamanjuu or just call them sweets were transported
in it.  (Tonosaman is the Steel Samurai and Manjuu is in Chinese Areas
more known as Mantou. A pounded ricecake with various fillings. They 
can be sweet, spicy.. whatever you wish. Both words together form this
Tonosamanjuu, you could also just call them Steel Samurai Manjuu.) 
The second cart that the corpse was transported in it and well the 
last is that particular box.

Combine the carts first. And then simply the remaining pieces. 
Mitsurugi will thank Oldbag and then continue with his attack. You 
will now check the box.Point at the red dot. It is blood, but it 
still just does not prove his  guilt. Yet he had to move them. So 
there might be something else on it. Our big bad boss wants to leave
now till someone says to wait. Everyone just says that it is not them,
till you find out that it is actually the cop, who tells you that the
report is not over yet. It is not the victim's blood. (You might 
remember that our enemy got hurt as well. Might be his.) Unfortunately 
does he not know whose blood it is. Mitsurugi takes a bit, but will 
also come to the same conclusion. You have now to show that it is his.
So point to that guy's profile. Now you have to tell them, that there
is an evidence to show that he bled. Well he showed you himself. So 
present his wound picture. He just did not get hurt by the other masked
guy, but while fighting Manii. Next step is that he tells that there 
is no proof of that either as he was hurt by the other guy and also 
that there was no weapon in that area, nor is there proof that he had
the knife. 

What hurt him then? You now have to show that Manii had a weapon. 
Which is the same as from the previous case. Present the key. At last 
you finally got him. He will shrink and dry out. Yuuki and Wakana 
were both working for the boss and Ichirou helped them out as well.
Mikumo will be added to your convo and Rou as well will show up to 
thank you. But Mitsurugi states that it is his turn to thank him
for having taken care of Kaaneiji's immunity. It was the cooperation of 
both. Rou states that he still has not forgiven the prosecutor(s), but
I am not so sure that he really thinks like that.

He has no interest in this 'Truth' and will continue to do things in his 
own way. Mitsurugi thinks that it is fine, that he works, following his
own laid out rules. Anyway at the end is everything over and Reiji will 
once more go over everything that happened in the past few days and 
years and you have the typical afterstory. Konomichi tells that she
was able to sell the suitcases over the internet,the old man is not
so happy... etc. 

Afterwards Mikumo will say that she decided to really become Mitsurugi's
helper just to tease Itonokogiri a bit, meaning that she still wishes
to steal his place. But it is soon cleared up, to give him a breather. 
She will also not change her idea of becoming the next masterthief. 
She cannot let Yatagarasu's tradition die. She now is looking to create 
a 3 Member Team and will not go active before then.  If she can would 
girls around the same age as her be quite fine, which Mitsurugi thinks 
might be impossible. Still will she keep fighting for her father's 
chosen 'truth' and also believes to have a trump card for that. 
Mikumo will then decide to take her leave. Whereas Mitsurugi replies
with a rather short um and Itonokogiri wishes for her to come by now
and then to meet each other. Her idea of coming back and coming through
the door, after getting his keys might not work though... Mitsurugi hopes
for her to if possible enter the normal way, but Keisuke's window lock 
is always broken, anyway. <.<;

Finally will Mitsurugi get dragged into a photo session with Mikumo 
and Keisuke. All his refusing is no match for the detectives brute strength.
You just finished the game. Congratulations.


Copyright Paine 2009