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where can I find the volaticus (flying) glyph please?

I'm just outside deaths room on the right side.

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Id_42 answered:

After you fight the first three bosses in Dracula's castle, absorbing the three Cerberus glyphs, you'll be able to get above the Cerberus statue towards the center of the place. You'll enter the Final Approach section of the castle; a few rooms in, you'll find a huge open area with red winged guards (I'm not sure what they're called offhand) flying back and forth: the glyph is at the bottom of this room, on a pedestal in the center.
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Rider_F_Cross answered:

It is in the Final approach. The last part of drac's castle. You can go there after you get the cerberus glyph. When you find a room with Cave Trolls, go left.

Be prepared to fight 2 final knight.
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MidnightSun answered:

You have to venture the castle a bit more- When you reach the staircase near Dracula's throne room, the flight glyph is somewhere near the rooms near the lair, since you can't access Dracula without it.
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Kasemitsu answered:

After getting the three cerberus glyphs, climb to final approach and proceed until you get to a room with some cave trolls (till this room there's no other possible path) with two exits, one on the upper right and one on the lower left, go left, take out two final knights (not very though, but bad if you get stuck between them and the room door), continue left and you'll be on a huge room, volaticus is just sitting there on the center of the room
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