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How do i unlock the large cavern and training hall?

I keep hearing that there are some items there that I need but I dont know how to get there.

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MetalSphere answered:

Use this map:

In the i35 screen, slide back and forth across the floor there to break open a new path. Once that's open, get all the hidden goodies in there and then use the Paries glyph to go through the walls and continue to the right until you reach the outside. Once you leave through this exit, Training Hall and Large Cavern will appear on your map.

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tehtwinki answered:

I detect sarcasm from the "enjoy" in the last answer....... mainly cause large cavern is extremely detrimental to your health....

however, he was right in his answer.... mostly. After you break the floor, there are 1 or two more walls you have to break, the first being the wall on the right after you go through the floor. I forget where the second one is, but its not hard to find if you are actively looking for it.
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MetalSphere answered:

Oops, I forgot that a simple enjoy (or anything really) can be misconstrued as sarcasm. I really did mean it, he'll be happy to have access to the two places he wants to get to.

And yeah, once down there and you use Paries to get into yet another smaller room, the upper right wall is also breakable. I neglected to mention that, so thanks winki.
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Kasemitsu answered:

On an addedum, large cavern is not hard, the doors open after a minute or so, even if you don't beat the enemies. if you don't think you can beat it, just use volaticus and keep flying until the door opens (just don't awake the demons, they fly, too, and you won't like it), just take care for the weapon masters and double hammers, they can still hit you
And of course, you still have to kill jiang shi, his door won't open after a minute (but he's quite easy, really, melio scutum to defend the electrical ball things, and sucking the glyph to prevent him from summoning minions (and for getting a funny minion))
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MetalSphere answered:

There's a very easy way to dispatch Double Hammers and Weapon Masters. Equip Globus in both slots and Volaticus. Now stick to the ceiling and spam Globus.

They'll go do pretty quickly, and due to Glyphs getting stronger with use this time will only get easier as you go through the cavern repeatedly.
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yamihadeze answered:

Could I get a new link of the map were the training room please?
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