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           Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace Walkthrough by MBF
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|*****    WARNING - There are spoilers.  You have been warned.          *****|
|*****  There's also some mild language.  Nothing over PG-13, though.   *****| 
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|                           Table of Contents                                |
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|       1. Introduction.............................................[INTROA] |
|       2. Basic Information........................................[BASICB] |
|       3. Walkthrough..............................................[GUIDEC] |
|           I. Spade Magnes.........................................[SPADEM] |
|          II. Intermission 1.......................................[INTRM1] |
|         III. Diamond Ice..........................................[DMNDIC] |
|          IV. Intermission 2.......................................[INTRM2] |
|           V. Club Strong..........................................[CLSTRN] |
|          VI. Intermission 3.......................................[INTRM3] |
|         VII. Queen Virgo..........................................[QVIRGO] |
|        VIII. Intermission 4.......................................[INTRM4] |
|          IX. Jack Corvus..........................................[JCCRVS] |
|           X. Intermission 5.......................................[INTRM5] |
|          XI. Dealer...............................................[DEALER] |
|         XII. Endgame..............................................[ENDGME] |
|       4. Post-Game Walkthrough....................................[ENRNSE] |
|           I. Noise Wave 4.........................................[NOISE4] |
|          II. Noise Wave 5.........................................[NOISE5] |
|         III. Outer Astro Wave 1...................................[OUTER1] |
|          IV. Outer Astro Wave 2...................................[OUTER2] |
|           V. Noise Wave 6.........................................[NOISE6] |
|          VI. Planet FM Astro Wave 1...............................[FMAST1] |
|         VII. Planet FM Astro Wave 2...............................[FMAST2] |
|        VIII. Planet FM Astro Wave 3...............................[FMAST3] |
|          IX. Black Hole Server 1..................................[VACUUM] |
|           X. Black Hole Server 2..................................[YSOSRS] |
|       6. Brother Band Help Quests.................................[BROBND] |
|       7. Noise Forms..............................................[STYLES] |
|       7. Galaxy Advances..........................................[GALIST] |
|       9. Real World Viruses.......................................[RLVIRS] |
|      10. Boss Location............................................[WIZARD] |
|      11. Action Replay Codes......................................[ARCODE] |
|      12. Version History..........................................[VRSHIS] |
|      13. Legal Information........................................[LEINFO] |
|                                                                            |


|                                 Intro                              [INTROA]|
Well.  Hello.  I am MegaBassFalzar.  I doubt you've heard of me.  If you have,
fine, if you haven't, also fine.  I'm writing this guide because, well, GFAQs 
didn't have one and I'm a nice guy.

|                           Basic Information                        [BASICB]|

It is the year 22XX.  Technology is now mindblowingly awesome, to the point 
where the only possible explanation is that a wizard did it.  Indeed, one 
major piece of technology is actually called a Wizard, which is basically an 
artificial EM being that performs functions similar to those of the navis in 
the Battle Network series.  Anyway, because of the increased technology, the 
crime level has also increased.  Sounding familiar?  
With the new technological advances, virus levels have been on the rise and a
new kind of stuff called "Noise" was discovered.  Similar to the way carbon 
dioxide is released by the burning of fossil fuels, this "Noise" is released
by EM waves.  A ginormous meteor made of Noise is hurtling toward Earth, most 
likely aimed at Electopia for dramatic effect, and the heroes must stop it 
before it's too late.  Again, I'm getting that deja vu feeling.

|                              Walkthrough                           [GUIDEC]|

Two people with obviously custom sprites, lurking at night and stargazing.  
It's quite obvious that these are the bad guys; you can tell by the darkness

of their clothing colors.  The short one who needs some sleep starts saying 
something about wishes coming true.  The older one who looks like jailbait 
says that their wish will most definitely come true.  The view goes upward, 
showing a glowing ball in the sky.  Note:  Anything in the sky that looks at 
least ten times bigger than a star is not a good thing.  Especially if it's 

Then it goes to black and the story is explained.  To put it short, no one has
learned from their mistakes and EM society has begun to walk the same path 
that Net society took 200 years ago.  Interesting, neh?

Cut to a classroom, where the great and mighty hero of Earth is... learning 
how to upgrade his equipment.  Omega-Xis wants to know what's going on, but 
Geo is holding back that information.  The class gets excited about something,
the teacher and his fro are explaining that something, and then that something
begins.  As soon as it's over, Mr. Shepar talks about it, mentions that its 
new name is the Hunter-VG, and then you get to enter a name for yourself.  
Pick a cool name, nothing stupid like awsum342.  The teacher will then explain 
pop-ups.  To put it simply, on your new Hunter-VG, every time someone says 
something that is plot or sidequest relevant, a little clickable box will 
appear on the bottom screen.  And even when you're talking to random people, 
their name and their Wizard will appear on the bottom screen as well, unless 
they don't have one or both.  You will then have to touch the school emblem
that's on the bottom screen.

HUZZAH, SCHOOL IS OVER.  Omega-Xis wants to speak with you on the roof.  Geo
mentions wanting to speak to the teacher.

In control:
If you want, you can talk to Mr. Shepar.  If you don't, go to the roof.  It's 
rather simple.  Leave the classroom by going to the far left and walking into 
the part that sticks out from the rest.  Then go all the way to the left again
and you will see three boxes pop up on the bottom screen.  Since we want to go
to the roof(and because the others are grayed out), tap the yellow one labeled

And Omega-Xis flips, freaking out because you just forcibly altered 
his data.  This is roughly the equivalent of a strong psychic breaking into 
your mind and horribly screwing you up.  Total mind rape.  Then he tells you 
to put on your Visualizer.  You do so automatically, and voila, you're able to
see EM people.  Omega-Xis explains some stuff and then Geo gets a call from 
Luna.  If you don't know who Luna is, she's the overly arrogant and 
controlling girl with huge blond hair.  I hate her.  She has a crush on Mega
Man(read: "Geo").  Anyway, she starts ordering around, demanding that you 
get to the first floor candy shop, not really giving you a reason.  See?  It's
just as I said, she's controlling.  Another word that describes her begins 
with the letter "b" and rhymes with the word "witch".

You gain control briefly.  Walk toward the elevator and watch something happen.
I sense a tutorial coming on, does anyone else?

Oh, look, nerds!  And a rocket that looks a bit too phallic for a children's 
game!  But dear lord, the sprinklers are out of control.  NOT THE SPRINKLERS!
THEY MIGHT RUIN OUR POCKET PROTECTORS!  The science lackeys run over to the 
sprinkler while the head geek stands at a safe distance.  The lackeys do a lot 
of nothing, shouting random Battle Card names while looking at the sprinkler.
For no real reason, the sprinkler seems hellbent on destroying the rocket.
Its spray suddenly focuses on the head nerd, as he was the last obstacle on the
sprinkler's path to total rocket annihilation.  The sheer force of the water 
forces the nerd to spin, and Omega-Xis wants to help.  Were it up to me, I 
would leave them.  However, Geo is a nice guy(and the game needs a tutorial), 
so he decides to help.  Mega mentions that thanks to tech advances, you can 
now pulse in anywhere instead of just at a Wave Hole as in previous games.
Geo Wave Changes, becoming *gasp* MEGA MAN!  Or wait.  It's not working.
Crap, he broke it.  And then it beeps.  Crap.  The police are onto us.  RUN.
Wait.  What?  The police now know that Geo is Mega Man and they're not going to 
do anything about it?  What happened to Bob Copper?  Why is he not chasing us, 
babbling and trying to take us in?  I have no idea.
Anyway, you now gain control.

In control:
Hit the R button.  You should automatically go onto the Wave Station access 
point.  Once you're on the Wave Road, Geo notices that his sprite has changed
and Mega handwaves it by saying it must be the new tech.  It goes over to show
you the sexy new access point that replaces the old touch-screen ES spaces of 
the previous games.  Go over to said access point and touch the large blue 
rectangle that appears on the touch screen.  Hooray, IIIIIIIIT'S TUT TIME!

Walk over to the viruses.  A cutscene will begin.  Mega and Geo exchange 
meaningless words and then the battle starts.  Mega assumes Geo has forgotten
to battle and thus the tutorial begins.  I'm not going to explain anything, as
the battle tutorial in this game is not skippable.  Read and learn, or do like
me and hold down the B button to get through as fast as possible.  It's cake.

Afterward, you get an assload of messages explaining battles.  Read them if 
you want.  I didn't want to.  While you're in here, run south and grab the 
spinning blue thing for a LongSword.  From here on, I won't mention Blue 
Mystery Waves.  If you see one and want to grab it, go right ahead.  When
you're done here, hit the R button to trans out.  Then hit the R button to 
pulse out and become mild-mannered Geo Stelar.  And get yet another message.  
Go talk to the nerd.  Capcom, of course, lets the little girl mention being

So yeah, another explanation about what Purposes and Teams are.  Geo and Mega 
discuss Geo's semi-deceased father.  Geo freaks out because he knows that Luna
is a controlling bwitch.  Anyway, go over to the elevator and tap the yellow 
box labeled "1F".  Walk left until there's a cutscene.  You now get to learn 
about Wizards.  A WIZARD DID IT.  Seriously.  Anyway, blah blah, stuff not 
plot-relevant.  Walk over to the candy shop(all the way to the right), and 
talk to the girl with the stupidly massive hair.

And of course she starts yelling at you.  I hate her.  I just wish she would
die, preferably in a horribly painful way.  And then Bud and Zack get on your
case.  As soon as you explain that you were late because you were running 
around as Megaman, her hormones surge and she forgives you in an instant, even
wanting to know why you didn't come to her dressed as Megaman.  Roleplay fetish
anyone?  She then insists that she has feelings for Megaman and not Geo, though
that is a blatant lie.  Omega-Xis then comes out and torments her.  +10 for 
Omega-Xis.  Geo is ordered by Luna to call Mega off, so he does.  And this is 
where things get plot-relevant.  Luna wants to form a selfish Purpose, to get 
herself elected.  If you want to, have her explain Brother Bands to you.  I 
know what they are, so I decided I didn't want to.  You then get to go through
yet another tutorial.  Have fun entering a message.  You then get control for
about five seconds.  Talk to Bud and Zack to form Brother Bands with them.  The
four of you now discuss Team names, and after a discussion, Luna tells you that
she has a name already.  She even brags about how great it is.  And then you 
find out that it's "Luna 4 Prez."  Seriously, what?  That's a great name?  
Hardly.  Then Zack mournes that she named his dog "Catnip."  Again, what the 

And now it's time for you to be her pawn, running around and doing good deeds
in her name.  Walk down the hall, talk to the tall guy with blue hair.  He 
doesn't say much, he just mentions that it must be hard, going in and out of
Cyber Cores and the Real World.  Oh, it's just a guy that knows you're Megaman.



He knows you're Megaman?  HE MUST DIE.  Anyway, back to the game, go talk to
the Nurse Wizard.  She'll tell you that there's a kid on the roof who needs 
help.  So of course, being the mindless drones that we are, we must head up to
the roof and talk to the kids near the tree.  They're angsting over a tree.  
With your Visualizer on, it turns out that the entire tree is actually inside
an invisible orange box.  That lets you know that the tree is a Real Wave, 
which is a kind of funny name when you realize that there's nothing real about
it.  Anyway, the angsting boys need help.  Luna's been stalking you, so now
that you know of someone that needs help, she comes out of the shadows.  Turns
out that the boys want to make the tree pink for their girl friend.  They 
mention that there is a lock on it, one that only a teacher can get by, but
Luna of course has to prove  them right and goes over to it in an attempt to 
bypass the lock.  Geo, who has more sense, actually tries to help.  He wonders
why they don't just ask the teacher in charge of the lock, but then they say
he's too scary.

Anyway, once you regain control, go to the second floor and walk all the way to
the end, where you will see a generic man sprite.  Geo is completely scared of
him, so Mega says you should go fix the moth display.  From here, go to the

Walk over to the left and pulse in, then head onto the Wave Road.  Walk along
the path, taking the ramps down.  Step into the portal and follow the ramps 
downward.  Walk into the access point that will take you into the moth display.
Talk to the Hertz in the center, he'll burble a bit, and then wake up.  Turns 
out that the bizarre noise he was making was the sound of his snores.  The moth
display is now fixed and he decides to explain Default cards to you.  Trans out
and pulse out, and go talk to the generic man sprite that is known as Damon 
Crow.  He sounds like he's angry, but he's actually very happy.  So happy, in 
fact, that he's going to give the key to the lock to a boy that he met fifteen
seconds ago.  Aren't adults so helpful and naive in this game?

So anyway, go back to the roof and talk to the boys again.  The girl comes from
nowhere, Mega will force you to touch the bottom screen for no real reason.  So
what did this irrelevant touch screen interaction do?  It somehow made the 
large evergreen tree magically transform into a fruit-bearing tree.  And if 
the tree doesn't actually bear fruit, it's because it's fake.  Seriously. Luna
shows up to take the credit, just to score some points with the voters.  God 
I hate her.

So the boys agree to vote for her, even though she actually did nothing, and so
the day is saved, thanks to Megaman.  You should get an e-mail from Bud.  Since
Bud is fat, of course he would be searching the snack shop for people who need
help.  He found one, and is incapable of dealing with it himself, so he needs
your help.  Head down to the first floor, and notice that Luna has once again
followed you.  Head into the snack shop to find a loli in trouble.  Talk to her
and before she can explain the problem, Luna shows up, and Omega-Xis shows some
intelligence and points out Luna's stalker-ish behavior.  She of course makes
up a bs excuse, and Geo is as clueless as Lan used to be.  Anyway, this little
girl has a problem.  She's vertically challenged and can't afford the height-
boosting operation.  Geo, being a nice guy, will instantly pull out the 
checkbook and pay for the whole thing.

Hah, just kidding.  She actually just had a fight with her friend, and sent an 
e-mail because she doesn't have the nerve to speak to her friend face-to-face.
Of course, Geo is going to help, because Luna commands him to.  Once you have
control, go into town and go over to the park area in front of the Big Wave.
Confront the blue-shirted loli who looks suspiciously like her friend in a 
different outfit, and you'll find out that she never got an e-mail.  Looks like
there's an issue on the Wave Road, so it's up to Megaman to save the day. 

Pulse in, head onto the Wave Road via the Wave Station next to Geo's house, and
follow the path until a cutscene begins.  A harmless Mettaur is attacking a
poor Hertz.  MEGAMAN TO THE RESCUE!  Holy crap, that harmless Mettaur is now
freakin huge.  Dispose of the viruses and they explode in an overly dramatic
fashion.  The poor Hertz, now safe, runs off to deliver his message.

Run back to the shop and talk to the girl.   Her absurdly similar looking 
friend will come over and suddenly they're best friends again.  Odd, isn't it?
Luna, of course, shows up just in time to take the credit again.  The girls 
promise to vote for her, and Luna compliments you.  Zack gives you a call, and
it looks like the geeks need help again.  TO THE SCIENCE ROOM!

|                                 Spade Magnes                       [SPADEM]|

Once there, you find out that they need a Giga Energy Card.  Their rocket 
cannot launch without an obscure MacGuffin that has never been mentioned
before this moment.  Magnes the Wizard comes out, you chat for a bit, and Luna
rudely announces that she has a ton of money and is willing to buy the Science
Club's votes.  Er, no, everyone else objects to that because Luna is a doofus
and doesn't realize that that is illegal.  Woody says that only a police 
officer or a military dude would be able to get one, and that a kid getting it
for a club project isn't good enough.  It's not legal to sell them to civilians
or something.  Pedia says that the only way you could get one is if a miracle
occurs.  CUE THE PLOT DEVICE!  You receive an e-mail telling you to go to the 
front hall.  Run to the elevator, go to the first floor, and then go toward 
the school entrance until a cutscene begins.

No one is here.  How rude.  And speaking of rude, Luna shows up.  Your visitor 
hears her complaining and announces that he was actually at the school snack 
shop, buying cheap candy to gorge himself on.  Bud, another fan of gorging
on candy, tells the guy that Mega Snacks are freakin awesome, so the guy starts
munching on one right right there.  Wait a minute.  This is the guy who knows
you're Megaman.  He says out loud, in the entrance of a school, that Geo is 
Megaman, but luckily no one is around to here.  Thankfully, he is not your 
enemy.  Or so he says.  We'll find out later on in the plot if he really is 
your enemy.  Turns out the guy wants you to go to the mall and kick some ass.
Luna lets slip that you need a Giga Energy Card, and this guy that you have
just met tells you that he can get you one, easy as that.  He then uses it as
leverage to get you to fight in the tournament.  Luna completely flips sides,
telling you that you have to do it, where a few seconds ago she was saying you
shouldn't.  Goddam huge-haired blondes.  With one final line about Megaman, Ace
leaves you alone and walks out the school's front door.  Omega-Xis gives Geo a
subtle compliment, which Geo refuses to admit is true.  Luna orders you to go
home and get to sleep.  Cutscene over.

Somehow, there's a Nurse Wizard that was literally not there five seconds ago.
Huh.  Anywho, time to go home.  I assume you know the way.  Once there, go into
your room and go to sleep, saving if you really want to.  I find it odd that 
Geo's house only has one bedroom.  Kind of, uh, interesting, neh?  

Once the long night is over, Geo's mom comes in.  And now we have to advance 
the plot!  Before we do, though, I'm going to point out some Noise Wave spots.
For the first one, go into the kitchen with Geo's mom and turn into Megaman.
Walk over to the three blue ball things on the wall and press A.  You get a 
message telling you that abnormal Noise Activity was detected, and not to press
A again.  Don't listen, and face the huge hole as Megaman and press A.  You 
enter the Noise Wave, which is like a CC made of Noise.  It actually looks 
pretty cool, and just like CCs have Hertz in them, Noise Waves have Noisms.  
It's a stupid name, though, so I shall refer to them as Noise Hertz.  Eerily, 
the soundtrack for this place does not loop and eventually the area will be 
completely silent.  Kind of creepy.  walk around, talk to the Noise Hertz if 
you would like, pick up any Blue Mystery Waves you happen to want, and let's 

Cross the river and go over to Bud's house.  There are two Noise Waves here, at
least.  One of them is in the doghouse, the other is Bud's bed.  You can't 
actually go inside Bud's house yet, though, so just walk over to the red thing
in front of his house.  Holy crap, magic, the entire bridge turns orange and 
disappears.  Real Waves are damn popular these days, aren't they?  

Huzzah, the mall.  It's been a while since we had one, so I bet it's time for a
pointless quest that will distract us from the plot.  Oh look, the bad guy we 
saw in the opening cutscene.  What's he doing here?  Oh well, he  won't say 
anything, so just walk along the hallway until a cutscene begins.  The security
walls block the way, but conveniently there's a Wave Station.  Turn into 
Megaman and head into the Security System CC.  Walk straight ahead in the 
direction you're facing.  When you get to the pink Hertz, go down and right 
until you see a blue thing.  Step on it to be whisked away, then step on the 
other one.  You should see a fat Hertz standing in the middle of a big square.
Talk to him to release the gates.  If you'd like, explore the rest of the CC.
When you're done, trans out.  Yay, the walls are gone!  If you'll look to your
right, you can see a Merchant Hertz.  Buy something if you want, then pulse
out.  Go into the Mall Event area(you can find it yourself, it isn't hard), and
find out that Ace has somehow beaten 60 Wizards while you were dealing with the
security alarm.  What the hell.  

So the announcer announces that Ace is about to fight Megaman.  While Ace is 
snacking, Geo pulses in and appears in front of him.  The crowd goes freaking
nuts.  And then the Security System goes off.  If you recall, there was a 
Wizard standing next to the Wave Station when you went to fix the Security 
System.  That Wizard is now completely out of control.  Walk a short way 
forward and a cutscene begins.  A brief chat, then it's battle time.  KILL THE

After an easy battle, another cutscene.  The Wizard comes back to life and is
pissed.  Acid, Ace's Wizard, comes out and one-shots him.  A playing card falls
off.  I'm having an eerie Batman-related flashback here, but no, this is not 
the work of the Joker.  Well, in a way, it is the work of a Joker, but not the
Batman villain who was best portrayed by Heath Ledger.  Some generic Nurse 
Wizards come and escort the poor fellow away, and for some reason Acid doesn't
want to battle anymore.  Omega-Xis gets mad, but Geo has more sense and tells
Acid to just ignore Mega.  Ace leaves and the cutscene ends after some more 
talk.  You get the Giga Energy Card, though, so the plot can once again move
forward.  Pulse out and go talk to Luna.  Another cutscene, during which you'll
see the Satella Police Commandos.  The Commandos are explained and it's hinted
at that Ace is actually one of them, which explains how he got the Giga Energy 
Card.  Luna runs off because she can't handle the nerdy aura Zack has been 
projecting since the Commandos showed up, and the cutscene is over.

Go all the way back to Echo Ridge, into the school building, up to the second 
floor, to the science club room, then talk to Woody.  Go through the dialogue,
then touch the card on the bottom screen when prompted to.  Luna gets more 
votes and once the rocket is all but launched, Geo gets a new Brother.  Go home

and go to sleep, save if you want.  No more for today.  While you're asleep, 
disaster strikes expectedly.  The two villains go into the Science Club room 
and pull some magic hax with a card.  Magnes gets cool and big and turns into 
Spade Magnes.  Geo wakes up and is excited to get to school!  Little does he 
know that plot is about to intervene.
  Go to the roof of the school.  Captain
Nerd enters the launch codes and... nothing happens.  Sparks and electricity
everywhere!  Geo doesn't seem to understand that it's malfunctioning, and 
Luna's only input is along the lines of "Something must be wrong!"  God, she's
vapid.  The minor science geeks say that it's going to explode, as if we didn't
know that already.  Geo says that he's going to handle it, and everyone else is
stupid and stays behind because they wanted to follow Luna's example.

Pulse in and go onto the Wave Road.  Follow the path to the Rocket CC.  You get
a call from Luna who says Woody has another Wizard that's going to help you.
Follow the path until you get to an octagon that's red and blue.  Coil shows up
and Geo goes over to the octagon to get magnetized.  Walk into the white stream
of magnetism.  Follow the only path until you get to the blue box.  Walk into 
the white stream of magnetism.  Go down the path and walk into the stream that
leads to a red box.  Keep going in that direction until you get to the octagon.
Step onto it and tap the Coil popup to reverse your polarity.  The bubble 
around you should now be red.  Walk upward and leftward to progress through the
area.  Step onto the stream of magnetism to get pushed over to a platform.  
Follow the only available path until you see another octagon.  Don't step
on it, though, stay red.  Walk onto the path, angling it so you get through to
the other side.  There yet?  Now you have to cross three of them.  Step into 
the portal once you're through.  

Step onto the octagon and make yourself blue.  Make the blue box repel you to 
the other platform.  Follow the path and let yourself be pulled to the red box.
Walk over to the pink thing and step into it.  Follow the path until you get to
the octagon, and turn your bubble red.  When the blue box has spun around 
enough you'll be pulled over to it.  Turn yourself red and get yourself pushed
over to the other side once you're there.  Make your bubble blue and run 
through the next path, timing it so the magnets don't drag you in.  Follow the
path and get yourself pulled to the red box.  Then let the blue one push
you over the gap.  You know the drill.  Time it so you can get across without 
being pushed onto the pink thing.  There are two sets of two to get across.  
Once you're through, go along the green path until you get to a red square.  I
advise you save here, because it's boss battle time.

Boss Battle:  Spade Magnes
Element:  Elec
Weakness:  Grass
Difficulty:  Easy
You don't need much of one.  He has 400 HP and weak attacks.  Spade is easy,
what can I say?  If you manage to delete him fast enough, you'll get his card, 
which didn't happen in previous games.  You should have no problem getting the
Rocket Launch:  A single white rocket spawns on a tile and fires down the row.
Magnes Drill:   Magnes turns into a drill sort of thing and fires himself down 
                the row.
Gravity Amplification:  Magnes disappears, appearing right in front of you and
                        rooing you to the spot.  He then slashes twice.

Spade Magnes reverts to normal Magnes.  Huzzah, you won.  And then the rocket 
launces.  You win double.  Turns out Ace was lurking the entire time.  He talks
about the plot for a couple seconds, then munches on some Mega Snacks.  Cut 
over to the bad guys who are talking over the severe lack of explosions.  They
get a call from a mysterious man who tells them that Megaman stopped the school
from exploding.  After a humbling show of subservience, the call is over and 
the boy shows his impatience.  You get the option to save once the cutscene is

|                                Intermission 1                      [INTRM1]|

Oh crap.  Meteor G got faster.  And worse, it's headed straight for Earth.  
Some talk, then the alarms go off.  WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!  Or rather, everyone
but us is under attack!  Cut to Geo's house, where Omega-Xis is materializing
and dematerializing over and over, something about working out.  Geo teaches 
us the wrong lesson by saying that watching television is more important than
saving a mall full of children.  Omega-Xis has the right idea when he calls it
an idiot box, though that could be a possible Spongebob reference.  The tv 
comes on and Legendary Master Shin is discussing Noise on a talk show.  Turns
out Noise is being emitted by EM technology the way carbon dioxide is being 
released by automobiles in America.  And this Noise crystallizes to form a
substance called Crimson.  And now it's time for school!

Once you get control, walk toward the house's exit and you'll get a call from 
Woody.  Magnes is in space!  And he sends you an ability program, an HP+50/120.
What this means is that if you have 120 or more LinkPower available, you can
equip the program in the ability screen to boost your max HP by 50.  You then
go straight to the Ability screen.  Equip the HP+50/120 and then press B.  
Once done with that, leave the house to get an e-mail telling you about maps.
These maps aren't all that useful now and will never be vital, so only check 
it out if you want to.  Go over to the school to find out that the gate is 
locked and that the super-scary generic man sprite of a teacher is sick.  To
open the gate, you'll need to go talk to him.  Go over to Luna's apartment 
building and walk up to the door.  A number pad will pop up on the bottom 
screen.  Type in the number "202" and hit OK.  This teacher gives you the key
to the school.  I guess Geo is just a trustworthy sort of guy.  Go back to the
school gate and tap the blue rectangle on the bottom screen when it gets 
larger.  The gate opens and it's time for school.  

Go up to the second floor and walk into the classroom.  On the way, you'll pass
a boy on the first floor who's doing a pretty good impression of The White 
Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  Talk to 
everyone in the room to learn that a new student will be transferring in.  And
apparently a new teacher as well.  They come in and



Oh well.  Cutscene continues and everyone is bugging Jack.  As the chatter goes
on, Jack gets madder and we find out that Tia, at only 17 years of age, is 
officially jailbait.  We also learn that Jack's mission is to gather 
information about Geo.  Tia seems to be here just because she doesn't want to
be away from Jack, or because Jack doesn't want to be away from Tia.  
Back in
the classroom, Luna tries to break open Jack's hard shell, only to get yelled
at by Jack.  Jack now has my respect.  He calls her stupid and tells her that
she has a big mouth.  Hooray, Jack.  Jack walks away and Geo volunteers to go 
catch up with him and try to be friends.

Head down to the first floor and leave school.  Go to Echo Ridge Park.  A 
cutscene will start.  A Wizard wanders in and Geo asks him if he's seen Jack.
Jack is on top of the Big Wave, but no one else can see that due to plot-
induced blindness, and Jack wants to just end it now by taking Geo out.  He
tosses a card at the Wizard, who of course goes out of control.  BATTLE TIME!
Geo has a brief moment in which he becomes genre savvy, noticing that this sort
of thing just happens to occur near him.  Sadly, he isn't always this 
intelligent, but what can you do?  

After an easy battle, Jack shows some annoyance and almost got out a hint about
his future plot-relevant plans.  And then the pink ranger shows up to 
complement Geo's blue.


Geo horribly screws up a chance to flirt with Sonia, but it's okay because she
knows that he, much like his predecessor Lan, is denser than solid Mercury.
They talk for a bit, and then the fanboys find out that Sonia is here.  Crap,
fanboys.  Every single generic male sprite in town is suddenly heading toward
you, so it's time to escape to the Wave Roads.
  Once pulsed in, follow the only
clear path.  You're heading toward the school roof.  If you see a GMD on the 
way, don't go get it unless you're prepared to fight Spade Magnes V2.  Spade 
Magnes V2 has 800 HP and his attacks do more damage.  He's also a bit faster.
Should you choose to fight him, good luck.

Anyway, once you're in the school, keep following the upward ramps.  They'll 
get you where you need to be.  Once on the roof, walk over to the Wave Station
to pulse out.   Walk toward the elevator and a cutscene will begin.  The two of
you have successfully escaped the fanboys.  Sonia checks around to make sure 
the two of you are alone, and she's possibly about to have her way with Geo 
when the game developers suddenly remembered the E rating.  In order to keep it
E, Luna and her gang show up to mess up any of Sonia's fantasies.  Since all 
four of you are Sonia fans, you all immediately agree to be on tv with her as
extras in her show.  10 points if you can guess where the next boss will show
  She also wants you to attend her concert. 

Sonia receives a popup telling her she needs to get over to the studio.  She 
seems to forget that she has dozens of rabid fanboy-ish generic male sprites 
waiting for her in Echo Ridge, and begins to leave through the school's main 
entrance.  Geo reminds her about the fanboys, and she leaves via Wave Road.
The group discusses travel plans and Luna announces that tomorrow, she's going
to show everyone something.  The meeting is now over, so everyone leaves.  
Turns out the jailbait was watching the whole time and is probably up to 
something sneaky.  Head over to the elevator, go all the way down to the first
floor, then go into Echo Ridge.  If you would like to visit the Big Wave store,
it's now open.  Unlike in previous games, where Cipher Codes were sent by mail
to certain people, Cipher Codes are now controlled by Ken Suther's Wizard.  His
is the orange one on the counter next to him.  When you're ready to advance the
plot, go home and go to bed.  Save if you'd like.  

While you're asleep, Jack and Ms. Jailbait are discussing the plot.  When they
are done, it's time to go to WBG Studios.  Head over to the Wave Liner and step
on the square to start a cutscene.

In an odd reversal of the way things are normally done, Bud and Geo are both on
time while Luna is late.  Her excuse is that she got a Wizard.  It's generic 
and doesn't look all that good.  Omega-Xis is much better, and not just because
he's an AMian.  The Wizard has a stupid name and isn't very useful, but it put
Luna in a good mood so at least now she won't be barking at us.  Bud mentions
that now he's the only one in the group who doesn't have a Wizard.  This later
is remedied.  

You arrive at WBG Studios and everyone is like OMG I SAW THAT TREE ON TV and 
stuffs.  Jack walks in, and sounds like a bad actor as he tells the group he 
wants to hang out with them.  Luna yells at him some more, showing us that even
when she's in a good mood, she's a total "witch".  Anyway, once the cutscene is
over, head up the stairs to find out that the door is locked.  Speak to the 
guard Wizard to find out you need special passes to get in. Passes which Sonia,
in one of her cute moments of forgetfulness, forgot to give you.  Geo decides 
it's a good idea to cheat by becoming Megaman and going into the building 
through the Wave Roads.

Head back in the direction of the Wave Liner.  Before 
you get there, you'll see
the corner of the parking lot.  Walk over into the parking lot, past the beat-
up car and a Wizard, until you get to the Wave Station.  Pulse in and head 
onto the Wave Road.

There's really only one path you can follow.  When you get to the blue wave-
thing, the thing that shoots you across gaps, step on it.  On the other side, 
head up the ramp and into the WBG Main Building. Once inside, head to the left
at the fork to get to Sonia's dressing room.  Pulse out and talk to Sonia.  G
misses yet another major opportunity to flirt with Sonia, but all is good.  If
you want a free Recov80, examine the table desk thing in front of Sonia.  Once 
you're all done here, head back onto the Wave Road and leave the building.  
Head back over to the Wave Station and pulse out.

Go back up the the studio and walk to the door.  When the ACCESS DENIED appears
on the bottom screen, tap the studio pass that Sonia gave you.  You enter the 
building automatically, a few comments are made, and Jack gets even more 
respect from me for completely slamming the lid on Luna's ambition, if only 
for a brief moment.  Sonia shows up in a schoolgirl outfit, which is about as
close to fanservice as this game is going to get, and Bud and Zack go nuts in
their own silent ways.  Even Geo actually notices and is of teen hormone-y
about it.  After Jack is introduced to Sonia, Belle shows up.  Belle is an
actress just like Sonia, though she doesn't have as big a fanbase.  Belle's 
Wizard/Manager shows up.  This is Ice, and Ice way does not like Sonia.  She
badmouths Sonia for a little bit, and Sonia agrees with her, which for some
reason makes her angrier.  Bud and Zack point it out:  Ice is basically Luna
in Wizard form.  Just a lot bluer.  Anyway, yeah, this entire day is about 
Sonia, and we know the bad guys have something planned.  Guess who's going to
become the boss.  Go on, guess.  That's right, the next boss is

|                                 Diamond Ice                        [DMNDIC]|

Okay, for now, you just have to look around the studio.  Just follow the main 
hall in an upward and rightward direction until you get to an exit.  You should
now be in an outside area with Zack standing there.  Walk into the bigger, 
inside-the-moat area so a cutscene will begin.  

Wow.  There is a freaking huge Real Wave projector set up there.  A dude with a
goatee walks in and mentions that it is indeed an awesome device.  Here's what
I think.  Anyone with a goatee is either a) a villain or b) a stoner.  I'm 
gonna say that this guy is type b.  Omega-Xis is interested in this, and the
guy seems to find it not at all strange that a glowing blue wolf is speaking 
to him.  Sure, that kind of thing is commonplace in Geo's world, but I say 
that it's proof he's a stoner.  Anyway, he then tells you that the entire 
stage is projected by that thing.  Which is a horribly stupid idea when you
think about it, but of course this is a game.  I'm going to give you four 
guesses as to what piece of machinery is attacked during this scenario.  This
guy chats for a bit, then shows off his super stoner hacker moves.  Geo is 
impressed, and then the guy reveals that he knows your name.  Geo, like any
sane person, wants to know how this complete stranger knows who he is.  Turns
out Sonia talks about you so often that all of the people on the staff can 
now name you just from her descriptions of you.  It's kind of sweet, isn't it?
And it also appears that she's nice to everyone, even the lowly peasants that
run her show and make her clothes.  Even though her parents are now dead, she
can still manage to be nice to everyone, including her rival Belle.  A true
goddess, much better than that blond thing that orders you around and becomes
a total pain in the ass later on.  

Turns out he's Lee Stern, and he's head of the staff.  He, like the rest of the
staff, is a total Sonia Fanboy.  It's now time to head over to the tree road
to actually shoot the show.  You know the way.  When you get there, talk to the
yellow Wizard holding the cuecard.  Turns out a vital Wizard is missing and he 
needs a main character to go find the Wizard.  That's your cue.  A generic blue
Wizard mentions that the missing Wizard is good friends with the makeup Wizard,
who is in Sonia's dressing room.  Go to Sonia's dressing room and speak to the
pink Wizard that's just sort of lazing around.  She tells you that the Wizard 
you're looking for is probably inside the Regulator, which is that huge monitor
in the editing room.  Use the Wave Station in the dressing room to get on the 
Wave Road.  When you get to the blue wave thing that's near the Wave Station 
entrance, step on it.  When you came to get the Studio pass, there was a Hertz
blocking the way.  Once inside the Regulator, keep going in the direction you
were initially facing when you transed in.  There will be another generic blue
Wizard sitting there.  He'll be on his way, so you can pulse out now.  Once in
the real world, head into the room with Bud, Zack, and Luna.  Jack is missing, 
which Geo points out, and just before you can discuss it further, it's time to
go be on a show.  

Head out to the tree road again.  As soon as you leave the building through 
the front entrance, a cutscene begins.  Sonia's show is a generic teen drama, 
but at least her generic teen drama involves girls with pink hair.  So few do.
The screen scrolls over to Jack, who... is standing on yet another building.
What is this kid's problem?  Anywho, his Wizard points out that the fat kid
over there is emitting a ton of Noise.  Turns out Bud can Wave Change.  Which
anyone who's played the first two knows.  Jack pulls out another card and nails
Bud with it.  Bud enters the beast mode.  MINI-BOSS TIME!  Taurus Fire creates
some flames between Sonia and Belle, which in my opinion opens up for a joke 
about Sonia and Belle's relationship being hotter than it appears.  Back on 
Taurus, Geo has Omega-Xis come out and put out the fire with a sweep of his 
claws.  Save if you'd like, make sure your folder is in order, and then walk
toward Taurus.  In front of a television camera that is at that very moment 
recording, Geo Wave Changes into Megaman.  Honestly, how is his secret identity
still a secret?

Mini Boss Battle:  Taurus Fire
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
Difficulty:  Easy
Dude, he's at least as easy as Spade Magnes, if not easier.  Hit him with your
powerful attacks and he will die.  It's that simple.  
If you want to make this battle extra-easy, preset Divide Line.  It makes all
of his attacks useless, he'll be completely unable to hit you.  If you can 
manage to S-Rank him, which isn't at all hard, remember that you'll get his
card.  It does 100 Fire damage and hits most of the field, so it's pretty 
useful this early on.  
Ox Tackle:  He charges down the row at you.  Cannot be blocked.
Ox Breath:  He breathes fire at you.  
Ox Punch:   He, uh, punches the square in front of him.  This is sometimes
            used when he's nowhere near you.  He's that stupid.

After an easy battle, a card falls off Bud and Taurus offers to be Bud's 
Wizard.  See, I told you it would be remedied.  Bud apologizes for screwing
everything up, but the director Wizard is like ZOMG THAT WAS EPIC and wants
Megaman to be a temporary main character.  Ice gets mad at this because that
it takes away from Belle's screen time.  Everyone is tired, but there's still
a concert to go to.  Walk into the building for a cutscene to begin.

Ice is mad.  Hopping mad.  Literally.  Jack shows up and mentions that he can
give Ice the power to make Sonia and Megaman disappear.  He shouts "I give you
the title of diamond!" and throws a card at her.  It has the expected effect 
of making her bigger and more deadly.  

Now that the cutscene is over, head to the event stage.  In case you don't
remember where that is, it's the place with the huge Real Wave projector.  
Sonia shows up, mentions that she's never, and Luna insults Bud for no reason
whatsoever.  God I hate her.  Back to the game, the head of staff/stoner is 
freaking out over something.  I bet it has something to do with Diamond Ice.
Turns out someone gave him a virus bomb and then threatened him.  The message
said that the sender is going to ruin the concert.  Lee and his crack(or on 
crack) team are going to un-sabotage the concert if they can.  THIS LOOKS LIKE
A JOB FOR DETECTIVE STELAR!  You switch teams automatically, and your Purpose
changes.  Luna admits that she's utterly useless, and life goes on.

Once the cutscene ends and you have control, walk back into the building.  Lee
sends you a message telling you to go to the prop room because there's an act
of sabotage that took place there.  Go to the prop room, with is to the right
of Sonia's dressing room, and talk to the guy that isn't Bud.  He tells you
that the cabinet is locked and hs Wizard hasn't returned yet.  Pulse in, head
over to the Wave Station in Sonia's dressing room, and follow the path to the
prop cabinet CC.  Walk all the way down and left until you get to a portal.  
Step on the portal, then follow the path until you find a frozen Wizard.  Go
up to it and press A to begin a cutscene.  

Megaman fires his fully-charged buster at the ice, which doesn't really do
anything.  Due to a mindnumbingly improbable plot-related coincidence, we 
just happen to have a friend whose Wizard has the fire power(pun very much 
intended) to melt the ice.  Taurus comes in and frees the Wizard, who looks a 
bit blue.  

This is where Geo proves that he's nearly as dense as Lan.  There's a female
Wizard running around sabotaging Sonia Strumm using ice-based attacks. Who do
we know that hates Sonia Strumm, is a female Wizard, and is capable of using
ice attacks?  Gee, could it be Ice?  Time to trans out.  As soon as you do, 
Lee e-mails you, telling you that there's an issue with the stage projector.
He needs you right away.  Go to the event stage and talk to him.  Then, walk
over to the large blue lump and press on Taurus.  He comes out, defrosts it,
and so the day is saved once again thanks to ouy cow-themed yet horribly
improbable ally.  

Head to the front of the building.  Go outside and get an e-mail from Lee.
Someone said there is a bomb program, and Lee sent out some Wizards to hunt
for it.  He wants you to supervise, so talk to the guard Wizard.  All of the
bomb-searching wizards have returned to him except the one that was sent to 
check the stunt car.

Head over to the Wave Station and pulse in.  Head into the Stunt Car CC, 
which is the first Access point you see when you pulse in from the parking
lot Wave Station.  As soon as you're in, step onto the double blue wave 
thing.  Once you're on the other side, head down and step in the normal-
sized blue wave thing.  The frozen Wizard is right there in the middle.
Tap the Taurus icon on the bottom screen when you're standing next to the
Wizard.  Taurus will come out and melt the ice.  

Trans out and then pulse out.  Looks like the mystery Wizard(you know, the
female ice-using Wizard with a grudge againt Sonia) has tried a direct attack
this time.  Her dressing room is frozen.  I think there was a translation
error and that the message is supposed to say "We need a fire-breathing
Wizard" rather than "We're using a fire-breathing Wizard".  Go inside and
go to Sonia's dressing room.  Tap the huge Taurus again and he'll thaw the 
door out.  He takes a second to praise his own awesomeness.  Now you should
go to the Real Wave Event Stage.  

Cool, you now have a stoner as a Brother.  Lee turns around and activates his
super stoner hacker powers, generating an entire stage that's like, twenty feet
off the ground and looks structurally unstable.  Turns out Lee got everyone 
special tickets.  The concert begins and everyone is happy.  Walk toward the 
stage and a cutscene will begin.

Diamond Ice makes a threat against Sonia.  Nothing new.  Sonia starts playing
some epic music that somehoe only the in-game characters can hear.  Lee 
interrupts the concert for Geo because there's an issue.  The stage is getting 
colder.  Once Lee points it out, everyone but Bud notices the low temperature.
Bud doesn't notice because he's fat.  Turns out the Cyber Core is frozen.  Geo
freaks out adequately, and then Belle shows up.  Turns out Ice is missing.  She
says that Ice is missing and has been missing since just before the threats and
sabotage started.  Lee says there's no way it could be Ice, because Ice doesn't
have that much power, but Geo can put two and two and one together to get five.
He knows that there is a way she could be that powerful.  He even has a plot-
induced flashback to show anyone who's playing exactly what he's thinking.
The entire stage suddenly gets so cold it ices over completely, freaking out
the audience.  Similar to the way a badass band goes down with the ship, Sonia
is determined to keep on rockin' to keep the audience calm, even if it means 
her death.  You just have to love that.

Geo wants to fix everything.  Lee gives him access to the stage's CC, and Geo
pulls off a badass move the likes of which has not been seen since BN6.  He 
leaps off the stage, a fall from which would kill him, and puts his faith in 
his Wave-Changing skills.

Once in the Wave Road, go into the Access point and tap the Stage Pass.  The 
Access point will unlock and you can enter it.  Upon arriving in the CC, you
get a call from Sonia.  She was worried about you because you did something 
stupid and dangerous, but acknowledges that that's just the way you are.  
Seriously, Geo, if you don't marry her, I will find a way to transport myself
to your world and I'll marry her.  Take a few steps forward until you're near
the icy panels.  If you stay on the icy panels too long, you'll have to bring
in Taurus to bail you out.  Also, if any large cubes of ice are blocking your
way, call on Taurus to come break them.  

There's only one path here.  Cross the two icy panels to get to a square.  When
you're there, turn right and go in a straight line.  Don't turn at all on the 
ice path, because there's nothing there.  You're easily warm enough to survive
crossing the long straight path without freezing as long as you keep moving.
You'll be at another square.  Again, go straight across, as there's nothing 
down either sidepath, and make sure you go upwards and rightward, not back the
way you came.  Allow yourself to get back to full heat when you reach the 
third square, then keep going.  Don't go down the side path, a GMW might be 
back there and there's a good chance you'll freeze on the way.  Once there, 
warm up and keep going.  It's a straight path and you should have more than 
enough heat to get all the way across.  Step onto the pink wave thing at the 
end.  Don't step on the one on the other side of this new square, though.  
Turn right and go down the ice path.  Just straight across.  Pull out Taurus
to break the ice block and step on the warp.  

Go across the short path to get to a square.  Run across the right path, 
straight through the whole way.  Stop to warm up once you're there.  Go 
straight, turning left once you get to the ice square.  Without stopping, 
stick to the center path.  You should get through with no problem.  Break the
ice block with Taurus and follow the two wave path thingies.  You will have 
to run straight through this next part without stopping, because on the way 
there are dark blue ice panels, which suck up heat twice as fast.  Step on 
the warp to go into the final area.

Walk straight through.  Same way every are begins.  Now here the path splits. 
Which path you pick doesn't matter, because they're really the same path in
different colors.  Go along the green path until you get to a square of ice.
Cross it to the other green path.  Once in the square at the end of the new 
green path, follow the dark blue until you get to a single tile of green.
When you're all warmed up, step on the pink wave thing.  Quickly follow the 
dark blue path to the square where you can warm up.  Walk through, turning 
right as soon as you get to the branch unless you don't mind thawing yourself
out.  Keep following the path until you get to the end.  Use Taurus to melt 
the ice, then go through.  I advise saving while on the red skull panel.  
Time to fight Diamond Ice.

Boss Battle:  Diamond Ice
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
Difficulty:  Easy
Dodge her attacks.  There's one attack you can't dodge, and that one can be 
blocked with the shield.  She only has 700 HP.  An S-Rank should be easy.
Ice Diamond:  She stops, twirls around, and both her ice pieces launch straight
              down whatever row they're on.
Icy Wind:     She blows an icy wind across the field.  The only safe spot is 
              the far right panel.  If hit by this, it will freeze you.
Snowballs:    Her two ice pieces vanish and fly in from the left.  Use your Y 
              shield to block it.

After the battle, she reverts to normal.  Megaman drops to his knees.  Omega
says it's probably the Noise, and out of nowhere, Crimson appears.  It all 
flies away.  Cut to Jack and Tia, who are holding a cylinder that's sucking
up all the Crimson.  Everyone wonders why Ice would do all that, and Ice
doesn't even pretend to not know what she did.  She admits that she went
rogue to kill Sonia and further Belle's career.  Belle says that's a terrible
thing to do, and Ice says that it's the only way to be successful.  Belle is
smarter than Ice, though, and points out that Sonia got famous without hurting
anyone.  That pretty much shuts Ice up.

Head back onto the stage and Sonia will perform the last song of the concert.
It's called "Shooting Star".  She says it's for all her fans and all her
supporters, but actually reading the lyrics shows that it's about Geo and
his impact on her life.  To that, I have only one thing to say.


There, that's out of my system.  After the concert, Geo and Sonia are all alone
on a stage, away from everyone else's sight...  So they reform a Brother Band.
Remember that E-Rating?  

Jack is on a building AGAIN.  But this time, so is Tia.  Jack's Wizard comes
out when he hears the name Omega-Xis.  Turns out Corvus is actually an FMian,
and so is Virgo.  They both came to the earth for some lulz.  And their next
target is a school event...

Back at WBG studios, Lee is trying to talk the Commandos out of deleting Ice.
They're not falling for it, though, because they know that there was Crimson.
They want to know where it went, and they want to know now.  Sonia and Geo 
run in and save Ice and Belle from investigations and such.  Turns out these
Commandos are Sonia fans.  She pulls an explanation straight out the ass, 
something about trying to make it snow on-stage.  Too bad the Commandos are
smarter than that.  Damn, why couldn't they all be as unintelligent as Bob
Copper?  Everyone else helps cover Belle up.  Unfortunately, the police are
still all over it until Ace shows up orders them to go back to HQ.  Ace then
asks for an autograph from Sonia, which even the other Commandos forgot to do.
She signs it and still seems kind of in shock.  Ace then lets slip that he 
knows she's Harp note, which shocks her even further.  He says he's going to
need to borrow her power soon.  Purpose fulfilled, you now get the option to

|                                Intermission 2                      [INTRM2]|
Note:  This section and the one after it are kind of half-assed because I had
to write them twice.  Deal with it or find another guide.

So here's a cutscene.  In it, King reveals that he is the leader of the evil
organization, which is called Dealer.  They're behind all the Wizard attacks.
He's praising Tia and Jack, discussing the plot, and so forth.  Looks like 
King has managed to get his hands on an ancient power, which later on becomes
important.  Jack and Tia are ordered to keep collecting Crimson, and the big
black guy standing there is going to get his orders off-screen.  You can be
asured that this means his orders are more plot-relevant than Jack and Tia's.

Three days later, everyone is in Hawaii.  Er, I mean, Alohaha.  Luna mentions
that Geo is missing, which can be confirmed with a quick visual sweep of the

Cut to Echo Ridge, where Ace and Geo are alone in the park.  After some talk,
Ace reveals that he knows Omega-Xis is an illegal immigrant.  Rather than
deport him, he asks about strange happenings.  Geo mentions that the Crimson
made him go numb, and Ace tells him that too much Noise will leave Geo dead.
Fun stuff.  He then gives you the Ace Program, which lets you control Noise.
He turns away and starts talking about you.  Odd, eh?  He also gives you a 
key that will open the wave road to space.

When the cutscene is over, go over to the Wave Station near your house and
pulse in.  Follow the Wave Road a short distance until you get to the huge
ramp.  Go up it until you get to a pink gate.  Tap the blue square-ish
popup on the bottom screen to open the gate.  When you get to the Astro
Wave, Geo is like ZOMG SPACE.  You get an e-mail from Ace telling you what
the Ace Program does.  

Step on the big blue wave thing, then on the other when you arrive.  Follow
the arrow into Astro Wave 2.  From here, take the lower left big blue wave
thing, then take the other one.  You're now in Alohaha.  Go down the huge
ramp and step on the blue wave thing that's just to the left of the bottom
of the ramp.  Step on the small portal to arrive in Alohaha's real world.

There's a pretty long cutscene, during which the castle is shown and Jailbait
gives it a backstory.  The royalty used to live there, but now all it does is
house an Environmental Control Center.  A Wizard named Strong runs the whole
thing.  Luna has everyone change their Purpose, then forcibly changes Jack's
for him when he decides he doesn't want to.  Stupid controlling witch.  To
advance the plot, go into the castle and go all the way to the back.  The
Wizard sitting there is not a custom sprite, which means he is most definitely
not Strong, but talk to him anyway to confirm it.  When you're done in here,
go outside and go over to the food stalls.  They're on the left side of the
Alohaha area, can't miss 'em.  Talk to Bud, who has been fantasizing about 
eating a certain food from a certain stall.  However, the stall isn't working,
so no food for Bud.  Pulse in and go onto the Wave Road.  

Go over to the blue wave thing and ride across.  Go all the way to the left
and trans into the Food Stall CC.  Go down the ramp on your left and follow
the path that's in the same direction.  At the end of the path, follow the 
downward ramp and talk to the Hertz who's standing in a big blue square.  He
was practicing his dance moves for a party, and but now he's back in cooking
mode.  Trans out, pulse out, and head back over to Bud.  The Beach is now

Go to the right of the area and follow the sandy path into the Beach area.
Walk forward to begin a cutscene.  A beach scene happens, one that is 
hilariously similar to the one in BN5.  Even Jack gets interested.  Once the
cutscene is over, walk upward and speak to Sonia.  Who is here in a bikini.
Yes, I lied earlier, *this* is as close to fanservice as this game gets.

Turns out that rock wall is actually a Real Wave and it's not working right.

A big Wizard went in to help but hasn't come back yet.  Looks like it's up
to you to go save the photo shoot.  Walk over to the far left corner of this
area and pulse in, using the Wave Station to get on the Wave Road.  Step on
the blue wave thing that's directly in front of you.  Follow the yellow path
until you get to another blue wave thing with a dark access point near it.
Go left from the blue wave thing and follow the blue wave thing at the end
of the left path.  Trans into the Stone Wall CC.  Walk forward to start a 

There's a huge custom sprite dealing with some viruses.  Every time he kills
some, more spring up.  Geo asks to help, then tells the big guy that he's
Megaman.  The big guy recognizes the name Megaman as the savior of Earth, 
and steps aside to let you handle the viruses.  

Battle 1
Koma x 1, KomaG x 1

Battle 2
WibbledeeG x 1, BlueSharkG x 1

Battle 3
KomaG x 1, BlueSharkG x 1, BaseGunner x 1

Once it's over, you're back on the beach.  The big guy introduces himself. 
Turns out he's Strong, the Wizard that runs the giant weather machine.  He
mentions that he'd love to show your school group the weather machine, and
says that if you ever have any problems, come see him.  He's a cool dude
like that.  

|                                  Club Strong                       [CLSTRN]|

When it's over, talk to all three guys, both girls, and the jailbait.  When
the cutscene begins, Bud is wondering if tropical fish are edible, Zack is
being taught to swim by Jack and Geo, the two girls are hangin out in the
water.  Jack thinks it's freaking hilarious that Zack was once trapped in a
submarine in a foreign country, and I must admit, I find it funny too.  

Jailbait says free time is almost over.  Jack actually wants to stay at the
beach and Tia is shocked that Jack is having fun.  

BUD'S ASS IS FREAKING HUGE.  SERIOUSLY.  Gah, it draws my focus like a black
hole draws in everything.  

Anyway, all the stuff is missing.  Time to go see Strong.  Turns out some bad
Wizards, known as the Bandit Wizards, stole all the stuff.  Leave the castle
and pulse into the Wave Station in Alohaha.  Follow the short path and step
on the blue wave thing.  Keep going downward and rightward until you see a
bad Wizard.  This guy has Zack's pants.  Talk to him and a battle will start.
Kill him and his viruses.  Go down the big yellow path until you get to the
entrance to the Beach Wave Road.

Go twoard the Stone Wall CC until you can turn right.  Keep going down and
right until you're above a small island.  Go up and right until you get to 
another bad Wizard.  After the battle, Geo wrestles with him and the items
get blown away.  I'll let you pick which item you want to save, because it
has no plot relevance at all.  All that changes is a small cutscene in which
Geo and the person whose item you saved are on a pier, chatting and holding
hands if you saved a girl's item.  I saved Sonia's bag, and rather liked the

Jack and Tia Bliaj are turning Strong evil.  When the transformation is done,
he's freaking huge and looks like a bunch of rocks covered in moss.  He then
uses his super stone(r) hacker moves to enter the environmental system and
begin his reign over all of Alohaha.  

After that's over, you're back in control and on the pier.  Walk back to the
beach to begin your item-based cutscene.  The next day, Luna's talking about
going to see the environmental system.  Mega tells Geo the ground just shook,
but Geo says that's blasphemy as the environmental system stops all such
natural disasters before they start.  Go into the castle and all the way to 
the back.  

Strong is gone and there's an earthquake.  Club Strong comes out and is still
completely fricking huge.  He re-enters the CC.  Time to go after him and
save the island.  Leave the castle, pulse into a Wave Station, 
and head back
to the castle via Wave Roads.  When you get all the way to the back of the
Castle's Wave Road, trans into the Eviornmental System Cyber Core.  This area
is ext
remely straightforward, so don't expect a ton of description.

For the first area, follow the big blue path until you get to a brown one.
Walk onto the brown one and follow it unil a cutscene starts.  The earthquake
is breaking up the path.  Maybe if they hadn't built the damn thing out of
digital bamboo, it wouldn't fall apart so easy.  It's pretty easy to navigate
the brown path.  Press A when you get to a crack to jump over it.  If you're
too slow, you end up in an Abyss.  Just wander around until you get to the
exit warp.  Once off the brown path, follow the blue one again until you get
to the entrance to the second area.

Again, follow the blue one until you get to brown.  Walk onto the brown to
start a cutscene.  When you get to the part where the paths split, go right.
On the other side of the brown, keep following the blue until you get to
another brown.  No cutscene this time, just keep going.  When you get to the
split, go down.  At the end of this path, head into area three.

You know the drill.  Go down blue until 
brown, walk on
 brown.  Follow the 
brown path, taking the rightmost path when you get to the split.  Follow this
blue to get to another brown.  However, I would save if I were you.  This
short brown path has a boss at the end.  

Boss Battle:  Club Strong
Element:  Grass
Weakness:  Fire
Difficulty:  Moderate
Kill him.  At 1000 HP, he's pretty tough, plus he regenerates his HP on grass
panels.  The Taurus Fire card comes in handy here, as do any Fire cards.  
Strong Club:  He jumps to the spot in front of you and slams his club down.
Club Tornado: He swings his club, generating a Tornado on every row.  Use the
              Y Shield to block it.
WoodTower:    Every time he lands while just moving around, he sends a wood
              tower down the row.
Club Rampage: He'll jump to a spot in the row in front of you and start 
              slamming his club on the ground repeatedly on the panel in front
              of him and the panel to either side.  Can't be blocked, so you
              have to dodge.
Vine Seeds:   He'll stop in the back row and start rolling a seed down all 
              three rows.  If one hits you, it'll crack open and a vine will
              ensnare you, draining your HP.  The seeds can be destroyed.

Strong is back to normal and there's a ton of Crimson around.  Club reveals
that Jack and Tia are the bad guys, Joker comes in and kills Strong, and Geo 
runs to go see Tia and Jack.  When you're back in control, go to the pier.  A
cutscene will begin before you get there.  It's pretty simple.  Jack and Tia
will Wave Change and Jack will fight you.  Do 400 damage to him and the battle
will end.  I'll let you watch this cutscene for yourself because it's freaking
awesome.  I believe you get the option to save when it's all over.

|                                Intermission 3                      [INTRM3]|

During the cutscene after that in Dealer Base, Jack's childishness is
discussed and Jack leaves in a huff.  In the one after that, Bud and Zack
are all emo over Luna's death, while Geo and Sonia are taking it suspiciously
well.  Hmmm.  

It's revealed that she isn't completely gone.  Dammit.  Looks like we need to
find someone who knows how to contact Ace.  Go home and talk to Hope.  She 
tells you that Mr. Boreal is in Alohaha, and that you'd better not be doing
anything dangerous or she is going to kick your ass.  

When the talking is over, leave the house and go to the Wave Station.  Pulse
in and head to the Astro Wave.  Make your way to Alohaha via the Astro Wave.
You'll somehow end up near the Wave Liner wicket.  Geo imagines that Luna is
talking to him and Mega says you're being watched.  Go in the castle and walk
all the way to the back, where Strong used to be.  Strong appears and everyone
is like ZOMG.  Turns out Boreal put him back together.  That dude is better
than all the king's horses and all the king's men.  

Ace tells you to come to WAZA, because Dr. Goodall is good enough at hacking 
to build a human from data.  Eerie.  The people from WAZA arrive to take you
there, so it's time to go.  When you arrive, you get a nice view of the whole
building.  Go up to the gate near the building and type in the number that
the WAZA passcode popup shows.  Walk up to the door Ace is standing by.  
A little thing will appear on the bottom screen.  Put your 
stylus/finger/pen/whatever on that little box until it's done scanning.  This
is never even mentioned again, so it doesn't really matter.  Ace says 
something that I find pretty funny, and now you can go inside.  

Talk to Ace.  He'll have you go up the elevator.  Go up the stairs and all the
way to the right, passing Tom Dubius on the way.  He's reconstructed Cygnus
and now has the ability to Wave Change.  Anyway, when you get to the elevator,
go up to the 57th floor.  Pulse in and go onto the Wave Road using the Wave
Station right by the elevator door.  Walk all the way down the yellow path,
ignoring the blue wave things until you get to a Blue Mystery Wave.  This
is going to become important later, so best to grab it now.

Pulse out and walk through the pink gate thing.  Talk to everyone in here to
find out that the information board on the bottom floor isn't working right.
You also receive a second folder from a guy.  When you've talked to everyone,
you get a message from Ace telling you to go to Satella Police Main HQ.  Take
the elevator down to the first floor and go all the way to the left.  

Ace talks about Dealer and their plans.  After Omega-Xis demands a battle
from Acid and Ace, a voice calls Ace's name.  Hee, his real name is Arthur.
Maybe he's secretly an aardvark.  There's a very short, very old woman on
the stairs.  Turns out she's Dr. Goodall and has absurd nicknames for both
of the Wizards present.  She shakes her head and says she isn't sure.  She
might be able to save Luna, she might not be able to.  

When it's over and you have control, talk to Ace.  Then go back to the up to
the 57th floor and talk to the guy who mentioned a problem with the board
downstairs.  He's the one in the upper corner.  Go back down to the first
floor and pulse into the Wave Station.  Go right along the path until you
can turn left.  Step on the blue wave thing and keep going left until you
get to another blue wave thing.  Go over to the darkened Access point, which
the WAZA Key you got earlier will unlock.  Trans into the Info Board.  

The first thing about this area is, it's freaking huge.  It's larger than
Bud's ass, if you believe that's possible.  Head up.  When you get to the
second purple rectangle thing, go onto the right yellow path.  Once on that
path, you can literally hold the up button the entire way to get to the
Mettaur sprite.

ShuriKenG x 1, Stealth x 1, ZapperG x 1

After that, Ace sends you a message.  Head all the way back over to the blue
area, where Dr. Goodall has something to tell you about Luna.  Vogue is back
and says Luna is waiting for everyone.  She's now an EM being and her data
is scattered all over the place.  Turns out the good doctor might be able to
fix Luna if you can get all the pieces.  Ace has to rain on everyone's good
humor, much to my liking.  Dr. Goodall says it would take a miracle for Luna
to come back, and Vogue points out that the bonds they all share with Luna 
are creating a miracle and holding her to this world.  After some more 
inspirational talking, turns out that even if everything goes right, there's
only a 30% chance to save Luna.  

Jack and Tia are separated.  Looks like Jailbait went off on a solo mission,
and Jack isn't very happy about it.  Go over to the Wave Liner gate and talk
to the big dude wearing body armor.  He'll take you to Alohaha.  It's now 
time to search for Luna Frags.  Gah, even when she's dead she's a total pain
in the ass.  Go to the food stall that you fixed earlier so that Bud could 
eat.  Tap Acid on the bottom screen to start searching.  He says one is near,
but he doesn't know where.  Go to the food stand and hit A.  You know have

Next stop is the beach.  Go along the left edge of the screen until you're
almost at the deep water.  Tap Acid to find the exact location.  The frag will
glow for a moment at the end of the chime, just before he says "Target 
signal... acquired."  That's LunaFragC.  Tap Acid again to find out there's
another one here.  Go to the end of the pier.  Tap Acid again when you're
standing next to the Wizard.  When the search is done, talk to the Wizard.  
Geo asks him about the LunaFrag, which he says he does not have.  Acid smells
it on him though, and threatens him a bit.  He hands it over and now you have
LunaFragD.  That's it for the Real World.  Time to check the Wave Roads.

Head over to the Beach Wave Station and pulse in.  Tap Acid to find out there
are none here.  Head to Alohaha.  As soon as you get there, stand on the right
side of the Hertz and tap Acid.  At the end of the chiming, you should see
the LunaFrag glow for a second.  Go get it. That's LunaFragB.  The picture
of Luna on the bottom is nearly done.  Go into the Castle's Wave Road.  Trans
into the Island Display CC.

In here, take the blue wave thing and walk forward a bit.  You should see a
hertz, a Guide Hertz, and a Mal Wizard.  They're unimportant.  Walk to the
right until you see another Mal Wizard.  He is 
also unimportant.  Keep going
right and up until you see a third Mal Wizard.  Stand next to him and tap 
Acid.  When the thing is over, talk to the Mal Wizard.  He'll toss a virus
at you.  After an easy battle, you get LunaFragF.  
One more to go.  Trans out,
but don't pulse out.  Go over to the Environmental Computer and trans in.  

There's a Hertz right when you walk in.  Ignore him and follow the blue path
until you get to a second Hertz.  Stand next to him and tap Acid.  When the
search is over, talk to the Hertz.  He "accidentally" sends some viruses to
you.  After the battle, he gives you the final LunaFrag.  

|                                  Queen Virgo                       [QVIRGO]|
|                             Also, The Clone Wars                           |

Back at WAZA HQ, bad stuff is happening.  There's a black Omega-Xis looking
at Bud hungrily.  Bud runs up to him and nearly gets gutted.  Lyra is the 
only one that can see the obvious: this one is a fake.  Sonia goes Harp Note
and saves everyone.  Turns out there's a ton of fakes, all in various colors.
Alarms go off and everyone freaks out.  Turns out the Commandos have a secret
weapon just for such an emergency, but they need Acid to help get it working
so that it doesn't kill everyone.  

Some cool stuff goes on.  Ace is a total badass.  Nothing unusual here.  Acid
goes back to Ace, and Geo has to take the Astro Wave to WAZA.  I assume you 
know how to get there from here, so get up on that Astro Wave.  

Once in the Astro Wave, a massive amount of Noise shows up.  Make your way
toward Astro Wave 1.  I advise you save before you actually get into the
Astro Wave, because you're about to get your Noise Form.  Walk into Astro
Wave 1.  Cutscene begins and a comic relief villain from SF2 appears.  He's
pissed that you never read his crappy scripts, so now he's going to drown
you in Noise.  He surrounds you with viruses, which you now get to battle.

After the battle, you get your first Noise Form.  It's completely random,
so if you don't like it and you saved when I said to, you can reset and get 
a new one.  The viruses are gone and Dark Phantom is like HAH YOU'RE FOLLOWING
MY SCRIPT MWAHAHAHA!  Apparently, his script called for giving you more power.
Odd.  Anyway, he leaves, so walk up to the pink gate and tap the blue popup
to open it.  Follow the two blue wave things to get to the WAZA warp.  

Harp Note is in trouble.  A copy is about to kill her when Omega-Xis comes
in from nowhere and backhands it into oblivion.  Tia and Virgo are up on yet
another high place.  Damn, their family isn't at all afraid of heights, are 
they?  Anywho, more copies show up and Mega wants to murderlize them all. 
Ace tells Harp Note to go protect the main computer room, and you get to stay
out here and protect the wall.  When you're ready, tell Omega-Xis yes, and
get to killing.  Some battle Wizards come out to be bait and keep the copies
away from the wall, though they can't kill any of the copies.  The object is
to run around and kill all the copies before they get to the gate.  After
you kill a bunch, it shows Megaman and Omega-Xis killing one more.  Some
more copies come and break down the wall in seconds.

When you're inside, head for the blue room.  You now need to defend this area.
There's a catch, though; both this room and the room up the stairs are targets
so you'll have to run back and forth between the two.  You'll be told when
to switch, though, so don't just run up and down.  Some more battle Wizards
come in.  It's like they have an infinite number of these things.  After 
killing a bunch more, the guys over by the elevator need a hand.  Go over
there and help them.

More copies are on their way.  You know the drill, kill them.  After you kill
a ton more, it's time to go up the elevator.  Go into the command center and
prepare to fight more.  Bud Wave Changes and goes to protect Dr. Goodall with
Harp Note.  Time to kill more clones.   There's a lot more area to protect 
now, and they're still coming.  Once they're done, the program is done.  All
the copies can now be killed at once.  

All the copies get killed.  Tia Wave Changes into Jailbait Virgo.  Ace then
reveals an epic secret: he can Wave Change too.  He's Transcode 001.  You're
Transcode 003.  Then who is.. Transcode 002?  Dun worry, you'll find out in a
little bit.  Anyway, even Omega-Xis is impressed by Ace's abilities.  You 
get a call from Zack, who's in some trouble because Dark Phantom showed up.
It's now time to go kick his ass, leaving Virgo to Ace.  Head over to the
elevator and into the main computer room.  Dark Phantom is there and he wants
your Ace Program.  Taurus and Harp stand up to help fight, and Dr. Goodall
says that all of them are willing to do what's necessary to save Luna.  Geo
Wave Changes and Dark Phantom flees like a coward into the computer.  

Get to the Wave Station and pulse in.  Follow the path, ignoring the first
blue wave thing and stepping on the second.  Keep going left here until you
get to the Main Computer CC Access point.  Trans in.

Take the path near the top of this big purple rectangle.  There should be a
broadcast Hertz standing there.  Go left until you get to another purple 
square, and then up to get to a rectangle.  From there go right until you
get to a big purple rectangle, and up until you get to a small purple 
square.  Go down to another square, right to an oddly shaped thing, and while
still in the oddly shaped area, go up until you see a purple square with
another broadcast Hertz on it.  From that square, go left.  Dark Phantom is
just one square away, so save if you'd like.

Mini Boss Battle:  Dark Phantom
Difficulty:  Easy
At 900 HP, he's a step down from Club.  Kill this nubsauce.
Phantom Hand:  A hand occasionally pops up in front of you and tries to hit
               you.  Easy to dodge.
Pimp Cane:     Phantom steps in front of you and hits you with the cane.
Phantom Grab:  He stops and shoots a hand out of his chest at you.
Flamboyance:   He comes up close to you and, uh, spins around.  Use your Y
               Shield to block.

After an absurdly easy battle(seriously, my final time was 00:10:30), he goes
emo and leaps to his death.  However, Mega sets up for him to return in future
games by saying he'll probably come back.  

Anyway, you get a message.  Go to the front of HQ.  Save
 and then gooutside.  
Ace has been dodging without hitting back, and when Virgo confronts him 
about it, accusing him of going easy, he attacks, scoring a critical hit
for massive damage.  Ace then collapses.  Turns out being Wave Changed is
really bad for his health because Acid is man-made.  Since Ace can't fight,
it's now up to us to kill Virgo.  Er, I mean, beat Virgo.

Boss Battle:  Queen Virgo
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
Difficulty:  Medium
She's got 1200 HP.  I hope you have some Elec cards, because she can be pretty
difficult.  If you can get your Noise up to 200% or above, then enter the 
Custom screen, you can Finalize, which is when you become the thing on the game
Aqua Barrier:  Not really an attack, but it's something she does.  She'll stop
               and create a swrling barrier thing that blocks all attacks while
               it's up.  If you hit it, it will launch a shockwave at you.
Aqua Dragon:   She slams her staff down, creating a dragon that goes down 
               every row.  It it hits you, it'll trap you in a bubble.
Sticky Rain:   Exactly like the cards, except on four panels.  Your Y Shield
               can block this.  

Jailbait, in a sort of irony, is now herself on her way to jail.  They're 
about to start putting Luna back together, and seeing as we still have the
LunaFrags, we kind of need to be there.  Go back to the main computer room.
There's a cutscene, nothing important happens except Luna's back.  Yay.  
Because I really wanted her back.  At least now I don't have to search for
those damn LunaFrags and the two Prez Pals can stop being emo.  You get the
option to save, and this chapter is now over.

|                                Intermission 4                      [INTRM4]|

Heartless and King are plotting.  It involves Jack, who has been being a very
bad boy.  King is all like "I'M AN EVIL MAN BUT I'M STILL A PARENT MWAHAHAHA
LET HIM BE" about Jack.  Back in the classroom, the three guys are talking
about WAZA and the state it's in.  WAZA is all but destroyed.  And then the
discussion topic changes to Bud, who apparently has been hiding something.  
Zack makes a guess and is horribly wrong, but we don't know that yet.  Prez
comes in and starts asking Bud about his secret.  Bud runs off and then Luna
turns on Geo and Zack.  She mentions that something important is going on 
tomorrow, but Zack and Geo have no idea what that something is.  Turns out
that tomorrow is the school election.  Luna doesn't remember being dead at 
all, but she knows she was a pain in the ass and decides not to kill you for
forgetting that tomorrow was a big day.

Zack comes up with yet another idiotic theory, and now it's time to go secure
more votes for Luna.  Zack's handling the students, so it's up to you to get
the teachers on your side. The Spica Mall Candy Shop is now open, by the way.
Anyway, before we do anything else, we need more defensive power.  We're going
into a Noise Wave.  Pulse in and go to Bud's house.  Examine his bed to open
the Noise Wave.  As Megaman, examine the Noise Wave to enter it.  Keep going
left and up until you see a BMW.  This is an Ability Wave, and this particular
Ability is Undershirt/60.  Now, if you have more than 1 HP and get hit by an
attack that does more damage than you have HP, it'll reduce you to 1 instead.

Leave the Noise Wave through the large hole that's on the bottom of the far
left side.  Anyway, back to the story, go to the Science Club Room and talk
to the large generic man sprite known as the teacher Damon Crow.  Now go to
the first floor and talk to the man in the snack shop.  Go up to the second
floor to see Mr. Shepar, who completely ignores your greeting and tells you
to go help the gardener.  Go up to the roof to find out that the new gardener
is none other than Damian Wolfe.  Pulse in, get on the Wave Road, and trans
into the sprinkler.   In the very center, where the tutorial viruses were,
there's a Noise cluster.  When the viruses are gone, the Noise cluster also
vanishes.  Then you walk away and when you trans out, the Noise returns.

|                                  Jack Corvus                       [JCCRVS]|

A cutscene occurs in which King is an ass to Jack.  Heartless discusses some
plot-relevant items.  Jack walks away and starts scheming.  He wants to bust
his sister out of jail, but first he wants to deal with Megaman.  When that's
over, you're back at school, just outside the Sprinkler.  Pulse out and go
talk to Damian Wolfe.  Go back to the second floor, go into the classroom,
and speak to that bossy witch.  She has more for you to do.  

You get a message from Ace.  He wants to meet you in the Main Computer CC.
Leave the school, go over to the Wave Station outside Geo's house, and make
your way to the Astro Wave.  Go to WAZA, get to the Wave Station once you're
there.  Go up the stairs, up the elevator, and use the Wave Station to get
onto the Wave Road.  Get to the Access point and trans in.  Make your way 
to the back, where you fought Dark Phantom, and save before you step onto
the big square at the end.  It's time to fight Ace.

Mini Boss Battle:  Acid Ace
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Moderate
Only 800 HP, but he's got enough attacks to be a pain.  And he's pretty fast,
so even if you lock on, you still might not hit him
MechFlame:     Exactly like the card.  He shoots fire forward.
Wide Wave:     Exactly like the card.  A three-panel wide water blast.
Sqall:         Exactly like the card.  It's a tornado.
StealthLaser:  Exactly like the card.  He shoots lasers.
GroundWave:    Exactly like the card.  It'll change direction once.
Buzz Saw :     Exactly like the card.  Seriously, he has no original moves.
DoubleSlash:   An original move.  Sort of.  If ripping off Protoman counts as
               an original move.  He locks on and slashes twice with his
Ace Laser:     An original move.  He fires a laser down all three columns.
               Use the Y Shield to block it.
Wing Blade:    An original move.  He dashes down a column, his wings damaging
               the column on either side.  You can block if on the columns 
               hit by the wings, but not on the one hit by the body.

Yeah, he wasn't all that hard.  Harp Note and Taurus Fire show up.  Turns out
Ace was battling you as part of a test.  You're now a Satella Police Commando
along with Ace and the other two.  Bud's real secret is that he's been 
training with Ace every day to get stronger.  Turns out there WAZA HQ is still
pretty messed up.  They now need to rely on children with super powers to
save the world, as if that isn't what's been going on for two games.  At 
least this game actually has the kids join the law enforcement, unlike BN
which just had them as ordinary kids throught six games.  

Ace comes up with a cool Purpose that Omega-Xis likes, but no one other than
those two like it.  Ace reluctantly changes it to "Foil Dealer Plan", which
for some reason the rest of them like better.  Ace becomes your Brother, so
whoo, more LP for you.  100 LP more, holy crap that's a lot.  Sonia, Bud,
Luna, and Zack all only gave 60.  Ace then drops the mental bomb on us:  If
we don't fulfill our Purpose, the world could be destroyed.  Good bye, happy
atmosphere, we'll miss you.  A generic Commando sprite reports into Ace,
saying that the mysterious other member declined, and then he falls to one
knee because said other member beat him up.  He then runs off to go get his
ass kicked again. 

ALARMS ARE GOING OFF.  Turns out there's some bad stuff going down in Echo
Ridge.  Some viruses have appeared in the Real World.  Looks like the newly
formed special division of the Commandos are about to get their first mission
as a Team.  Leave the building and use the outside Wave Station to enter the
Wave Road.  Go up to the Astro Wave and head toward Echo Ridge.  There's 
some Noise blocking the path.  With some help from Taurus and Harp Note, the
Noise is removed.  Keep going and there will be even more Noise.  Kill it.

When you finally get to the Echo Ridge warp, go down to the Wave Station and
go over to the park.  Luna and Zack are trapped by viruses.  There's a
three-round virus battle.  They save the day, some random talking, blah blah
blah.  There's virus activity in WBG studios.  Head over there now.  We're
nearly to a part of the game that a ton of people post stupid help topics
about, just so you know.  Anyway, go to the Wave Station and get yourself
to the Astro Wave.

There's an assload of Noise when you first get there.  It forms a big door.
Your buster doesn't even affect it, and Prez calls you with bad news.  Echo
Ridge isn't as safe as you so naively thought when you ran into space.  Since
you can't continue through the Astro Wave anyway, looks like you get to help
the good people of Echo Ridge.  Step on the warp.  There's a cutscene,
Noise Waves are explained, and Geo and Mega volunteer to explore one.  Much

When you're back on control, examine that thing to go inside.  If you've
been following this guide to the letter, you've been in a Noise Wave before,
if you haven't, I'm not going to explain.  Once you're inside, head right
and go up to the Noise Hertz.  From the Noise Hertz, go up and then left until
you can see another Noise Wave exit.  You end up in WBG studios, where
Taurus and Harp are having issues with the rapidly-regenerating viruses.

First up is Taurus.  Go up to the tennis court, and watch the bottom screen.
When it starts to get all buggy, face toward the viruses and press A to
reveal another Noise Wave.  Where you appear is generated randomly, so look
around for a Noise Hertz who says he's in a practice match.  To the right of
him is a Noise cluster.  Examine it and it'll be destroyed.  Then go back to
the Noise Hertz who's in a practice match and go up to get to the exit. 

Yay, the viruses here are gone.  Time to save Sonia.  Get over to where she
is and go to the end of that mini-pier.  Examine the pond from there to 
find out that the Noise Wave is hidden there.  It looks like your spawn point
in this Noise Wave is fixed, so go right to find the Noise cluster.  Once 
it's gone, go back to the spawn point and head downward to the exit.

Message from Harp Note.  Big Noise Wave over in the Event Stage, request
immediate backup.  Go to the event stage and find the other two.  They're
facing a tree, so examine it to find the Noise Wave.  Just wander around a
bit until a cutscene begins.  They're a freaking huge Noise Cluster and then,
as if things weren't bad enough, Jack comes in.  Turns out this whole thing
was his doing.  Just as he's about to waste you, a cold voice sounds.  A
really big axe/sword thing  comes in and nearly decapitates Jack, and then
the resident badass, Rogue, shows up.  Since Burai sounds cooler, I am going
to refer to him as Burai from now on.  Got it?

Turns out he has a grudge against Dealer.  Jack runs like a coward, Megaman
thanks Burai for helping, and of course gets turned down.  He says to tell 
the Satella Police that he won't work with them, but will at most use them
as a tool.  The Noise vanishes on its own, much to Megaman's suprise.  Now
it's time to find the exit.  From the spot where the cutscene occurred, go
down and left.  From there you should see the exit.  Time to go back to HQ.

Since you can't take the Wave Liner to WAZA HQ yet, take it to Echo Ridge.
Go to the Astro Wave.  Once on the Astro Wave, get to WAZA HQ.  Go over to
the blue stairs.  A cutscene will begin at the bottom.  

Hee, Burai was supposed to be the final member of the team.  However, he's
too badass for such things, so he beat the crap out of the officer that was
sent to recruit him.  There's also a cutscene at Dealer HQ.  Looks like Jack
stole a very important program.  King is finally almost mad enough to order
a hit on Jack, so he has Joker watch over Jack.  If Jack goes just the tiniest
bit overboard, Joker is to delete him with extreme prejudice.  Dude, that's
like, filicide or something.

When the cutscene is over, leave the HQ.  Holy crap, Solo is there.  That
nubtart police officer that got his ass kicked shows up, still chasing Solo.
Solo gets so annoyed, he agrees to join... if the police can catch him.  A 
ton of comic relief police Wizards show up, and then get killed by Solo's
Wizard, Laplace, who is also a total badass.  A lot more comic relief police
Wizards show up, only to get owned by Laplace again.  Except this time, Solo
had Laplace turn into that badass sword/axe thing.  Turns out Dealer is using
stolen technology from Mu, and even mentioning Mu is usually enough to get on
Solo's hit list.  Damn, I feel sorry for Dealer now.

Once he leaves, you get an e-mail.  You can now do a Help quest which will
unlock a WAZA Wave Liner pass, so you can ride the Wave Liner to WAZA.  To 
save time, we should do that now.  Go back inside and up to the 57th floor.
Talk to the girl nearest the Main Computer area, and tap her Help popup to
start.  She wants some ice cream.  Not just any ice cream either, she wants
ice cream from Spica Mall.  Say you'll buy her some ice cream and then go to
the Astro Wave.

Make your way to Alohaha or Echo Ridge.  It doesn't really matter which.
When you arrive, take the Wave Liner to Spica Mall.  Go to the candy shop
and get some ice cream from the large freezer labeled "IE CREAM."  You now
have three minutes to get back to WAZA HQ Command Center.  GOGOGOGOGOGO.

You should get there with over a minute to spare.  I took the Wave Liner to
Echo Ridge, Astro Wave to WAZA, and then just ran up the elevator.  I had
1:40:00 left on the clock.  You spent 50 Zenny on her ice cream, and then 
she gives you 1000 Zenny.  Damn, she really wanted that ice cream.  She also
gives you the Wave Liner ID.  

Now that that's over with, take the Wave Liner to Echo Ridge.  Go to your
house and talk to your mom.  She's freaking out because there were viruses
everywhere and she had no idea where he was.  He pulls some more bs straight
out the ass and she buys it.  Go to your room and sleep, you liar you.

Morning, and your mom is waking you up.  Geo is dreaming about food, for some
odd reason.  Since he wasn't getting up, she was about to get in bd with him,
but he sat up and scared the crap out of her.  It's election day and Prez is
pissed at you for oversleeping.  Go to school and talk to Luna as soon as you
get inside.  She's going to be holding a special meeting, so she wants you
to go get Bud and Zack, then join her on the roof.  

GO to the 2nd floor and enter the classroom.  YAY!  SONIA IS HERE!  And holy
crap, so is Solo.  Solo is just here waiting for Jack, who will probably be
attacking the election.  While Geo is explaining that that's not how you do
things, Jack shows up, according to Solo.  Cut to the roof, where all of the
candidates are giving their speeches to a crowd of generic sprites.  It's now
Luna's turn, and since she's the only candidate not using a generic sprite,
she gets the most cheers.  

Jack then appears.  He's about to torch the building in order to get Geo to
come out.  Wolf and Wolfe are over on the other side of the elevator, just
watching the scene unfold.  Wolfe wants to fight him, and Wolf points out 
that there's no way they can win.  Wolfe doesn't intend to win, he just wants
to hold Corvus off long enough to give Geo time to get there.  Luna has to
be all badass and command Corvus to stop.  She then walks up to the edge of
the building, and Jack kind of freaks out because he saw her get nailed by a
fully charged laser, yet she's somehow alive.  A tone more dark flames appear,
and all of a sudden there's a large blue wolf standing near the stage.  

You're still in the class room, and the sheer amount of Noise in the area is
keeping the doors held shut.  Geo's about to smash down the door when Solo
proves that he really just doesn't care about causing some destruction here
and there.  After scaring the crap out of Zack, he calls in Laplace and has
him become that awesome sword/axe blade thing.  He cuts a massive hole in
the floor and leaps down it, heading for the Wave Station.  Time to follow.

Because the creators didn't feel like creating a new room that was only going
to be used once, the game mentions that you're now in the faculty room and
see another hole in the wall.  You then end up in the hallway of the first
floor.  Because Bud and Sonia don't have a sexy Ace Program like you, the 
Noise prevents them from going further.  Head over to the Wave Station and
enter the Wave Road.  Start up the ramp.  Burai, apparently, has far too much
badass to be affected by simple Noise, so he just walks right on in.  

This isn't like normal Noise Waves.  There's no exit.  The only way out is to
kill the huge beast made of Noise that appears.  To do this, you must play a 
simple minigame.  It's pretty fun.  Use the D-Pad to move the cursor, and 
press B to fire at the spot the cursor is on.  IF you fail to delete all the
little Noise bits fast enough, to you get hit by them.  Three hits and you
have to start over.  Once you destroy all the little bits, Burai will fly
over to it and slash it with Laplace.  

When it's dead, head up the ramp to the second floor.  When you get there,
there's another Noise Wave, so prepare to play the minigame again.  This
time it's green and takes more hits to kill.  When it's dead, head toward
the roof to find yet another Noise Wave.  This one is blue and takes more
hits to kill than the green.  Keep going up the ramps when it's dead until
you get to the final Noise Wave.  This one is purple and again, stronger than
the last one.  Burai slashes it multiple times with Laplace and it still 
isn't dead, so Geo charges his Megabuster and nails it, finishing it off.
Burai gets pissed and pulses out of the Noise Wave.  When you get back on
the Wave Road, you should save, because it's time to fight Burai.  Walk over
toward the warp and he'll appear to kick your ass.

Mini Boss Battle:  Burai
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Medium
1000 HP.  But he's fast and can use statuses.  All I can really say is do your
best to dodge and hit him with your strongest cards.  That's really just the
strategy for every boss.  A good strategy, however, would be to use cards that
break panels, because he can get trapped by them.  If you fill your folder with
a ton of Normal Standard cards, you can raise your Noise up to 200% and access
the Meteor Server, which will give you access to powerful cards.  
3-Hit Combo:  He warps in front of you and hits you three times.  
Rogue Break:  He jumps in front of you and slams Laplace down, breaking two
RocketPunch:  He stops in the middle row and fires punches at you.  They cause
              Confusion if they hit.
LaplaceSlap:  Similar to the BeastSlap card, he slashes Laplace in a 3x2 range
              and does multiple hits.  

Step into the warp and go up to the roof.  Wolfe was getting his ass kicked,
so he's relieved when Megaman shows up to lighten his load.  It's now time
for a boss battle.

Boss Battle:  Jack Corvus
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
Difficulty:  Moderate
1400 HP.  And weak to Aqua.  If you have Queen Virgo and/or Diamond Ice,
put it in to make it easier.  Mainly use Aqua.  Score some critical hits for
massive damage.  
Summon Ghost:  Purple ghosts fly down the columns and try to get you.
Wicked Blade:  He goes two squares in front of you and tries to cut you.
Wicked Flame:  He flies up in the air and starts raining down purple flames
that crack the panels he hits.  
CorvusTunnel:  He 
flies in from a direction.  The only way to avoid this is
               to dodge it by going to the far left or far right panel.  The
               panels he's going to hit will flash red before he actually
               attacks, so it's easy to dodge.

Whoo, Jack is now dead.  Or at least, covered in explosions.  He collapses
to the ground when he stops exploding, and Joker leaves.  Time to announce
the election results, and as predicted, the winner was the only non-generic
sprite that ran.  You get the option to save when it's all over.

|                                Intermission 5                      [INTRM5]|

King is laughing because his victory is now all but assured.  He's destroyed
every WAZA HQ in the world and Meteor G is now under almost under his
complete control.  Joker has an idea, and Joker's ideas are never fun.  This
is not going to be fun.

When that's over, you're in Geo's room, and he babbles for a bit.  Leave your
room and talk to your mom.  She's worried because she thinks you're going to
go into space, turn into an EM being, and get stranded for years.  When she's
done, leave the house.

Holy giant hair, Batman, Luna's stalking you again!  She's all excited as she
fantasizes about her dictatorial reign as student body president, and then
she starts referring to herself in the third person.  And now she wants to 
hear people praisisng her.  ANd out of nowhere, she starts singing.  WHAT THE
HELL, WOMAN?!?!?!  And drooling.  Seriously.  Vogue points out that Geo is
watching her, and she completely snaps out of it.  Time to go to class.

Speaking of class, what are we going to do about the two massive holes Solo
left?  Walk into school to find out... they're gone.  Huh.  Mr. Shepar says
something like "HAHAHA THERE WAS A HOLE THERE BUT I FIXED IT."  <_<  I don't
know about you, but I'm pretty sure it would take more than twelve hours to
fix a hole the size of a truck.  Anyway, once you're in the classroom, talk
to Luna, who has somehow beat you here.  She wants you to be her spy now.
As if helping her get elected, saving her life, and then bringing her back
to life wasn't enough, she now wants you to spy for her.  This game takes
Alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange and completely shoves it down
the trash can.

Go around and talk to everyone in the room.  Then class begins and there's
an empty seat.  Hee, the teacher asks Bud to solve a problem that doesn't
involve food.  Zack tries to help him, but Bud is still lost.  Bud falls
asleep.  Dude must have narcolepsy or something.  Everyone, including Geo,
laughs at Bud, and Shepar tells Geo to solve it.  Geo, being the lucky 
bastard that he is, is saved by an announcement that a Wizard is going out
of control.  Go down to the main lobby.

Two Wizards are engaged in an epic battle to the death.  Geo pulses in and
tries to break up the fight.  They both turn on him, and now it's time to 
battle.  Defeated, they return to normal, and some Crimson appears.  You
get a call from a generic male police sprite, and he tells you that Spica
Mall is now out of control.  Time to go over there.  Take the Wave Liner.

When you get there, you get a call saying there are three out-of-control
Wizards.  Only one is in the Real World.  Pulse in and head to the T-shaped
area.  You should see the Wizard before you get to him.  Talk to him as
Megaman and a fight will begin.  Defeated, he spawns some Crimson.  Go over
to the Wave Station and pulse into the Wave Road.  Head over to the Access
point that's to the left of the Wave Station.  Trans into the Dentist's CC,
then head left and step on the blue wave thing.  Step into the warp on the
other side of the blue wave thing.  Follow the path to the next area, which
is the Candy Store Wave Road.  Go all the way around the left path until you
get to the Gum Ball Machine CC.  

Head all the way to the left.  There's a red Wizard here.  Kill him, more
Crimson appears.  Trans and pulse out.  Pulse back in and this time, go to
the right, to the Event stage.  Make your way to the Spimo the Cat statue
and trans in.  All the way in the top left part of the X is the third and
final Wizard of Spice Mall.  KEEL HEEM.  When he's dead, you get a call
telling you to go to WAZA HQ.  Trans and pulse out, then head to the Wave
Liner wicket.  Take it to WAZA HQ.

Once there, go inside and talk to the generic policeman sprite standing near
the octagonal desk.  Then go toward the blue room.  Talk to Ace when you see
him to be magically warped to the Command Center.  Mr. Boreal starts talking
about Crimson, elaborating more on its use and formation.  Turns out that 
there's a thing inside Meteor G that spoke to Aaron.  Ace then says that 
Dealer was behind the incident, even though there's no evidence at all to
support it.  Ace then reveals the Meteor G is made of Noise.  Then all the
lights go out.  Someone, or something, used some super stoner hacker powers
to break into WAZA HQ.  And that someone is King.  I can easily sum up King's
speech in a few words.  "THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS."  

Out of control Wizards are now all over WBG Studios.  Take the Wave Liner.
When you arrive, go to the Event Stage.  There's a freaking huge orgy going
on here.  At least, that's what it looks like.  Through some sort of magic,
Ace and Geo manage to take down all of the Wizards.  That, or they collapsed
from sheer exhaustion.  Wow.  An assload of Crimson shows up.  However, it
doesn't fly off like usual.  Acid tells them to look up, and


That freakishly large Laserman copy is standing there.  He holds up a big
thermos and all of the Crimson flies into it.  Ace leaps over a tall stage
in a single bound, on his way to kicking Joker's ass.  Ace tries to cut
him, but Joker is feeling pretty sirius and dodges.  Joker is now somehow
behind Ace.  The big guy is feeling pretty confident and holds up a single
hand, which begins glowing red.  When the Noise level hits 200%, Acid 
Finalizes, and Acid Ace becomes Acid Illegal.  Or, in America, Acid Arrest.
Joker tells him to do what he wants, and the first thing he wants to do is
kill Joker.  Ace then turns on you.  Battle time.

Boss Battle:  Acid Illegal
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Impossible
Don't get hit.  This fight is impossible, as you can't damage him.
  Just last
long enough.  That should be easy, though, as his attacks are all easy to 

Same as Acid Ace.

Ace and Acid are back to normal.  Well, back to what passes as normal for
them.  At least,they appear to be, until they pass out.  A (hardly) mysterious
voice tells Laplace to track Joker.  Back at WAZA, Dr. Goodall is telling
Geo that Ace is pretty banged up.  SO banged up, in fact, she's surprised
he's actually alive.  Ace then walks in, apparently to prove her wrong, until
he falls to one knee.  It's time to take down Dealer by striking their base.

Geo is ordered to go home and sleep.  And in a minorly barf-inducing moment,
that old chief guy turns to Dr. Goodall and says "There are some thing only
adults can do, isn't that right?" or something like that.  I mean, seriously,
ew.  Anyway, you have to obey orders, so go home.  When you get there, talk
to your mom.  She got a call from your teacher that said you left school
early.  Now, I know what you're expecting, you think Geo is going to pull 
some more bs straight out the ass again, but nope, Omega-Xis handles it this
time.  Now that that's over, go to bed.  Save if you wish.    

|                                   Dealer                           [DEALER]|

Geo's dreaming about food again.  Omega-Xis wakes him up for a phone call.  
She starts babbling about how much she used to sleep when she was young.  Geo
get her back on track, though.  She wants you to investigate three places.
The three sites if Wizard attacks, in fact.  And she wants you to investigate
WBG Studios last.  They're probably still cleaning up from the Wizard orgy 
and don't want Geo seeing that.  Anywho, Dealer's been using Noise waves to
get around, so she wants you to investigate.

This is the part that spawns 20 topics a day on the boards.  Finding the 
Noise Waves and locating Dealer's base.  First area:  Echo Ridge Elementary.
Head over there, pulse in when you enter, and examine the principal's 
statue that's in the main lobby.  From where you enter, go up and then right.
Geo down a bit, and right until you see a Wizard.  Start a battle.  When it's
over, talk to him.  Turns out he picked up some weird data.  He gives you the
first piece of the Dealer Access Key.  Now head back to the exit and leave.

Up next is Spica Mall.  Take the Wave Liner to get there.  Once there, go to
the Hunter VG ad that's on the wall.  Examine it to reveal a Noise Wave.
Pulse in and enter it.  Inside this Noise Wave, there's a Noise Hertz that's
singing a Michael Jackson song.  Hilarious.  Anyway, wander around until you 
find a Mal Wizard.  It's in the top-right part of the area, so it shouldn't
take too long.  Talk to him to find out he wants a Cannon card.  If you can
give him one, he'll give you the second piece of the code.  If you can't 
because you put it in a card trader, that sucks.  You'll have to go to the
Big Wave Store and see if the Bargain Bin sells them.  If it doesn't, you'll
have to wait a day for the contents to change.  Go down to the exit.

Now go to the candy shop.  Next to the ice cream bin is a video game.  Press
A on it to reveal, you guessed it, a Noise Wave.  Enter it.  In here is a
hilarious quiz guy.  All he says at first is "...'Sup?"  Choose yes.  Yay,
he's a Quiz Noise!  He wants you to guess his favorite color.  The answer
is yellow.  Next question is about Sonia.  Which item was stolen from her?
Pick bag.  Final question:  How many times has he said "sup"?  Type in 7 and
hit OK.  He gives you the fourth piece, but it isn't the last one you need
as you don't have the third yet.  The exit is visible from right there, so
leave the Noise wave and head to the mall event area.

Go to the very top and examine the stage lights.  There's a Noise Wave here.
Enter it.  Look around for a Noise Hertz.  He should be in the middle left
part of the area.  He gives you the final piece of the access key.  Find the
exit and leave.  Now that you have the whole key, it's time to go to WBG
studios.  Go to the event stage.  When you first enter, there's a guard
Wizard looking at a blank wall.  Examine that wall to find the final Noise
Wave that leadds to Dealer base.  You needed the Access key to open this 
Noise Wave, so now that you have it, it's open.  

From here, head down.  Go over until you see a Noise Hertz.  Go down a bit 
and right some more.  Go down, then right, then down to the black area.  Go
left from the black area until the Noise Hertz you see is on the right edge
of your screen.  Then go down all the way and right until you see a Noise
Hertz.  Go down, right, down, left, and you should see the exit.  Whoo, you
found Dealer's base.  Looks like this place has some crazy sort of shielding
on it that makes it so the only way you could possibly detect it is by seeing
it directly.  

After he goes and makes a quick call for backup, just walk around a but until
a cutscene starts.  Ace shows up Acid, Sonia, Lyra, and an army of generic
police sprites.  Ace says that this may be the last chance you get to stop 
Dealer, so you'd better do your best.  He then changes the Purpose to Crush
Dealer, which I like better than Foil Dealer Plan.  Ace wants you to pulse
in and unlock the door, so hop to it.  Go down two ramps until you see a Wave
Station.  Pulse in and go onto the Wave Road.  Head in the direction of the
door, grabbing the BMW you see on the way.  

From the BMW containing the Dealer Key, ust hold Right on the d-pad until you
get to the Noise Hertz.  Then go down, right, and up until you get to a blue
wave thing.  Step on it and trans into the King Wall CC on the other side.

Once inside, go right and up until you get to the back of the area, where a
MalWizard is standing at a control panel.  Speak to him to initiate battle.  
When he's dead, he'll explode and Geo will unlock the door.  Trans out, pulse
out, and head back to where Ace is.  

Inside, there is a ton of Crimson.  At least a ton.  If not a few tons.  To
foil Dealer's plan, we need to destroy that hugeass tank of Noise.  All of
the generic police sprites pull out laser weapons and start shooting at it. 
It does some sort of thing and nails them all, forcing them to drop to their
knees.  It then tries to murderlize Geo and Sonia, but the redshirt army is
able to push them out of the way in time.  Somehow, two ten year olds and one
17 year old manage to drag six well-muscled police people out of the way of
the giant machine.

Walk left until you get to a Wave Station.  Pulse into the Wave Road and just
hold Down on the D-pad unt you leave the area and go back into Secret Shelter.
Then go right until the path curves aroun back into the Crimson Factory.  The
road in here is fragmented, similar to Cygnus and Gemini's scenarios in SF1.
In order to fix it, you have to trans into the Crimson Machine, so go ahead.

Run up until you see a Noise Hertz.  He'll explain card flipping.  This first
one is simple, just run down the row.  I'll be using pictures for the upcoming
puzzles, because they're a lot harder than that one.  Follow the path until 
you're at the next puzzle.  Solution:
From there, keep going.  The path only branches a few times and they're dead
ends, so it's not hard to figure out what path to take.  
Here's the solution
for the next puzzle:

Keep going.  Here's the fourth:
Go along the short path.  A cage comes out of nowhere and traps you.  Is this
the end for our heroes?  I think not, as Harp Note comes in and saves you.
You trans out automatically, leaving her to suffer in the Noise.  

Anyway, the Wave Road is fixed.  Head into the second Crimson Machine area.
Follow the path to the first puzzle.  Solution:
Keep going.  Next puzzle:
Next puzzle:
After that puzzle, you should see a BMW containing a Mega Weapon.  This is the
Titan Glove.  With 5 Attack, it's a lot better than the starting bust, which
I was still using because I didn't feel like picking up any others.  I don't
even need a picture for the next one because it's just a simple run through.

Time for the next area.  Still pretty straightforward.  First puzzle:
Next one:
Final one:
Now, just follow the path.  Yeah, there is another set of cards, but it's
another one of those just walk through kind of things.

Holy snap, this entire machine is run using technology stolen from Mu.  You're
about to get murderlized by the machine, when all of a sudden, a voice from
nowhere sounds and you're fine.  You shoot the machine, it deactivates, and
you automatically trans out.  Before you get control, the camera goes left to
show Laplace in blade form sticking out of the machine.  That's right, Solo
just saved your ass.  Anywho, follow the path until you get to another Wave
Station.  Step on the teleport spot to go back down to the ground.  Walk
through the door.  

Cool, Dealer's base.  Ace comes in and tells you to stay there.  Heh, no.  I
advise saving before you go up the stairs.  Battle time.

Boss Battle:  Acid Illegal
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Medium
Pretty freaking awesomely, you can actually damage him this time.  

Same as Acid Ace.

Afterward, it looks like Ace was in control the whole time.  At least, that's
how it looks until he slashes you in the stomach in a fit of rage.  At least,
you think he did it in a fit of rage, when he really did it so you'd stay
there and not get owned by Joker.  When you get control, save again and
head up the stairs.  Turns out Acid and Joker were made from the same program
and that the weird black Acid Ace is actually Acid's Finalized form.  Joker
then Finalizes and it's time to battle him.

Boss Battle:  Dread Joker
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Kinda Hard
Uh, he has 1600 HP.  That's beastly.  Add in that he has one attack that's
nearly undodgeable, and you have yourself some pain.  Dodge all the attacks
that you can, unload your most powerful combos on him in between his attacks,
and hope he doesn't murderlize you.  

Dread Architecture:  He punches the ground, materializing some awesome obelisk
Joker Missiles:      He starts shooting a freaking ton of missiles at you.  A
                     pretty hard to dodge attack, as you can block it, but 
                     your shield will expire before he's done shooting.
Terrorism:           A huge bomb appears.  It hits the entire field and deals
                     Breaking damage.
I Know Kung Fu:      He charges a bit, then appears in front of you and starts
                     kicking like a madman.  It's kind of funny.
Dread Ballerina:     He, uh, kinda dances.  He stands in one place and twirls
                     a bit.  Use your Y Shield for this attack.

Joker reverts to normal after the fight.  He and his oddly potato-shaped head
are done.  Harp Note shows up, and oddly enough, Heartless was betting on
you, instead of Joker.  Most interesting.  She snaps her fingers and giant
playing card materializes, carrying King and her a few feet into the air.  
Jack and Jailbait show up out of nowhere.  King starts chuckiling as Jack
tells him that Dealer is done.  Oh snap, not only is Joker not defeated, he's
got his insane teleportation powers back.  This does not bode well for our 
heroes.  Especially when he starts charging up Noise for a self-destruct.  
Ace has a crowning moment of awesome as he Finalizes and takes on Joker, 
absorbing the Noise into himself.  

As he explodes, there's a lovely little scene between Tia and Ace.  I suppose
shippers of this pair are going to use a ridiculous name like Tiace or some
other silly thing.  There is a massive amount of Crimson.  So much, in fact,
that the ordinary Crimson sprites just weren't dramatic enough, so they made
them bigger.  You get the option to save.

|                                   Endgame                          [ENDGME]|

It looks like Acid and Ace are now dead.  OR ARE THEY?  A quick examination
of your Save Screen will reveal that Ace's Brother Band is still there.  Do
not worry, however, Ace is less of a pain than Luna, so no going around
collecting AceFrags.  

Cutscene on the school roof.  Everyone's sad that Ace is gone.  Geo actually
starts crying.  He falls to his hands and knees and starts crying.  He didn't
cry when Luna died, and he certainly didn't fall to the ground, sobbing
hysterically.  Proof that Geo doesn't like Luna as much as her fans would
like to think.  Omega-Xis tells Geo to man up, and Luna goes hypocritical
when she tells them all they need to just shut up.  FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE

Anywho, time to go home.  Leave the school building and a cutscene will begin.
Heartless and King are in a cool looking lair.  Now that Meteor G is under
his total control, King has decided to make his plan known.  We get a look at
what's going on around the world.  Looks like Strong is back to his old self.
King then fires a FRICKING HUGE LASER BEAM from his moon base.  National WAZA
HQ is now covered in little red rectangles.  Talk to your four friends to 
begin a cutscene.

Dr. Goodall was munched by the Jamming.  Time to go to WAZA and save her.
Step onto the Wave Liner thing and go to WAZA HQ.  Mega starts bragging
about his strength and then comes out and starts hitting the Jamming.  This
part is pretty simple.  Pulse in and enter the Noise Wave on the far left.
Keep going right once you're in there.  Virus battle.  Once it's done, the
two of you pulse out.  Talk to Dr. Goodall.  Everything has been transferred
to Alohaha.  Go there, go to the castle, head toward the back.

So yeah, the Castle's computer is apparently the only one powerful enough to
do all the stuff that WAZA's did.  Looks like WAZA is now ant-Meteor G.  Dr.
Goodall reminds you that you have a mother, who is probably worried sick that
you're dead in a ditch somewhere.  Anyway, cut to the Orbital Base, where
King is complaining that something is weakening Meteor G's Jamming.  Heartless
points out that it's under his complete control, so if he's telling it full
power, it should be using full power.  King realizes there must be someone
outside of WAZA screwing with him.  He tells Heartless to look into it.

Once you get control, time to go home.  If you'll notice, Solo is standing
to the right of the stairs that lead up to the castle.  You can now battle
Burai whenever you want.  Completely optional.  Go to Echo Ridge and go
into Geo's house.  Your mom is, stereotypically as usual, in the kitchen.
She goes into angst mode pretty quickly, tells you how much she worries...
and then goes back to the kitchen.  You then get a message from




Oh, it's just a message telling you he's gone from this world.  Notice he
didn't use the word "dead."  There's also a WingBlade Giga-class card 
attached to the email.  Geo completely disregards everything his mother just
said to him and decides to fight anyway.  Go to your room, go to bed, save
if you want.

Geo's now angsting in his dreams.  Oh lord.  Joker comes in and says it like
it is, and then gives you advice on how not to be a wuss.  And then Acid Ace
shows up and pulls some reverse angst.  And then your dad comes in.  What is
this, a seance?  Oh, and look at that manly stubble.  Geo wakes up and wonders
if that was a dream.  Of course it wasn't a dream.  Three supposed dead people
just pop into real life all the time.

Anyway, once you're awake, Boreal calls you.  He wants you to watch tv.  When
you get control, leave your room.  Hell yes, Lee used his super stoner hacker
moves to broadcast a message around the world.  He then gives a badass speech 
that wouldn't be out of place at the rebel alliance meeting.  Belle is really
only on the screen because Ice felt she wasn't getting adequate screentime,
so as usual she has absolutely nothing to contribute to the plot.  Crap, King
saw the message.  

HOLY LASER BEAMS OF DEATH.  A freaking HUGE laser floods WBG Studios with
Jamming.  Holy hell.  Looks like we need to go save Lee and Belle.  Through
some magic, the tv shuts itself off.  I'm liking this future technology.
Geo shouts that he needs to go help the Studio, but his mom was lurking in
the kitchen as usual, so she heard you.  Geo tells her that there's something
he has to do that no one else can.  Hope then has a flashback.  Turns out Geo
is almost a carbon copy of his dad.  Perhaps that's why there's only one 
bedroom.  Hope has subconsciously replace Kelvin with Geo in her mind, and is
using Geo for everything she once got from Kelvin.

Once you get control, go to WBG Studios.  Go up the street, up the stairs, 
and to the building.  Which looks like it's covered in Alpha's vomit.  
Omega-Xis is just mentioning that how unfortunate it is that there's no one 
who can tell you how many people are trapped in WBG Studios.  Cue the call
from Aaron Boreal.  Isn't it amazing how everything in Geo's life just seems
to fall into place?  Looks like Belle and Lee are trapped, and super stoner
hacker powers aren't going to get them out of this one.  

Mega comes and rips the wall a new one.  Or rather, three new ones.  Pulse 
in and enter the middle Noise Wave.  Go right to find Belle.  Talk to Belle
and then leave.  Enter the far left Noise Wave and find Lee.  Yay, they're 
safe.  Geo... wow.  And then more copies show up.  Battle time.  Hmm.  We're
now out of ideas involving Dealer and finding them.  Cue the shady email
intended to further the plot.  

When you get control back, go to Echo Ridge, pulse in, and make your way to 
the Astro Wave.  Keep going into Astro Wave 2, where there's a gate blocking
the path.  There's also a guy standing there, looking, uh... flamboyant.  
He's holding up traffic.  Battle him. 

Mini Boss Battle:  Moon Destroyer
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  What difficulty?
Oh wow.  Ooooooooh wow.
  This guy is easy.  Easier than easy.  Kill him.  He
is quite possibly the easiest boss in this entire game.  He is to this game
what Gutsman was to the entire Battle Network series.  His attacks are easy 
to dodge, his counter frame is glaringly obvious to spot, he moves slower 
than molasses in snow, and he's bright yellow.  Seriously, this is an easy

Attacks:  I'm not going to lie, this is the one boss I actually had to pull
          his attacks off the Boss FAQ.  Credit goes to the dude who wrote
          it, because I beat him before he used any attacks.  Copied and
          pasted from his guide, so the format's different and more 
- Moon Cutter: After bouncing for a while, Moon Destroyer will spin across
a row, sending down Moon Cutters down every column once. They inflict Panic
on you if they hit.

How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.

- Comet Pitcher: Moon Destroyer jumps up and holds up a comet in his hand
before pitching it over to where MegaMan's standing. Deals Break damage
and cracks affected panel.

How to Avoid: Dodge.

- Kick Combo: MegaMan's area flashes red, and Moon Disaster rushes from
the either row, spinning all the way to the opposite side while swinging
his leg around. After that, MegaMan's panel flashes red,
and Moon Destroyer delivers an Axe Kick that cracks the affected panel.
Axe Kick deals Break damage. Version 1 does not Axe Kick.

How to Avoid: Shield Spinning Kick, Dodge Axe Kick.

- Crescent Flurry: Moon Destroyer hovers in the middle panel and lots of
small crescents start spinning around him, before one by one, all eight
of these small moons home towards MegaMan and are able to deal multi-hit
damage. It seems he only uses this attack when he's low on health.

How to Avoid: Dodge (Scarce) or Shield (Convenient).

Well, now that that's over with, keep going in that direction.  You don't 
turn at all, so it's pretty wasy to get there.  When you get to the pink
gate, tap the Dealer access key thing.  The blue square on the bottom screen
that gets bigger when you're near the door.  Cutscene.  Heartless still has
yet to figure out what's limiting King's control of Meteor G.  Jack and 
Jailbait show up.  We get a backstory on these two, and some stuff happens.
King cancels their Wave Changes and captures them, laughing the whole time.

Then, the binds dissolve, and King goes WHAT.  Heartless goes over and tells
him that she was the one who freed them.  She lets out her own evil laugh,
and announces she's been planning to backstab him all along.  Now that Joker
is out of the way, she can continue with her plan.  Looks like Joker was 
actually the only loyal subordinate he had.  All four of his others were
traitorous fiends that turned on him when they felt it was most convenient.
Heartless opens up a black hole underneath him and sucks him into Meteor G.
She even gets out a "You will pay for your sins!" line.  She is easily the
most badass character in this game.  She has more balls than Geo, Bud, Zack,
and Ace combined.  

Oh snap.  Jailbait's wish, the one she's been obsessing over the entire game,
is to crash Meteor G into the Earth.  Is she nuts?  Even after Heartless
reveals that doing so would end 80% of life on Earth, incliding most humans,
they still want to go through with it.  Heartless, knowing that Megaman is
going to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment later on, lets them go into the Meteor
COntrol CC to alter its course and set it to attack Earth.  

Back in control, head into the warp.  You're now at Orbital base.  From here,
go down the ramp and to te right.  Step on the blue wave thing, then the Wave
Station access point.  Cutscene time.  

Well hello, sexy, we really need to stop meeting like this.  Wait, Heartless
knows that you're Geo Stelar?  Wow, absolutely everyone knows, don't they?
Anyway, she introduces herself, Mega points out she's King's right hand, and
then we find out what the cutscene revealed a while ago.  She explains all 
that stuff.  Also, we get a good look at the Meteor G Control comp.  Which, 
oddly enough, looks like a Pokeball.  Interesting, neh?  

We need to stop the meteor.  Heartless lets us know, FOR ONCE, we get it 
straight.  No one tells us it's too dangerous.  No one tells us to let the 
authorities handle it.  No one says we're just kids.  For once, we get a
person who tells us that we're Earth's last hope, that everything is up to 
us.  We have to stop Jack and Tia now.

Through some unexplained magic(perhaps Heartless has her own super stoner
hacker moves?), we end up right at the access point.  Tap it to go in.  Go
around until you get to a purple area with a Noise Hertz.  Go up and left 
to another purple area.  Follow the yellow path up and right to a third 
purple area.  From here go left, then right, then left again, taking the 
upper path each time.  Step onto the big square.  You have arrived at the 

You're too late.  Meteor G's course has already been altered to crash into
Earth, and the controls are locked.  Now, it's time for a generic villain
rant about how his childhood was so terrible.  Oh, woe is me, I used to be a
prince, but then my daddy got horribly owned by the economy, and now I'm a
sad little orphan being raised by a madman!  Also, as shown by the younger 
sprite, Tia wasn't always Jailbait.  She used to be a Loli.  After a massive
amount of missiles fly around, exploding haphazardly, and then out of nowhere
it starts raining or snowing or something.  Seriously, what?

I think their father is related to Dr. Regal from Battle Network.  Seriously,
their plan is the same as his.  Society has finally crossed the line and 
must be eradicated so that a new society, a perfect society, can be rebuilt
on its ashes.  Jack pulls a Noise Card out and summons Spade Magnes.  Battle
time.  This is Spade Magnes V2.

Oh, and one last thing; if you want to fight Spade Magnes V2 so you can get
the Card, do it now.  Once you fight Spade Magnes V2 here, the game counts
him as being defeated in Echo Ridge.  Refer to the Boss Location section
for more info.

Boss Battle:  Spade Magnes V2
Element:  Elec
Weakness:  Grass
Difficulty:  Easy
Only 800 HP?  Pssh.  Weaksauce.  
Same as Spade Magnes.

He explodes in an overly dramatic fashion.  Then it turns out Jack and Tia
actually were not lying, the controls are locked.  Time to talk to Heartless.
Trans out, pulse out, then head over to her.  Geo and Omega-Xis, like any
rational being, want to know what the hell is going on.  This is when Geo's
mind  nearly explodes.  Turns out that not only is Kelvin alive, not only is
Heartless an old friend of his, and not only is he now an EM being, he is 
actually inside Meteor G, fighting it.  I wish you were allowed to type in
the dialogue, because when I met him, my words would be "You, sir, are a 
badass of the fourth level."  Seriously, awesome.  

For some reason, probably due to spriter laziness, Heartless wore that sexy
dress even way back when.  BUM BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUUUM.  Cue the call from Aaron
Boreal.  Looks like the Jamming has cleared up, which is good.  Heartless
gives you KelvinFolder, which is also nice.  Go over to the Wave Station, 
pulse in, and head in a south-easterly direction until you get to a yelow
path that's twice as wide as the others.  At the end of the double-path, 
there's a blue-wave thing.  Step on it and then follow the path until you 
get back to the Astro Wave warp.  

From there, go to WAZA.  You can get their via Astro Wave, or you can go to
Alohaha/Echo Ridge and take the Wave Liner.  Either way, go inside HQ and up
to the 57th floor.  Talk to Boreal.  We're now going to be part of Team Star
Force.  And then Lee and Woody come in.  We then get a picture of a massive
Wave Station, which is going to send us into space.  Rather, it will send is
into Woody's rocket, which we'll then use as a sort of armored tank that will
let us go into Meteor G.  They also want Lee to use his super stoner hacker
moves to build a Real Wave barrier so Megaman won't get fried on the way 
into space.  I don't see why this is necessary, as Megaman had no problem 
going into space in the first game.  And that time, he was actually going 
into deep space, not into a rocket that's in orbit around Earth.  Quite odd.

Heartless walks in.  Turns out Kelvin is slowing Meteor G, so we have two 
days instead of the twelve hours that WAZA predicted.  Then a Noise Wave
opens and King floats in.  Oh snap, he's not a human anymore.  He's now a 
Wizard.  He charges a laser, and fires it at Heartless for betraying him.  
Before she gets hit, Megaman pulls another light-speed movement and blocks 
the laser.  After he leaves, you get an e-mail from Luna telling you to 
meet everyone on the roof.  God she's bossy.  

Once you get control, go to Echo Ridge.  You automatically end up on the 
roof, with an absolutely massive red ball right there in the sky.  Hope
joins you after a bit.  Heartless went over to your house and told your mom
everything.  Also, Hope tells you that Heartless is an old friend.  She's
not all that happy that you never told her yourself, but then she starts
talking about what a big, strong, handsome man you are.  Uh...  No one can 
love you like family can, eh?

Anyway, she gives you a KelvinKey, and then Geo walks over to the edge.  
Meteor G starts pulsing like a dying heart, and then everything goes black.
You end up in your room, and you're supposed to go to WAZA now so you can 
save the world.  Before you go, however, I highly recommend you fight and
obtain the V2 card from these V2 bosses:
Diamond Ice
Club Strong
Jack Corvus
Queen Virgo
You're going to be fighting them in the Meteor Server in a little while, and
once you fight them there, their V2 locations will forever disappear in the
normal areas.  Refer to the Boss Location section for details on where to 
find them.

Once you're ready to proceed, take the Wave Liner to WAZA HQ.  Everything is
going well, as it should, except for the fact that Meteor G is starting to
speed up.  Hope tells you that as soon as you're done saving the world, she
wants you home.  You get encouraging words from everyone.  It's now time to 
go to Meteor G.  Go up to the giant Wave Station and press A to go up into

Woot, space.  Some intense Noise is happening.  Magnes comes in and boosts
the Noise resistance as he lowers the vibrations.  Turns out this is about as
close to the Meteor as it can get.  And then some viruses appear.  Time for a
battle.  After you dispose of the easy viruses, you get sent to Noise Wave 3.
If you want to go back to Earth, the Hertz standing here will send you back.
For now, though, go up, and then follow the path around in a big loop until
you get to the exit Noise hole.  You should go up until you see a red Noise
Hertz, then right as far as you can, and down.  

As soon as you get there, it shows you a few locations of stuff.  Interesting
places, as this map is... pretty damn big.  You then see Kelvin, doin stuff...
Anyway, time to get going.  Step forward to start a cutscene.  There's some 
Crimson floating there, menacing you.  Mega gives you instructions on how to
deal with it.  It's the same as the Clone Wars.  The Crimson attacks will be
repeated periodically.  Follow the red path all the way to the end, until you
get to the blue path.  Walk up to the red skull tile and a cutscene will 
begin.  Kelvin is on the other side.  Tap the Kelvin Key.  It'll show you
where all the Memory fragments are.  Once you find all of them, the door will
fall.  Luckily for you, I'm a really nice guy, and have made maps.  

Once you have all the memory fragments, go back to the red skull tile.  You
get to see one of Kelvin's memories.  He's floating in space, his first time
ever being an EM being.  And for some reason, he's speaking aloud rather than
thinking.  Perhaps EM beings are incapable of keep their thoughts unvocalized.
He promises he's going to come home, and then says Geo is a strong kid.  End
cutscene.  I advise you save here, because it's time for a battle against
Diamond Ice V2.

Boss Battle:  Diamond Ice V2
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
Difficulty:  Easy
Only 1100 HP?  Pssh.  Weaksauce.  
Same as Diamond Ice.

Head into the second area.  Got another map for you.

Once you have all the memory frags, head to the red skull gate.  You'll see
Kelvin on his way out the door for the last time.  And what the hell, Geo
had bright red hair.  Kelvin leaves and so does the door.  Get ready for Club
Strong V2.

Boss Battle:  Club Strong V2
Element:  Grass
Weakness:  Fire
Difficulty:  Moderate
He's got 1400 HP.  Not bad.  Same as last time, though.
Same as Club Strong.

Head into the third area.  I have a map as usual, but this time I marked a 
BMW location in yellow.  That BMW contains the Kaiser Knuckle, the best
Mega Weapon available before you beat the final boss.

Once you have all the memory fragments, you get to read it as Hope and Kelvin
name you.  Aww, how sweet.  Anyway, follow the path.  I advise saving at the
red skull tile, because it's Jack Corvus V2 time.

Boss Battle:  Jack Corvus V2
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
Difficulty:  Moderate
Uh, he got faster.  And gained four hundred more HP.  Dodge the best you can
and counter at every opportunity.  He's a bit harder than last time.
Same as Jack Corvus.

Keep going.  There's another boss waiting, and it's Jailbait Virgo V2.  She's
also a bit tougher than last time.  I still advise saving on the red skull

Boss Battle:  Queen Virgo V2
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
Difficulty:  Easy
1600 HP.  Still Water.  still Jailbait.  Still easy.
Same as Queen Virgo.

After you beat her, continue.  At the end of the path, you see the entrance
to the next area.  The next area contains the final boss, so save beforehand
and make sure you're in tip-top condition.

Go all the way to the end.  There's a freaking huge ramp, but once you're
all the way up it, you see Kelvin.  He tells you you've grown, thanks Omega-
Xis for looking after you, and then seems to remember there's a giant orb of
pulsing doom behind him.  Geo starts pulling the hero crap, and Kelvin lets
him handle the meteor.  King shows up, chuckles, some ominous music, raises
his arms, does the fusion dance, and BOOM.  There's suddenly a huge dragon 
there.  This is Crismon Dragon, and it is the final boss.  It then eats
Kelvin, because Kelvin is so badass he'll boost Crimson Dragon's power level
to 9000 and far beyond.  Geo's pissed, and that's never a good thing for 
anyone in his way.  Time to kick some dragon ass.

Boss Battle:  Crimson Dragon
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Difficulty:  Hard
This is Crimson Dragon.  He can eat you.  He wil try to eat you.  Memorize
his pattern, and dodge everything you can.  At 2500 HP, he can take more 
damage than any previous boss you fought, and still work fine.  He can also
deal out a ton of damage if you get hit.  I managed to Finalize when he had
1500 HP left, and my Meteor Server folder just destoyed him.  I won withot
taking damage.  The only reason I put hard as the difficulty is because he's
the final boss, and they have reputations to uphold.  Once you have his 
pattern down, this guy is cake.
While he has one head:
Dragon Snacks:    He lunges forward and bites, hard.
Team Rockets:     Some rockets randomly generate on the field.  While they're
                  still in gray blob form, you can destroy them with a buster
                  shot.  If they fully form, the color matches the element it
                  will be.  Watch out for that if you're in an elemental Noise.
Great Head:       His head will start shooting at you.  Dodge, mothersucker,
Dragon Claw:      Just like the Pokemon move, he uses his mighty claws to 
                  slash at you.  I suggest dodging, which is easy because the
                  panel lights up before it gets hit.  
While he has two heads:
Dragon Claw:      Same as before.
Almighty Vomit:   He like, does this thing, and shoots Noise all over the 
                  field.  Pierces Invis, and your shield can only block
                  about half.  
Team Rockets:     Same as before.
Great Head:       Same as before.

After that, King is outside it again.  He then... teleports... or something.
Looks like Crimson Dragon is still going strong because of Kelvin.  He
shoots a bunch of stuff at you outside of battle, which is just cheating.
These sneaky evil bastard dragons.  Geo faints and Omega-Xis tries to wake
him up.  We then get a generic BN viewing of all of Geo's friends cheering
him on, somehow giving him power.  In his unconscious mind, or perhaps in 
reality, Ace comes in and encourages you to fight.  He also mentions that he
isn't the kind of guy that goes down that easily, which is a hint that he's
still alive.

Back in Meteor G, Megaman pulls a transformation that's similar to the Beast
Out in BN6.  You now have to use the power of the Black Ace to defeat Crimson
Dragon again.  This one, however, has 8000 HP.  Never fear, though, you do
not have to kill it.  You're actually invincible in this fight.  You cannot
get killed.  So have fun.  The battle will automatically end as soon as you
use the Black End Galaxy card, which is a Giga with no damage value listed.
Normally, it does 500, but for the purposes of this battle, it does 8000.
However, the core must be exposed as with a regular attack.  Don't forget
that.  YOu won't run out of them, though, so it really doesn't matter.
And I tested it.  You actually cannot win without Black End Galaxy.  I used
normal cards to kill him, but he has some Undershirt that can only be broken
by Black End Galaxy.

Woot, Kelvin is okay.  And then he disappears.  GODDAM WIZARDS.  Geo notices
the screen flashing white and decides to destroy Meteor G.  Meteor G explodes
and the whole world rejoices.  And then we see Geo, floating in a bubble.
Now if only the bubble were pink and he were in the fetal position...  I
suppose we can't have everything, though.  Geo thinks he's going to die, all
alone in space.  Of course, since he's the main character, we all know he
isn't going to die.  All of his friends start freaking out, and everyone's
Hunter has received a message.  Every single Hunter in the world.  WHAT?!?!
KELVIN HAS SUPER STONER HACKER MOVES?  Goddam, I knew he was cool.  And then
he announces to the world that his son is Mega Man.  What.  What's the point
of having a secret identity if you're literally going to tell the whole entire
planet?  Seriously.  

Hope starts sobbing hysterically.  Heartless comforts her like a good friend
does, and then everyone starts working around the clock.  I honestly do not
know how it is that Geo's even alive, seeing as you can only survive in 
space for about thirty seconds at most withouta suit and oxygen.  And now
it's time for a generic BN around-the-world show is support for the main
character!  Some little boy thinks he has a better telescope than WAZA, which
I think is funny.  Jack and Tia go to Dealer Base to help from there, and
Solo pulls his "Only I can kill him" thing and goes along to help.  Seriously,
he's a badass.  I actually hate to admit it, but he's even more badass than
Forte was.  Laplace cemented that by looking cooler than Treble.  

Even Strong is getting in on it.  And then the entire world changes its
Purpose to "Get Geo Back" or some crazy thing like that.  Wow.  I almost
think they realize that they're in a game and that he's the main character.
Kelvin and Omega-Xis pop up.  At least it makes sense for them to not be
breathing, they're EM beings.  They use their combined super stoner hacker
powers to send Geo back toward home.  This is highly reminiscent of Star 
Force One, when it was Geo's Brother Bands that guided his broken space
station piece back to Earth.  We get to see the complete third memory
from Kelvin's memory fragments.  Geo flies back to Earth and all is well.

The credits roll.

Two weeks later, Geo is on top of the school roof.  Again.  What the hell
happened to Vista Point?  Anyway, he starts letting out some pent-up angst.
Suddenly, a blue thing appears in the sky.  CRAP.  METEOR G HAD A BROTHER 

Oh, wait, it's Omega-Xis.  It nearly kills Geo, who is unsurprsingly out
of angst at the moment.  Geo gives him a hug, happy music plays, and Geo 
seems about as happy as a boy who just found his missing dog.  I'm sure
that if lyra was here, she'd make a comment to that effect.  Another blue
meteor thing appears.  CRAP.  METEOR G REALLY DID HAVE A BROTHER.  ._.

Oh, damn, it's just Kelvin.  Hope is, as usual, in the kitchen.  Geo walks
in, calls her name, and she tells him to wash his hands... and then notices
the glowing blue wolf.  Omega-Xis says his line, then Geo steps out of the 
way, and Kelvin walks in.  Huzzah, a happy family.  We even get a cute 
picture of them together.  After your library data is shown, you get the 
option to save.  Huzzah.  End chapter.

|                            Post-Game Walkthrough                   [ENRNSE]|

You've finally beaten the game.  Crimson Dragon is dead, Kelvin is safe, the
world isn't sploded, and you have a sexy icon on the title screen.  What now?
Well, it's quite simple.

Enter the Noise.  

After you beat Crimson Dragon for the first time, and after the credits roll
and you save, you get the option to Continue.  The only thing special about
the first time is that you get an email from WAZA.  This email tells you
where the secret post-game Area is.  If you leave the Meteor Server and go
back toward the Wave Liner.  Before you get there, you should see a large 
Noise Wave with a purple lining.  It's in the cliff wall next to the Wave
Liner area, to the right.  Pulse in and press A to enter the Noise.

|                                 Noise Wave 4                       [NOISE4]|

This is a pretty cool area.  This is the first of many areas that all lead up
to the secret boss Sirius.  When you first enter, an Astro Hertz floats his 
way to you, and tells you he has a message for Earth.  There's something
destroying his planet, and he needs help.  His planet's only hope is their
Brother on Earth.  Which is, of course, you, not that you know that yet.  
I'm going to give you a little spoiler: he's from Planet FM.  That's right,
the Brother who needs your help is Cepheus, the King of Planet FM.  This is
some serious(haha Sirius) business.

When he dies and the cutscene ends, go up.  Up and up and up, sticking to 
the darker purple-ish tiles.  At the top, you get to a gate.  Crap, they're
already pulling this on us.  Let's see what god-awful and overly complicated
quest we have to do to get past this one.  A Noise Hertz comes and tells you
that Spade Magnes put the door up.  Sounds simple... what's the catch?  Looks
like we just have to defeat him.  Seriously?  That's... so simple.  Wow.

Pulse out.  Go over to the Wave Station, pulse in, and head over toward the
Astro Wave.  Before you get there, turn right after the first ramp.  Go right
all the way until you see an access point leading into a small antenna.  Go
into it and walk to the center.  Spade Magnes R is standing there, looking
all smug.  I adivse saving before you talk to him, because it's time to 

Boss Battle:  Spade Magnes R
Element:  Elec
Weakness:  Grass
Have fun.  He can be quite difficult, but as with most bosses, dodging becomes
easy once you have his pattern memorized.  He's got 2000 HP, which would
normally be problematic, but we're badasses and laugh at his attempt to live.
Same as Spade Magnes.

After that battle, he explodes in an overly dramatic fashion while giving a 
rant.  Holy crap, this guy is long-winded.  HURRY UP AND DIE.  Once he's
dead, head back to Noise Wave 4.  Go all the way back to the gate, which
will now open for you.  You'll also see Spade Magnes R's EM residue, which
means you can now fight Spade Magnes R whenever you want.  Beating him in
under twelve seconds will max out the damage that the Spade Magnes GA will

Also of note in Noise Wave 4 is a Giga card.  From the EM Battery(that floaty
red thing that told you where Spade Magnes R was), go down until you see a
red path on the right side of the screen.  Follow it until you see a pink
gate.  If you've fought 500 or more battles in-game, this gate will open and
you'll find a Giga Card behind it.

|                                 Noise Wave 5                       [NOISE5]|

This area is a little... complex.  I'm going to give directions the best I 
can.  To begin, stand on the lower first red panel.  From here, go up two,
right three, up two, right three, and then all the way up.  You can literally
hold the up button and get there.  You'll see the Club Strong R battery.  
Examine it to find out where Club Strong R is.  He's in a CC in Echo Ridge.
Pulse out and take the Wave Liner.

Once in Echo ridge, go to the Wave Station by Geo's house and pulse in.  Make
your way over to Luna's house and trans in.  Go up the ramp and all the way 
in that direction until you see Club Strong R.  Who is, by the way, still
freaking huge.  Save beforehand and talk to him to battle.

Boss Battle:  Club Strong R
Element:  Grass
Weakness:  Fire
Holy freaking crap, 3000 HP.  That is a lot.  Good news is you can get your
Noise level really high, which is good because the level 11 Meteor Server has
cool Giga cards like Atom Blazer.  His attacks are still easy to dodge, 
except for his Club Rampage thing.  Finalizing really helps, as long as you
get a good hand.
Same as Club Strong

What?  No over-the-top explosion?  No "my death is just the beginning" speech?
I like him.  Anyway, trans out, pulse out, head back to WAZA, and go back
to the R battery in Noise Wave 5.  Club Strong R is now available for a 
fight whenever you want.  Go right to the pink gate.  It'll now open.  The
path from here is pretty straightforward.  Keep going right until you come 
to the Noise Wave entrance to the next area.  You'll need 100 Standard cards 
to progress.  Check a card location guide.

Once you have enough, open the gate and go through the Noise Wave.  

|                              Outer Astro Wave 1                    [OUTER1]|

Welcome to the Outer Astro Wave.  You see some big cool towers, and Omega-Xis 
tells you that they are the communication posts with Planet FM.  And then 
the three sages of Planet AM show up.  Cepheus is fighting for his life and 
desperatelyneeds your help.  There's a barrier around Planet FM that they 
can't get through.  It's up to you.

One thing about the Outer Astro Waves is that the path is broken, allowing 
you to walk around outside of the yellow and purple areas that you woud be
confined to normally.  The R batteries in this area are also off the path.
I'll do my best to guide you to them.  For the first one, Diamond Ice R, 
get off the path and go over to the three communication towers.  The tower
on the far left is directly in line with the battery, so with it above you,
just walk down.  

For Dark Phantom R, get back on the path.  Starting at the pink gate, go
down.  Ignore the first break on the left and stop at the second.  From the
break, go straight up.  Dark Phantom's R battery is right there.  Once you
have examined both, pulse out.  We're going to tackle Diamond Ice R first.
Take the wave Liner to Alohaha and go to the Beach.  

Once you're there, pulse in and use the Wave Station to get to the Wave Road.
By now, I'm usre you know where the Dragon Statue is.  Go to it and trans in.
Diamond Ice R is almost all the way in the back.  She tells you that the R
stands for "Rebuilt", which means the old data left when the real Diamond
Ice was defeated floated off into space and was sucked into Sirius' black
hole.  She was built from that data.  Time to battle.

Boss Battle:  Diamond Ice R
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
She's the same as the old Diamond Oce, just a bit faster and with 2500 HP.
Kill her quickly.
Same as Diamond Ice.

After that battle, it's time for Dark Phantom R.  Trans out, pulse out, and
take the Wave Liner to WBG Studios.  Go to the Event stage and enter the
Noise Wave that leads to Dealer's ground base.  Go to Dealer's ground base
and get onto the Wave Road.  Head up until you get to the Air Duct CC.  In
here you'll find Dark Phantom R.  He gets straight to business.

Boss Battle:  Dark Phantom R
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Still simple.  Still easy.  Only difference is more HP.
Same as Dark Phantom.

After that lame excuse for a fight, trans out, pulse out, and head back to
WAZA.  While you're here, though, I advise that you fight Dread Joker V2 so
you don't have to come back later.  Check the boss location section.

Back in WAZA, head through the Noise Waves until you get back to Outer Astro
Wave 1.  Follow the path to the end and open the pink gate.  Go into the 
next area.

|                              Outer Astro Wave 2                    [OUTER2]|

Welcome to Outer Astro Wave 2.  First off, R batteries.  One of them is 
actually pretty close.  Get off the path, go to the arrow, and walk down.
You should see it.  This is Wolf Woods' R battery.  To get to Cygnus Wing's
R battery, go back to the entrance.  Hold the up arrow on the D-pad.  As you 
go up, you should see the R battery on the right side of the screen.  Pulse
out and head to WBG Studios.

Pulse in and use the Wave Station in the parking lot to go onto the Wave 
Road.  Go over to the Real Wave rock and trans in.  Wolf Woods R is in here.
I advise saving before you speak to him.  He loves battle and wants to kill
you.  Battle time.  

Boss Battle:  Wolf Woods R
Element:  Grass
Weakness:  Fire
His attacks cover a wide area and do a good bit of damage.  Your Y Shield is
your second best friend in this battle, right after Invis.
Same as Wolf Woods.

Trans out and pulse out.  Head to Spica Mall via Wave Liner.  Pulse in and
use the Wave Station to get to the Wave Road.  Trans into the Dentist CC.
Follow the only path available until you get to Cygnus Wing R.  It's up and
right until you cant go right anymore.  Then go left.  You don't cross any
of those blue wave things on the way.  When you speak to him, he tells you
that the black hole Sirius controls is actually a Black Hole Server, much
larger and more powerful than the Meteor Server.

Boss Battle:  Cygnus Wing R
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
He's even easier than last time.  Finish him off.
Same as Cygnus Wing.

Pulse out and head back to WAZA.  Pulse in, enter the Noise wave, and go
back to Outer Astro Wave 2.  Remove the pink gate and enter the Noise Wave.

|                                 Noise Wave 6                       [NOISE6]|

Huzzah.  Another Noise Wave.  Just walk up until you get to the double pink
gate.  To pass through here, you need 150 different cards.  This seems to
confuse people, for some reason.  This means that the total number of cards
in your Library must equal 150 or more.  That means if you have 120 Standard
cards, 29 Mega Cards, and 1 Giga Card, you can open the doors.  

When you have enough, open the gate.  I advise saving before you get to the
end of this short path, because a boss battle is coming up.  

Boss Battle:  Apollo Flame
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
Uh, dodge.  Pack in as many Invis cards as you can.  This guy has 2500 HP,
powerful attacks, a barrier, and little fire snake things that want to eat
your soul.  Hit him with powerful cards.  If you can manage to Finalize and
get a DynaWave NFBB, or if you're in an Aqua Noise and Counter him, it does
a ton of damage.
  If you can beat him with a good enough rank, you get his

Fire Snake:       Some little fire snake things swarm all over the field.
                  This attack never stops.  
Dino Death:       Some meteors fly out of the sky and attempt to murderlize
                  you.  YOu can block these with your shield.
Spirit Bomb:      He raises his arms, gathers energy, and slams it down on
                  your side of the field, laughing maniacally as he does so.
Lava Twisters:    Exactly what it says on the tin.  Big twisters made of lava.

Apollo Flame is nothing special.  He laughs a bit, and then explodes.  Now
that he's beaten, there's a shortcut that leads from Noise Wave 4 to here. 
It's the Noise Wave on the left.  Sirius taunts you a bit and then tells
you he's interested in meeting you.  Head into the next area.

|                            Planet FM Astro Wave 1                  [FMAST1]|

This area contains, almost immediately, one of this game's scarce references
to Protoman.  "Let's rock, Mega!"  "Yeah!  But how about a little blues
every once in a while!?"

Cepheus comes and talks to you.  The planet's arsenal is useless against the
black hole.  The troops were completely wiped out.  There's only one day left
before the planet is destroyed, so we'd better hurry.  Geo says he'll kick
Sirius' ass before that day is up, and save Planet FM.  Cepheus then leaves,
and Geo and Omega-Xis talk a bit.  This chat contains the Protoman reference.
Awesomesauce.  Anyway, as you may have guessed, access to the next area is 
blocked by a couple R bosses.  I'll do my best to guide you to the Batteries.

First, get off the path.  Go to the arrow that leads into the next area,
and walk up along the underside until you can see the lower tip of the pink
gate at the very top of your screen.  Walk straight down.  You should see the
R battery for Taurus Fire R.  From that Battery, walk straight left.  After a
while, you'll come upon the R Battery for Moon Destroyer R.

Let's go get Moon Destroyer first.  Pulse out and go to Echo Ridge.  Go into
the school and head up to the roof.  Pulse in and get onto the Wave Road.
Follow the road until you get to the Tree CC and trans into it.  Head up and
to the right until you get to a ramp.  Go up the ramp and then left.  Moon
Destroyer R is there and god, he's still pathetic.

Boss Battle:  Moon Destroyer R
Element:  None
Weakness:  Anything that does damage.
Ugh, this one says YO! too.  Good news is that he's still slow, still pathetic,
and still an easy win.  Have fun destroying him.
Same as Moon Destroyer.

After that pitiful excuse for a battle, we need to take care of Taurus Fire.
Crap, he's back at Dealer Base.  Go to WBG Studios, enter the Noise Wave, and
go there.  Go inside and pulse in, using the Wave Station to get onto the 
Wave Road.  Follow he path as if you were going to the big room that you 
fought Joker in.  Instead of following the path all the way, stop and trans
into the Analysis Unit CC.  Taurus Fire R is in here.  When you talk to him,
he tries to pretend he's the real Taurus Fire.  And then he slips up and says
Luna told him.  Silly nub, Bud always calls that thing "Prez".  Time to kill

Boss Battle:  Taurus Fire R
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
Same old Taurus.  Blast him with anything that does damage and he'll fall
pretty quickly.
Same as Taurus Fire.

After yet another simple battle, trans out, pulse out, and make your way
back to Planet FM Astro Wave 1.  Follow the path to Planet FM Astro Wave
2, removing the pink gate when you get to it.

|                            Planet FM Astro Wave 2                  [FMAST2]|

Follow the nice, curvy path.  The blue wave thingies shorten the distance you
walk but don't do much else, so I suggest you use them.  Eventually, you will
get to a pink gate.  Looks like you need to beat Queen Virgo R.  First we're
going  ohave to activate the R Battery, which you cna getto by going up and
then left from the Astro Hertz.  Looks like she's in a CC in the Mall Event
Area.  Pulse out and go to Spica Mall.  Pulse in and use the Wave Station to
get up to the Wave Roads.  Go into the Mall Event area.  Trans into the 
Spimo the Cat statue.  Jailbait Virgo R is in here and just itchin to fight.

Boss Battle:  Queen Virgo R
Element:  Aqua
Weakness:  Elec
Same old, same old.  Kill her.  R bosses are so repetitive.
Same as Queen Virgo.

Trans out, pulse out, go back to Planet FM Astro Wave 2.  Remove the pink 
gate and keep going.  Eventually, you'll get to an R Battery, this one for
Jack Corvus R.  Pulse out and go into WAZA. Take the elevator up to the 57th
floor, and use the Wave Station to get on the Wave Road.  Go all the way to
the back and into the Main Computer CC.  Jack Corvus R is on the way to the
back, where you fought Acid Ace V1 and Dark Phantom.  He teases Mega for a
bit, then starts the battle.

Boss Battle:  Jack Corvus R
Element:  Fire
Weakness:  Aqua
He's a bit tougher.  Still the same old Jack, though, so no sweat.  Just
dodge his easily predictable attacks and hit him with our best stuff.
Same as Jack Corvus.

After that lovely battle, head back to FM Astro Wave 2.  Unlock the pink 
Corvus gate and head through.  You're almost there.  Step through into the
next area.

|                            Planet FM Astro Wave 3                  [FMAST3]|

This is a simple area.  See the three blue wave things in front of you?  You
can get to the Black Hole Server by stepping on the middle one.  As soon as
you walk forward from the end of that one, battle against RogueZ.

Looks like Burai is here.  And then Laplace shows up to surround you.  Solo
is here to kill Sirius, just like you, but unlike you, he wants to wait two
days before he does it.  Sirius took some Mu Metal from Mu, and Burai is
pissed.  However, it can only be taken back after a certain amount of time...
Two days from now.  If Sirius is defeated any earlier, the Mu Metal will be
lost.  Burai wants it badly because it will allow Laplace to gain a few 
levels in badass.    He asks if you would like to fight him, and when you say
yes, he tells you you're finally thinking like a man.  Some more chat, Burai
says this fight is for honor, and then THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Boss Battle:  Rogue Z
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Whoo, his barrier is a lot better than last time.  It regenerates every time
he moves, and he moves fast.  At 2500 HP, he's pretty hard.  
Same as Rogue.

After that fight, which was awesome, he admits you are better than he is.  
Then he leaves.  It's now time to save Planet FM from the Black Hole.

Interestingly, there's a gate in this area that's on the right side.  It
opens once you beat Rogue Z, so if you want to go open it, there's a BMW
behind it that contains an Ability Wave that makes your buster sound like
a cat.

|                             Black Hole Server 1                    [VACUUM]|

I find it weird that this is a CC.  It's also dark in here.  Time to wander 
around.  I'm just going to tell you how to get through this area.  If you
want to know what is where and how to get it, wander around on your own.

To continue, just go along the only path.  When it branches out into two
directions, pick one.  They both lead to the same place.  Once you've picked,
keep going until you get a chance to turn.  Turn, then go into the warp.  
From here, keep going in the direction you were facing when you left the
warp.  Step on the second.  Again, keep going in that direction.  Step on 
the third warp.  I advise that you save before continuing, because it's time
for a double fight.  When you're ready, step forward.

Oh look, Acid Ace R.  He tells you how powerful he is, mentions that you
yourself must be powerful, and then says "us".  Who is this "us" he refers
to?  Why, himself and Dread Joker R of course.  Joker appears and now it's
time to fight.

Boss Battle:  Dread Joker R
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Same as usual.  High powered cards, plenty of counters, the works.
Same as Dread Joker.

Boss Battle:  Acid Ace R
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
Same as usual.  He still spams elements like nobody's business, but is still
easy to dodge.
Same as Acid Ace

After you kill them, Sirius starts laughing.  Looks like he's up next.  As
it's time to go, step on the warp Acid Ace R was guarding.  This will take
you to the platform that contains the entrance to the next area.  

|                             Black Hole Server 2                    [YSOSRS]|

Still dark.  Still creepy.  Still a rather simple area.  You can't actually
progress until you have every Standard Card, so I advise doing that.  The
Card Location FAQ will tell you where to find any that you're missing, so I
suggest using it.  

Anywya, follow the path.  In the beginning, it branches off often, with gates
that lead to warps that lead to goodies.  These gates have requirements like
"Collect all Mega Cards" and "Collect all Battle Cards".  If, like me, you
went Illegal Data grinding and actually have every Mega card, you can open 
the door to find a MegaClass+1 behind it.  Not very useful, but nice to have.

Keep goin, keep goin.  You'll eventually get to a gate that says access is 
restricted by XXXXXs.  What a weird name.  It's actually Sirius, but they
felt they need to put spoiler tags over most of the name.  I don't get it.
From there, just keep going.  You'll get to some ramps after a while, with
a pink gate.  If you have all the Standard Cards, unlock the gate and head
through.  From here, you see two ramps.  One going to the right, one
going to the left.  Take the left one, because the right one doesn't have
anything of interest yet.  Once you beat Sirius, his V2 will appear over 

At the bottom of the left ramp, you get another path split.  One going down,
one going up.  Take the one going down.  This path is simple and doesn't
curve, so yay.  I suggest that you save before you step onto the big dark
blue square, because Sirius is there and he wants to add you to his special

What the hell.  He has this creepy smile and like, anime eyes that never
open.  And he's blue.  What the hell.  It's been about a hundred years since
he last had a guest, so he's reasonably excited.  He wants to suck out your
soul, but we can't have that, now can we?  Mega calls him insane and Geo
talks about how he wants to kick Sirius' ass, but Sirius just ignores him 
and starts talking about all the battles he'll stage.  Sirius is actually 
not at all serious, and sees planets and people as toys for him to play 
with.  This dude is going down.

Boss Battle:  Sirius
Element:  None
Weakness:  None
HAH.  AN ACTUAL STRATEGY THIS TIME.  Pack your folder with DoubleGrabs or
AreaGrabs and non-elemental Standard cards such a swords so you can build
up Noise.  First, use a DoubleGrab and an AreaGrab, or three AreaGrabs, or
two DoubleGrabs, and confine him to one row.  This makes him deliciously
easy.  Then, spam your non-elemental cards to build up Noise and Finalize.
Wait until he's down to 1200 or so HP to actually Finalize, though, because
the Meteor Server is not powerful enough to deal 2600 damage in three turns
unless you get lucky.  This guy has 3000 HP, Status Guard, Omnishoes, and
lasers.  Lots of lasers.
Generic Laser Beam!:   He stops and shoots a generic laser beam down one row.
                       From what I've seen, I think he only uses this attack
                       when he's trapped to one row.
Frickin Laser Beams:   His yellow things detach and go along the rows in front
                       of him.  They deal elemental damage, with the color of
                       the laser matching the element it deals.  This is hard
                       to dodge, can't be shielded, and I think it pierces
Little Yellow Things:  His big wing things detach and start flying at you.
                       These little bastards deal both Sword and Breaking
                       damage, so all you Cygnus and Libra users better 
                       watch out.
SIRIUS.  BUSINESS.:    His ginormous yellow things on his back detach and 

                       attach themselves to his arms.  He floats up and just
                       unleashes hell.  He fires a freaking MASSIVE laser of
                       many colors.  It hits the center row twice and breaks
                       any Normal panel it hits.  It pierces your Shield and
                       pierces Invis.  This attack is trouble in all caps.

After that interesting battle, he tells you there are many ways to go and
that you're only an inch from deletion yourself.  He's sending all of his
powers to another server, and then gives you a cryptic message about the 
five gold title icons.  He gives you the Mu Metal, though this isn't brought
up until a minute later.  He explodes in an overly dramatic fashion, and you
are done here.  Now that Sirius is gone, Burai transes in and tells you that
you have his Mu Metal.  He wants to kill you, but he'll wait a few days to do

Then Cepheus transes in.  How the hell are all these people getting in here?
Why didn't Cepheus just bust out AndromedaInfinity and whoop Sirius' ass
himself?  This is never explained.  Now that Planet FM is saved, Cepheus has
to actually be a king again.  Oh well.  We get to read a speech about the
power of friendship or some crap like that, and then Cepheus leaves.  Bonus
Chapter, end.

|                          Brother Band Help Quests                  [BROBND]|

|                                Jax Dubelz                                  |

Jax is the guy standing near the river.  He's a man sprite wearing a grey suit
and he needs help finding his brother.  Turns out that every time he tries to
type in the apartment number, he gets an error.  When you agree to help him,
he'll give you the note.  Go over to Luna's apartment building but don't go
in.  Stand just in front of the door and type in a three digit number, then 
hit OK.  Omega-Xis mentions that the note is upside down, so type in 196 and
the man's brother will talk to you.  Go back to Jax and he'll ask you to form
a Brother Band with him.  Do so and you'll get an extra 40 LinkPower.

|                                Trisha Trig                                 |

On the 2F hallway of the school, there's a girl sprite outside the classroom.
She's the Quiz Girl in this game.  Accept her request and the quiz will begin.

Question #1
Gearoid ran the 400 meter relay for his track team.  He ran his hardest, and
was able to squeeze past the person in second place.  What place did Gearoid
finish in?
Answer   #1
Type in the number 2 and hit OK.

Question #2
A hot dog eating contest wsa held with ten people.  Ben finished 6th from the
bottom.  What place did Ben finish in?
Answer   #2
Type in the number 5 and hit OK.

Question #3
A marathon with ten people was held on a track around a playing field.  Greg
just managed to pass the person in last place right before the finish line.
Greg was the only person to pass the runner in last place.  What place did
Greg finish in?
Answer   #3
Type in the number 1 and hit OK.

When you're done with her quiz, the two of you form a Brother Band.  That's
40 more LinkPower for you.

|                                 Fany Chase                                 |

Also on the 2F hallway of the school building, this girl is near the back
entrance to class 5-B.  She's a big fan of Belle and wants an autograph. Since
you're such a nice guy, and are friends with Belle, agree to get it for her.
Go to WBG Studios.  Go into the room across from the editing room and talk to
Belle.  You ask for her autograph and she says sure, you can have it.  But 
only if you get an autograph from Megaman.  Pulse in and a drawing area will
appear on the bottom screen.  Just doodle whatever.  When you're done, you get
MM's Sig.  Pulse out and talk to Belle to trade it for Belle's Sig.  Go back
to Fany and give her the autograph.  She'll form a Brother Band with you.  You
get 40 more LinkPower.  

|                                Don McCard                                  |

He's the brown-shirted boy sprite in the classroom.  He wants to trade Sonia
Cards with people so he can get a certain card.  He'll give you the SoniaWink
Card.  You're supposed to be going out and getting a Little Devil Sonia Card.
This is actually a sequence of trades, so it may take a few minutes.  Go down
to the first floor and go all the way to the end, past the snack shop.  You'll
see a boy standing there.  Trade your SoniaWink for his Tennis Outfit Sonia.
Now go to Echo Ridge Park and trade with the little girl who's standing all
by herself.  She'll trade your Tennis Outfit Sonia for her Sonia the Acrobat.
Go to Spica Mall and look for the big red-shirted man sprite right near the
Wave Liner.  He has the Little Devil Sonia Card and wants a Sonia the Acrobat.
Since that's the one you have and he has the one you want, trade.  Go back to
Don McCard to get your new Brother and 40 more LP.

|                                Hamer Nayl                                  |

Hamer is that senile old dude who's to the left of the school gate.  Talk to
him to find out he's guilty that he vandalized a bunch of stuff, starting
with the school.  He's too old to clean it up, so it's up to you.  He gives
you the CleaningSet when you accept his Help request.  Go up to the school
roof and go a little to the right and then up.  Face the unseen right wall
of the elevator and examine it to find the graffiti.  You then get a phone
call telling you to go clean the graffiti in Spica Mall.  Go there and get to
the Wave Station.

From the Wave Station, go to the left.  Examine the unseen wall of the candy
shop.  You then get another call telling you to go to Alohaha castle.  Holy
crap, is this guy 500 years old?!?  He was there when the castle was built?
How is he not in a museum?  Anyway, go to Alohaha.  Go up the stairs in front
of the castle, but don't go in.  Go to the left, and then up.  There's an
unseen passage here that goes up to the second floor.  Examine the blank wall
to find out that it says "Repairs complete!"  Oh, sneaky.  Go back to Echo
Ridge and talk to Hamer Nayl.  He gives you an HPMem20 and asks to become
your Brother.  w00t 40 more LP.

|                                Onda Sette                                  |

Go to WBG Studios.  Near the Real Wave rock, you'll see a generic woman sprite
in need of help.  She wants pictures of beautiful places to be in a new show.
She gives you a camera once you accept her request.  From here, take the Wave
Liner to Alohaha.  Go ot the big blue square in the center of the area and
talk to the generic Old Man sprite.  He tells you what a great view of the
castle you get from there.  Face the general direction of the castle and
press A when Mega tells you.  From here, go to the beach and swim out to the
place with the ramp.  Talk to the woman.  then walk out to the end of the 
little island and press A.  Time to go back to Onda.  When she gets the
photos you took, she forms a Brother Band and tells you you're now staff.
Cool.  40 more LP for you.

|                                Gian Luigi                                  |

This is the generic boy sprite on the far right of the mall event area.  He
has a green shirt, blue pants/shorts, and a yellow hat.  his Hunter VG is 
broken and you need someone to fix it.  He gives it to you, and now it's
time to find someone who can actually repair the thing.  Go to National WAZA
HQ and talk to Aaron Boreal.  He fixes it in five seconds, so time to go
back to Gian.  40 more LP for you when he gets it back and forms a Band with

|                               Sonia Strumm                                 |

You can increase the amount of LP she gives you.  This one is simple.  Talk
to her, read her Help request, and then talk to her again.  She wants a Black
Hole 1 Card.  When you get one, give it to her.  You can get them from the
Black Hole viruses in the Meteor Server.  40 more LP for you!

|                                 Bud Bison                                  |

Another LP-boosting mission.  Offer to help find out who keeps stealing his
ginger beef.  He gives you a microwaveable Ginger Beef meal.  He tells you to
set it as bait, so let's do that.  First things first, go to Echo Ridge via
Wave Liner.  Go into Bud's house and set the ginger beef down on the floor.
Leave, then come back in.  Why, it's gone!  Now, go up to the fridge in the
top corner of the room and examine it to get the ginger beef spices.  Now,
lay the trap again, but this time, pile on the spice.  Then leave again and
you hear someone yelling.  Go back inside, put on yout Visualizer, and talk
to Taurus.  Take the Wave Liner back to WAZA and talk to Bud.  
Whoo, yet
another 40 LP.  

|                                 Noise Forms                        [STYLES]|

Similar to Styles in Battle Network Two and Battle Network Three, this game
has different forms for you to choose from.  You get your first Noise Form as
part of the story, and can change your Noise Form by fighting a Warning 
Battle that contains G viruses.  Whether or not you'll change after the battle
is completely random, as is the form you'll get.  Some Noises are more common
in one version than in the other, but there are no version exclusive Noise 
Forms.  Here's a list of them all, what game they're more common in, and a
basic runthrough of its bonuses.

Noise Form:  Libra
Based on:  Libra Scales(Star Force)
Element:  None
Weak to:  Break
Most common in:  Black Ace
- +10 to Fire
- +10 to Water
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Non-dimming Standard cards heal 5% HP
- Charged Attack gains SideSpread
Noise Force Big Bang:  Meteor Light Barrage

Noise Form:  Cygnus
Based on:  Cygnus Wing(Star Force)
Element:  None
Weak to:  Sword
Most common in:  Red Joker

- +10 to Normal
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Omnishoes
- Charge shot becomes Feather Vulcan
Noise Force Big Bang:  Meteor Light Barrage

Noise Form:  Corvus
Based on:  Jack Corvus(Star Force 3)
Element:  Fire
Weak to:  Aqua
Most common in:  Black Ace

- +30 to non-dimming Fire
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Immune to Poison
- Immune to HP Bug
- Immune to Black Hole
- Charged shot becomes Shocking Flare
Noise Force Big Bang:  Atom Blazer

Noise Form:  Taurus
Based on:  Taurus Fire(Star Force)
Element:  Fire
Weak to:  Aqua
Most common in:  Red Joker

- SuperArmor
Vibrant Bonuses:
- +50 to non-dimming Fire
- Charge shot becomes Heat Cannon
Noise Force Big Bang: Atom Blazer

Noise Form:  Cancer
Based on:  Cancer Bubble(Star Force)
Element:  Aqua
Weak to:  Elec
Most common in:  Black Ace

- +30 to non-dimming Aqua
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Non-dimming Aqua cards have Bubble effect
- Charge shot becomes Bubble Shot
Noise Force Big Bang:  Dyna Wave

Noise Form:  Virgo
Based on:  Queen Virgo(Star Force 3)
Element:  Aqua
Weak to:  Elec
Most common in:  Red Joker

- +30 to non-dimming Aqua
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Immune to Bubble
- Immune to Freeze
- Charge shot becomes Aqua Wave
Noise Force Big Bang:  Dyna Wave

Noise Form:  Gemini
Based on:  Gemini Spark(Star Force)
Element:  Elec
Weak to:  Grass
Most common in:  Black Ace

- +30 to non-dimming Elec
- Able to use the Tag system
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Swords paralyze
- Charge shot becomes Rocket Knuckle
Noise Force Big Bang:  Thunderbolt Blade

Noise Form:  Crown
Based on:  Crown Thunder(Star Force)
Element:  Elec
Weak to:  Grass
Most common in:  Red Joker

- Increases the chances of a Mega card appearing
- +20 to Elec cards
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Non-elemental non-dimming cards inflict Blind
- Charge shot becomes Plasma Shot
Noise Force Big Bang:  Thunderbolt Blade

Noise Form:  Ophiuca
Based on:  Queen Ophiuca
Element:  Wood
Weak to:  Fire
Most common in:  Black Ace

- +20 to Wood
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Immune to Blind
- Immune to Confuse
- Non-dimming non-elemental cards inflict Confuse
- Charge shot becomes WoodShot
Noise Force Big Bang:  Elem Cyclone

Noise Form:  Wolf
Based on:  Wolf Woods(Star Force)
Element:  Wood
Weak to:  Fire
Most common in:  Red Joker

- QuickGauge
- +30 to non-dimming Swords
Vibrant Bonuses:
- +10 to Wood
- AutoLock
- Charge shot becomes Shock Claw
Noise Force Big Bang:  Elem Cyclone

Noise Form:  Burai/Rogue
Based on:  Burai/Rogue(Star Force 2)
Element:  None
Weak to:  None
Most common in:  Both

- +50 to Swords
- Mu Barrier, absorbs one hit and regenerates when you go to the Custom screen
Vibrant Bonuses:
- Blocks enemy's LockOn
- Non-dimming non-elemental cards paralyze
- Charge shot stays the same
Noise Force Big Bang:  None

|                               Galaxy Advance                       [GALIST]|

Similar to Program Advances from the Battle Network series, you can combine
battle cards to form a more powerful card.  Some of these more powerful cards
are Giga Class Navi Cards, similar to the V5 cards in BN3, while some are
just high-powered Standard cards.  
If the damage is listed as XXX/YYY or a variation of that, the first is the
minimum damage and the second is the maximum.

Impact Cannon            240 Damage

Big Grenade               90

Three hits of 30 each.

Giant Axe                320 
Sword/Wide Sword/Long Sword

Platinum Meteor          810
Nine hits of 90 damage each.
Mad Vulcan 1/Attack +10/White Meteor

Hurricane Dance          240
Four hits of 60 damage each.
Sword/Sword/Jet Attack

Spade Magnets GA         380/440
Two hits of 190/220.

Diamond Ice              300/390
Three hits of 100/130.

Club Strong GA           480/560
Eight hits of 60/70.

Queen Virgo GA           520/600
Exactly like the Queen Virgo Card.  If the enemy is directly in front of you,
they get hit four times.  For every panel between them and you, one less hit
is dealt.  Each hit deals 130/150.

Jack Corvus GA           420/480

Dread Joker GA           390/450

Acid Ace GA              460/500
When you use it and leave it alone, it does one hit of 310/350.  If you hit A
when he slashes and time it right, it'll do a second hit of 150/150.

Taurus Fire              300/380

Cygnus Wing GA           320/400

Wolf Woods GA            400/480
Does 2 hits of 200/240 if used when on the same row as the target.

Dark Phantom GA          370/450

Rogue GA                 400/560
Does four hits of 100/140.

Moon Destroyer GA        200/250
Can do a max of four hits of 200/250.

Libra Scale GA           360/440
Does two hits of 180/220.

Ophiuchus Queen GA       300/400

Gemini Spark GA          340/420
Does up to two hits of 170/210.

Cancer Bubble GA         320/380

Crown Thunder GA         420/500

Yeti Blizzard GA         270/350
SnowBall3/SnowBall3/Double Stone

Plesio Surf GA           350/450

Terra Condor GA          990/1350
Does up to 9 hits of 110/150.

General Auriga GA        340/420

Apollo Flame GA          360/420

Sirius GA                560/680
Does two hits of 280/340 if the enemy is in the center column.

Rocket Launch GA         370/430

Ice Hammer B GA          400/470

Strong Swing GA          1000/1300
Does up to 10 hits off 100/130.

Break Time Bomb GA       630/750

Darkness Hole GA         ???/???
Instantly deletes any virus with less than 255/310 HP and any boss with under

Destroy Missile GA       660/840
Does 12 hits of 55/70.

Ox Tackle GA             570/740

Gorgon Eye GA            580/700

Gemini Thunder GA        430/500

Avalanche GA             450/650
Five hits of 90/130.

Torrent Wave GA          430/550

Flying Impact GA         530/650

Rogue Break GA           480/600

Holy Light GA            500/700
Five hits of 100/140.

Wicked Flame GA          ???/???
Does 12 random hits of 120/150 on the far nine panels.

|                             Real World Viruses                     [RLVIRS]|

As you may have noticed, there are multiple Mettaur sprites scattered around
the real world.  I'm compiling a list of all of them, their locations, and 
what viruses each battle contains.

|                                Echo Ridge                                  |

Geo's Room- Next to the bed.
Mettenna, MettennaG

Geo's LvRm- Attackng the TV
Mettenna, BaseMortar, BaseMortar

Echo Ridge- Bottom corner, south of Big Wave.
Mettenna, BaseMortar, Crowcar

Echo Ridge- Next to the mailbox
BaseMortar, Mettenna

Luna's Room- Right of her bed
BaseMortarG, BaseMortarG, BaseMortarG

Bud's Room- Near the fridge
CrowcarG, BaseMortarG, MettennaG

1st Floor Hall- Near the exit to Echo Ridge
Mettenna, BaseMortar

1st Floor Hall- Past the snack shop
Mettenna, Mettenna

2nd Floor Hall- In between the 5-A doors
Mettenna, Mettenna, Mettenna

2nd Floor Hall- Center of the hall, very end near Science room
Mettenna, BaseMortar

Sci. Club Room- Attacking the comp next to statue
BaseMortar, Mettenna

Class 5-A- On the right corner, near the servers
Mettenna, Mettenna

Roof- Attacking the Real Wave Tree
Mettenna, Mettenna, Mettenna

Big Wave- Next to the Card Trader
CrowcarG, CrowcarG, MettennaG

|                                Spical Mall                                 |

Spica Mall- Near the Wave Liner
MettennaG, Mettenna, MettennaG

Spica Mall- At the right end of the T-shaped area
BaseMortar, BaseMortar, Crowcar

Candy Shop- Sitting in fron of the Gumball Lottery
Bang, Crowcab

Mall Event Stage- To the left of the Stagelights, attacking the window
CrowcarG, CrowcarG

|                                WBG Studios                                 |

WBG Studios- Far left corner
ChakramG, Wibbledee

WBG Studios- At the right edge of the road, need to go down the ramp
Crowcar, Chakram, Wibbledee

Event Stage- Bottom corner
Mettenna, Mettenna, Boom

Event Stage- Near the Sonia Card dispenser
Crowcar, Crowcar, WibbledeeG

WBG Main Bldg- Hallway
Zapper, BoomG

WBG Main Bldg- Prop Room, left corner
Mettenna, Boom, BaseMortar

|                                  Alohaha                                   |

Alohaha- Attacking the flowers to the right of the stairs
BlueShark, Koma

Alohaha- Take the hidden path left of the castle to get to the second floor
Koma, Koma, Boom

Beach- Attacking the Rock Wall near entrance
Mettenna2, BlueShark

Beach- On the pier
BlueShark, Mettenna2, BlueSharkG

Alohaha Castle- Attacking the map
Musashi, MusashiG, Musashi

|                             Dealer Ground Base                             |

Secret Shelter- Top of the stairs, near the entrance
Arachnid, MidSpinguinG, Arachnid

Secret Shelter- Near the Wave Station
DoomCount, BangG, BaseSniperG

Crimson Factory- Attacking the machine at the entrance
ArachnidG, Raid

Crimson Factory- South of the Wave Station
Kotetsu, MidSpinguinG, BoneArcherG

Dealer Base- After the first ramp, go all the way to the right
OmegaXCopyP, OmegaXCopyP

|                              National WAZA HQ                              |

Natl WAZA HQ- Left corner, near the Wave Liner
Chakram2, BubbleCrab

Natl WAZA HQ- Bottom corner
Crowket, Crowket, Ku'iG

SatellaPoliceHQ- To the left of the entrance
Zapp, Mettenna2G, Zapp

SatellaPoliceHQ- To the right of the entrance
Stealth, Smiles, ShuriKen

Command Center- To the right of the elevator
SmilesG, BaseGunnerG

Command Center- South of the elevator
StealthG, ShuriKenG

|                                Orbital Base                                |

Orbital Base- Bottom corner
MegaStealth, ZappattackG, Scorcher

|                               Boss Locations                       [WIZARD]|

Spade Magnes
::Part of the storyline.  You fight him at the end of the rocket launch 
::In Echo Ridge's Wave Road, there's a dead end near the school's entrance.
  He's there.  There's usually a GMW a bit past his location.
::Meteor G Control Comp CC, fought as part of the story.

Diamond Ice
::Fought as part of the storyline, at the end of the Anti-Sonia Terrorism
::In WBG Studios, the outside area, on the Wave Road, there's a sort of box
  area on the far right, near the gate.  Diamond Ice is hiding there.
::Fought as part of the storyline, she's inside Meteor G CC1, at the end.

Club Strong
::Fought as part of the story, at the end of the Environmental System CC.
::In the Alohaha Castle Network, there's a dead-end path over the dragon 
  display.  Club Strong is about halfway through. 
::Fought as part of the story, at the end of Meteor G CC2.

Queen Virgo
::Fought as part of the storyline, at the end of the Clone Wars.
::In National WAZA HQ, on the 57th floor, Queen Virgo is in the dead end
  closest to the Wave Station.
::Fought as part of the story, at the end of Meteor Server3.

Jack Corvus
::FOugh as part of the story, at the end of the Presidential Election chapter.
::On the school roof, starting from the warp to the second floor, go up the
  ramp and to the right.  Jack Corvus is down this dead end.
::Fought as part of the story, at the end of Meteor Server3.

Dread Joker
::Fought as part of the story, at the end of the Dealer chapter.
::In the dead end near the Wave Station that's closest to the door that leads
  to the casino room in Dealer's ground base.

Acid Ace
::Fought as part of the story at the beginning of the Jack Corvus chapter.
::Fought as part of the story, during Intermission 5.  Unwinnable.
::Fought as part of the story, during the Dealer chapter.

Taurus Fire
::Fought as part of the story, during Diamond Ice's chapter.
::Talk to Bud to begin the battle. 

Cygnus Wing
::Talk to Tom Dubius in WAZA HQ.
::Talk to Tom Dubious in WAZA HQ after beating V1.

Wolf Woods
::Talk to Damian Wolfe on top of the school after fixing the sprinkler.
::Talk to Damian Wolfe on the school roof.

Dark Phantom
::Fought as part of the story, during The Clone Wars.
::National Astro Wave 2.  From the entrance, go to the left across the blue
  wave thing.  Then, go down and then up at the turn.  He's in the dead end.

::Fought as part of the story, near the end of the Jack Corvus chapter.
::Talk to Solo in Alohaha.
::Fought in Planet FM Astro Wave 3 as part of the bonus chapter.
::Once you have all five stars, enter the code to unlock him and fight him in
  Meteor G Control CC.  The code is this:
  At the title screen, hold L and press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star,
  SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star.

Moon Destroyer
::Fought as part of the storyline, during Endgame.
::Talk to Moon Destroyer in National Astro Wave 2.
::Enter the Sigma code.  He'll become a random encounter in 

Apollo Flame
::Fought as part of the bonus chapter, at the end of Noise Wave 6.
::In a dead end in Noise Wave 6, it's a bit to the left of the path that
  leads to his V1 form.

::Fought at the end of the bonus chapter.
::Fought in a square that's on the path you get to by taking the right ramp
  in Black Hole Server 2, the right ramp after where the Standard gate used
  to be.
::After the Sigma code has been entered, 
|                             Action Replay Codes                    [ARCODE]|

Sometimes, things just aren't going your way.  Sometimes, you need an extra
boost to help you get those last few cards, or just don't want any random
battles interfering with your gameplay.  Sometimes, you're done with the 
game and just want to screw around with stuff.  That's what this section is
Note:  These codes are for Black Ace unless otherwise specified.

|                                   Series 1                                 |

Acid Wizard (Luna Frag Search)

94000130 FFFB0000
220F9718 00000060
D2000000 00000000

TaurusFire Wizard (DiamondIce Scenario)

94000130 FFFB0000
220F9719 00000001
D2000000 00000000

Omega-Xis Wizard (Normal)***

94000130 FFFB0000
220F9718 00000001
D2000000 00000000
AcidFire Wizard &&&

94000130 FFFB0000
220F9718 00000060
220F9719 00000001
D2000000 00000000

Boss Encounter Codes
Encounter Enemy Code (Boss Version)
= Black Ace ====== | Red Joker ========
=120FFE92 00000101 | 120FFE72 00000101=
=120FFE94 00000101 | 120FFE74 00000101=
=120FFE96 0000XXYY | 120FFE76 0000XXYY=
=120FFE98 00000003 | 120FFE78 00000003=
=120FFE9E 00000003 | 120FFE7E 00000003=
=120FFEA4 00000003 | 120FFE84 00000003=
=D2000000 00000000 | D2000000 00000000=

Encounter Enemy Code (2x Boss Version)
= Black Ace ====== | Red Joker ========
=120FFE92 00000101 | 120FFE72 00000101=
=120FFE94 00000101 | 120FFE74 00000101=
=120FFE96 0000XXYY | 120FFE76 0000XXYY=
=120FFE98 00000101 | 120FFE78 00000101=
=120FFE9A 00000100 | 120FFE7A 00000100=
=120FFE9C 0000XXYY | 120FFE7C 0000XXYY=
=120FFE9E 00000003 | 120FFE7E 00000003=
=120FFEA4 00000003 | 120FFE84 00000003=
=D2000000 00000000 | D2000000 00000000=

Encounter Enemy Code (3x Boss Version)
= Black Ace =======| Red Joker ========
=120FFE92 00000101 | 120FFE72 00000101=
=120FFE94 00000101 | 120FFE74 00000101=
=120FFE96 0000XXYY | 120FFE76 0000XXYY=
=120FFE98 00000101 | 120FFE78 00000101=
=120FFE9A 00000100 | 120FFE7A 00000100=
=120FFE9C 0000XXYY | 120FFE7C 0000XXYY=
=120FFE9E 00000101 | 120FFE7E 00000101=
=120FFEA0 00000102 | 120FFE80 00000102=
=120FFEA2 0000XXYY | 120FFE82 0000XXYY=
=120FFEA4 00000003 | 120FFE84 00000003=
=D2000000 00000000 | D2000000 00000000=

XX Values:
00 = V1
01 = V2
02 = V3
03 = R
04 = Omega / Sigma / ZZ / BB / RR

YY Values:
81 = Spade Magnes
82 = Diamond Ice
83 = Club Strong
84 = Queen Virgo
85 = Jack Corvus
86 = Dread Joker
87 = Crimson Dragon
88 = Taurus Fire
89 = Rogue
8A = Acid Ace
8B = Dark Phantom
8C = Cygnus Wing
8D = Wolf Woods
8E = Moon Destroyer
8F = Apollo Flame
90 = Sirius

***: In order to change from Acid to TaurusFire, your Wizard MUST become 
Omega-Xis again. Otherwise, the Wizard will stay as Acid, but TaurusFire 
will be selectable only when you become Mega Man. That hasn't been tested
yet, but it doesn't seem to have any lasting impact on the game.

&&&: The Wizard will stay as Acid, but TaurusFire will be selectable only 
when you become Mega Man. That hasn't been tested yet, but it doesn't seem 
to have any lasting impact on the game.

|                                   Series 2                                 |

!Misc Codes

::Max Money (select)
94000130 FFFB0000
020F93B4 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

::Black Ace LP(select)
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000005
220FA01A 00000082
DC000000 00000640
D2000000 00000000

::HP 9999 (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
120F8CEC 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

::HP 9999 Always On
120F8CEC 0000270F

::Link Power Max
120F99D8 0000076C
1202D07A 000046C0

::Full Library Complete
120FCB94 0000FFFF
E20FCB7C 00000018

::Normally No Encounter (Hold Select for Instant Encounter)
120FFE0C 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
120FFE0C 0000FFFF
D0000000 00000000

::All Time 0:00:01 on Record
E20F9DD8 00000038
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001
00000001 00000001

::All Boss On Record
120FCD42 0000FFFF

::Max Attack (face value)
221B230C 00000005

::Max Rapid (face value)
221B25CC 00000005

::Max Charge (face value)
221B288C 00000005

::All Ability Waves (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000015D
220F9452 00000009
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

::All Fake Brothers and Link 130(Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000005
220FC628 00000002
DC000000 0000001C
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000005
220FA01A 00000082
DC000000 00000640
D2000000 00000000

::Attack Star (Select)
:::It affects your records
94000130 FFFB0000
12100296 000003E7
D0000000 00000000

!Item Related Codes
::All Special Item (Select)
:::Only Story Relevant Items
94000130 FFFB0000
020F93D0 01010101
020F93D4 01010101
020F93D8 01010101
120F93DC 00000101
D2000000 00000000

::All Battle Cards (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000018D
220F8D74 00000063
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

::All 99 Sub Cards/Items (Select)
:::Credit to Falzar FZ
94000130 FFFB0000
020F9438 63636363
120F943C 00006363
D2000000 00000000

::All War Rock Weapons (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000015
220F9421 00000001
DC000000 00000001
D2000000 00000000

::99 Noise Fragments (Press Select+Down)
:::(Made by Falzar FZ)
94000130 FF7B0000
220F93DD 00000063
D0000000 00000000

::99 Mr Hertz Absorbed (Press Select+Down)
:::(Made by Falzar FZ)
94000130 FF7B0000
220F93D8 00000063
D0000000 00000000

:Data Transmission Codes
:::Go to DS Station Menu, Press A on any Empty Cell, Acquire Data 
   Transmission, Save Game and Exit

::Acid Illegal (Mega Class)
9216A088 00001869
0216A080 A8014901
0216A084 E0198001
0216A088 00001234
D0000000 00000000

::Meteor Of Crimson (Giga Class}
9216A088 00001869
0216A080 A8014901
0216A084 E0198001
0216A088 00003456
D0000000 00000000

!Battle Codes

::Full Custom Gauge
2218EFD9 00000040

::Max HP (L+R+Up)
:::only in battle
94000130 FCBF0000
121C84F4 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

::Quick Kill (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
121C834C 00000000
121C81A4 00000000
121C7FFC 00000000
D2000000 00000000

::Invicible + Invisible
6218F21C 00000000
2218F40C 000000FF
2218F40E 000000FF
D2000000 00000000

::999.9% noise
1219A28C 0000270F

:Noise Change Mod Codes
220F99E0 00000000

::Libra Noise
220F99E0 00000001

::Corvus Noise
220F99E0 00000002

::Cancer Noise
220F99E0 00000003

::Gemini Noise
220F99E0 00000004

::Ophicus Noise
220F99E0 00000005

::Cygnus Noise
220F99E0 00000006

::Ox Noise
220F99E0 00000007

::Virgo Noise
220F99E0 00000008

::Crown Noise
220F99E0 00000009

::Wolf Noise
220F99E0 0000000A

::Burai Noise
220F99E0 0000000B

|                              Version History                       [VRSHIS]|
Completed Spade Magnes' chapter.
Completed Diamond Ice's chapter.
Completed Club Strong's chapter.
Minor setback, had to restart at the end of Diamond Ice's chapter.
Re-completed Club Strong.
Finished Intermission 3.
Finished Queen Virgo.
Added Brother Band Help Quests 
Finished Intermission 4.
Finished GA section
Nearly done with Chapter IX.
Finished with Intermission 5.
Nearly done with Endgame.
Hot damn, finally finished it in one massive update.  Will begin the post-game
Another massive update.  Did the entire secret area in one massive run.  Wow,
that was not fun.  Maybe later on I'll add info on Crimson Dragon SP and 
Added every Real World virus location.

|                                 Legal Info                         [LEINFO]|

This Walkthrough/FAQ was written mainly for GameFaqs only, but if you want to
post it on your site, ask and we'll see about it.  If you want to contact me 
on AIM to ask about anything, my AIM is MagneticBomber.  I also have an MSN,
which is EnvoyOfTheApocalypse@live.com, though I never check the e-mail.

These sites have permission:

Credit for the GA list goes to Enix_Cloud.  He wrote it up, I just formatted
it and included it in my guide at his request.

Credit for the AR codes series 1 goes to EpacNellaf.

Credit for series 2 goes to its creators, listed below.
Credit to Falzar FZ for the All 99 Sub Cards/Items (Select) and 99 Noise 
 Fragment and Mr Hertz Absorbed
Credit to Nigoli from the undersquare for the Data Transmission codes
Credit to aimer7547 and mazinkaiserpr for posting full custom gauge code
Credit to AshenREAPER and zapgator for all ability waves code
Credit to ekmo for a huge majority of the codes
Credit to Elixir for the rest of the codes

Thanks, I hope this guide helped you.

Copyright 2009 MegaBassFalzar.