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How do I use the Member's Pass? *Spoilers?*

Uh, yeah, it ain't workin' with me.

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Kraleck answered:

Get the National Dex by Seeing all 210 Sinnoh Dex Pokemon and Defeating the Pokemon League (E4 + Champion) in any order. This MUST be done to do the rest.

Go to Canalave City and talk to the sailor's wife and son (he's asleep in a deep nightmare). You can now go to Fullmoon Island.

Ask the sailor to take you to Fullmoon Island and interact with Cresselia. It will run like Mesprit and drop a Key Item: Lunar Wing.

Return and use the Lunar Wing Cresselia dropped on the sailor's son. He'll wake up and say something about being beckoned by DARK...DARK... in his dream.

Stock up on the usual Pokeballs (Dusk, Quick, Timer, Ultra) and SAVE OUTSIDE the Harbor Inn. Once you enter, you will be forced to sleep.

You'll wake up on Newmoon Island and must Catch or KO Darkrai to leave. If you KO Darkrai, never fear. You can clear the Pokemon League again to respawn any legendary you've KO'd.
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Badali714 answered:

You need to beat the E4 and complete the Cresselia Event. After that, go to the Inn at Canalave city and press A on the door, it should activate itself then.
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