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Where can I find feebas,ambipom,scyther?

Ive beaten cynthia but still can't find any of these any help would be very useful because these are the last guys i need in my dex.

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Kraleck answered:

---Mt. Coronet (Floor B1F (Foggy Room)) - Fishing at 4 Random Tiles (changed daily), the locations will match those of the leader of your group when you mix records FOR THAT DAY ONLY.
---Valor Lakefront Restaurant - one of the 5 random Double Battle couples among the 9 possible is Collector Eugene + Aroma Lady Allison, they have a Feebas and a Roselia
---Route 222 - Fisherman Brett (3rd Fisherman from the left) leads with a Magikarp and has a Feebas and a Finneon in reserve.

---Catch an Aipom at a Honey Tree (15% chance), learn Double Hit (Level 32 or Heart Scale Relearner in Pastoria if you're past that Level), and Level Up. If you reach Level 32 and choose to learn Double Hit, it will immediately evolve.
---Route 216 - Male Ace Trainer Blake leads with one and has Porygon2 in reserve.
---Hearthome (Sunday & Saturday), Pastoria (Tuesday & Thursday), or Celestic (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) Pokemon Center - Clown Lee will have one in reserve once you make enough story progress.
---Victory Road (Floor 2F) - Double Team Al & Kay have one and a Staraptor

---Route 210 - 15% Morning, 10% (South half) or 5% (North half) otherwise
---Route 215 - 15% Morning, 5% otherwise
---Bug Catcher Brandon will lead with Dustox and have Kricketune and Scyther in reserve after his 2nd VS Seeker Team Update
---Route 210 (North) - Male Ace Trainer Brandon will lead with one and has a Probopass and a Luxio in reserve.
---Route 216 - Male Ace Trainer Garrett leads with Mr. Mime and has Dusclops and Scyther in reserve
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andibad answered:

Feebas found in mt.coronet B1F with foggy area. But you must have group ace trainer will found 4 title random area follow him. Aimphom found after you traded aipom found at tree or battle with a clown in pokecenter. See click platinum and click national pokedex.
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Mi10tic_Fan answered:

(Oh great more Feebas)

Feebas - Located at Mt Coronet North (Eterna - Celestic Entrance), B1F, the Foggy Area. Feebas is located in ONLY 4 tiles among the number of water tiles there. You need lots of patience (and a group of course). Well with the patience I managed to fish out a Feebas.

Amibpom - What andibad said isn't true, if you want an Amibipom, catch an Aipom VIA Honey Tree and make it learn double hit.

Scyther - Located in Route 210 and Route 215, it has a low encounter rate, so I suggest to find it in the morning since at 15%, it's the highest encounter rate for Scyther.
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