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Eevee breeding with ditto?

I have a male glaceon and a ditto. can i still get eevee eggs? also are there ANY female eevee in this game? i went to trophy garden (pearl) and stayed there for a couple hours. I DID NOT SEE A SINGLE FEMALE EEVEE! is it supposed to like that? are females ultra rare or something?

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Kraleck answered:

Female Eevee, Munchlax/Snorlax, Relicanth, starter Pokemon, and revived fossil Pokemon are only Female 12.5% of the time (a rare 1-in-8 chance). They are just that frustrating.
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POKEMONKlNG answered:

Yea u can still breed eevees and yea they r some female 1s in the tropy garden
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jjmackender answered:

Hey you still get your eevee eggs and try breeding one to be female
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andibad answered:

No i always get female eevee and i need male, i finding but no found and try one day with no same type and species for no frustation. If happy is easy to breed. Don't use ditto if you have male one. I breed altaria and togekiss i get swable with good move set. Yeah 12 percent
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