Question from 22ton2x

Dusknoir or Gallade? Giratina or Salamence? and where the heck is bagon?

Who's the best pokemon for my party? my pokemon are:
Giratina or Salamence?
Dusknoir or Gallade?

whats the best pokemon for my party?

Accepted Answer

justkaz7 answered:

Bagon is found in route 210, in the secret entrace to the Wayward Cave. You have to look for it next to the regular entrance, hidden beneath the bridge that is Cycling Road. Just walk upwards beneath the bridge till you find it. He is in that cave. Dusknoir is an excellent tank, Gallade is an offensive pokemon. Giratina is good, and Salamence is a physical sweeper with excellent speed. If you like to hit hard and fast, go with Gallade and Salamence.
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andibad answered:

Bagon found in route 210, i think giratina is very good to use but salamence nice and if you select giratina gallade good choice. No in species, move set is important!.
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andibad answered:

You have many ground type. Empoleon weak electric and fire, torretra weak fire, flying, salamence good choice but you problem if i battle with you i can beat you easy! So what you move?
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