Question from SYRUKON

What is the action replay shiny code for pokemon platnum?

I would like to have a permenent shiny code. Need help.

andibad asked for clarification:

Well i have one, this no tested because i no use cheat to get shiny pokemon. E-mail me But you can try it

SYRUKON provided additional details:

Is this code the permenent one?

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Badali714 answered:

This is it. I'll save you the trouble of looking.

621bfaf0 00000000
02073e44 47004800
02073e48 02000001
E2000000 0000003c
6800480d 490b6840
88011808 9c0d8842
40510c24 20074061
04244041 940d430c
21001c28 f074aa0d
4801fe1b 46c04700
02073e4d 000000e4
021bfaf0 00000000
D2000000 00000000
2 0


Badali714 answered:

There was one posted in the answers tabs, under a similar title, it shouldn't be too hard to find. It does work, I use it a lot.
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SYRUKON answered:

Can you explain the directions?
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Badali714 answered:

There are no directions, just activate it on the AR code selection, it automatically works. It is permanent. It interferes with some codes, though, I have no clue why. It will even make eggs shiny.
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maniac909 answered:

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