Question from IzanagiOkami

Where can I find Dark pulse TM ??

I've traveled all the victory road. but can't find that TM

IzanagiOkami provided additional details:

It's the place for lustrous and adamant orb. Isn't it ? Not for the dark pulse TM.

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

Dark Pulse IS inside Victory Road, but many people aren't in a mood to backtrack and, therefore, miss Dark Pulse.

From the North Exit, Rock Climb, head left, then use the other Rock Climb spot for a path to floor 2F. Strength the top and bottom Boulders left then move the middle Boulder out of your way to Dark Pulse.
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

It's in this small room up a set of stairs. you have to go to the place with the waterfall to get to that room.(i don't really renember since i never went through victory road again after elite 4 which was a LONG time ago.
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