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How to i get a Munchlax?

How many time of honey and where??

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But how much do i have to put honey on the tree and how much time??

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Kraleck answered:

4 random Honey Trees (random based on your Trainer ID#) will attract Pokemon in only 4 hours instead of 6. These 4 trees can attract Munchlax 1% of the time (the chance of encountering Heracross drops from 5% to 4% to compensate).

If you have a Snorlax, breed for a Snorlax (i.e. with Ditto if Snorlax is Male) while the Snorlax Parent is holding a Full Incense (NOT Lax Incense, that's for Wobbuffet to breed Wynaut).
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Badali714 answered:

I've heard the tree near Valley Windworks has the best chances of getting a Munchlax, but I can't vouch for that, cause I've never tried it.
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celebi16 answered:

One time and there are 4 select trees you can get them on and even if you get one of hose trees your chance is only 1%
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Makako300 answered:

there is that or make a munchlax egg with 2 snorlax or a ditto but the mothers gotta hold an item called the lax icense or the GTS,those are my options.
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YaoMing623 answered:

Get honey on the honey trees, they seem rare but it will come if u do it everyday, but don breed 2 snorlaxs unless u have a full incense, or else you get another snorlax, and of course theres always the GTS.
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Primal_Giratina answered:

Munclax can appear in all Honey trees aroun Sinnoh, but he has very very low encounter rate (only 1%)
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originsteven answered:

You know what. going through all that bull crap. NAH. just migrate 1 from fire red or leaf green. snorlax with FULL incense,not lax or odd,+ a ditto = munchylaxs for all. woohoo. =3
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originsteven answered:

Btw ditto is in the grass patches near canalave with pokeradar =3
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dutchchronic answered:

the honey trees he appears in has to do with your SID how exactly it works im not 100% i lucked out and got munchie(female) running through valley windworks the second time i hit that tree. so i never bothered to find out how it actually works. i believe there is a forum thread about this. if you cant find it then you could also try or smogon uni. hope this helped . cheers
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