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Speed moves?

What is the move order for the first turn attack moves, Quick attack, Ice shard, Aqua jet, and Shadow sneak(there might be more, I can't remember). I've been wondering this for a while. Like, say you have two pokemon with the exact same Speed stat, and one has Shadow sneak, the other has Ice shard. Which one takes priority, or is it just chance?

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tiomasta answered:

All moves like that(not much power, speed priority) have a priority of 1(normal moves having 0). Having two pokes with the same speed using one of these moves would be exactly the same as two pokes with the same speed using moves without speed priority, since those moves are all in the same priority level.

Look at this page on Serebii, it explains everything and shows every move with a priority other than 0.
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andibad answered:

Look what species you use and what nature, type, and more is important. If have same stat and no have same nature is will chance what move out first.
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