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Asked: 5 years ago

Best Pokemon Team?

I would like help in making a great Pokemon Team. I would like two sets: 1) Pre-National and 2) Post-National. Can be traded pokemon and in game pokemon.

Current Team/Levels:
Alakazam - LV 57
Empoleon - LV 41 (Starter)
Infernape - LV 37 (Traded)
Pikachu - LV 26
Staravia - LV 31
Gastly - LV 24

Will put in Giratina later and also Charizard for fire starter.

P.S. Would appreciate having a full team list, not just one or two Pokemon per post.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Would like to make a few changes:
Darkrai - LV 60 Infernape - LV 37
Grotle - LV 25 Empoleon - LV 42
Giratina - LV 47 Alakazam - LV 62

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The team u hav is pteery sweet

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Your team is very good, giratina can hava fly, so flying pokemon is no problem for u... but if you can't get a darkrai, try to hava a tyranitar or a umbreon, they have good defencive skills.. :]

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u need versatility, this team can beat any other team, all teams have their weaknesses and strengths this team is strong against every team and only weak to a copy of this team , the pokemon u should use is Arceus, (needs an ice plate ) judgment, ice beam, hail, blizzard. A groudon that knows fissure , earthquake ,earth power, solar beam. A darkrai, dark pulse, embargo, dark void and dream eater. ho-oh, sacred fire. overheat, sky attack and fly. A venasaur that knows sludge bomb, solar beam, petal dance, and any other poison move. finally an infernape , mach punch, blast burn, flare blitz and any other fighting type move. some people don't allow legends so if u cant use legends replace arceus with lapras that knows ice beam blizzard surf and waterfall. replace groudon with rhyperior , earthquake is the only move it needs to know I suggest other ground type moves. replace darkrai with a fairly good dark type like umbreon, shadow ball, any other dark moves.i hope that helped, when in doubt always use evee evolutions XD !

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