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Where and what are the legendary Pokemon in Platinum version?

I want to know where and what they are?


Kraleck answered:

Read an FAQ or go to this website:
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andibad answered:

Uxie, azelf, mesprit, rotom, darkai, cresselia, heatran, manaphy, phione, archeus, dialga, palkia, shaymin, giratina, moltres, and other three bird legendaries. Go to site karleck say. .
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1337merc answered:

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huhcarez answered:

Garintina- distortion world
palkia- spear pillar (the third time)
dialga- spear pillar (the second time)
darkrai- full moon island
cresselia- CAN BE ANYWHERE
mesprit- verity lakefront
azelf- acuity lakefront
uxie- valor lakefront
regigigas- snowpoint temple
heatran- stark mountain
arceus- spear pillar (the 4th time on upper layer)
rotom- old mansion
regice- snowpoint temple
regirock- snowpoint temple
registeel- snowpoint temple
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