Question from powerofemo

How do i get 31 IVs for all stats?

Dont answer if u dont know wat IVs are

MilleniumJester asked for clarification:

Do you mean EVs?

Accepted Answer

andibad answered:

No all pokemon have 31 ev. But some pokemon can be 31 ev, check smogon. I can't explain again. To get max, breed with same species, with holding item, and try breed and breed without . . . . . Is take long to get 31 ev, a.k effrot value. Yes i get 29 in my swablu, and have max 29 ev, no with hp. Ampharos i get 30 ev max 30.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

IVs are always randomly generated for every Pokemon you encounter, so it's really just based on luck.
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andibad answered:

Oh sorry, iv is equal from ev. Hp no include. No all pokemon are have 31 iv!
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