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I'm looking at the Pokesav window, and I'm trying to figure out what the hex values are for when creating pokemon. Anyone know?

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Andi, I know you're trying to help, but I'm having a hard time understanding exactly you said. Could you say it a little clearer please?

andibad asked for clarification:

Ok, 1. Hex have many value, 8 number or more, is name bit, 8bit is 1 bytes. I look at bulbapedia in glitch pokemon in missingno have hex value, all pokemon have hex value if look in pokesav. I look some site, give list hex 4 bit, or number every pokemon. 493 real 10 glitch, and 7 unkown, i test but no all work. Or item too have hex value. Ar codes is hex value to patch, changes with brute force to game, so some code will make game freeze. And some code patch to make game work to play.
2. Hex value are for advanced, for begginer i recommend do no edit hex value, because if failed, you save game will damage or you game.
3. But pokesav was give grapich mode or visual mode, so no edit hex value of save game. Try using notepad++ and change to hex mode. Is look 0, 1, e,f,g, ect. And in right is trash text or encrypt text. Well is if you modifity, is crack save game. Is no hack, but crack, modifity hex and no changes crc32 value.
4. Sorry my bad spell.
5. Is out topic of game, so i no continue to help you. Well you know, search it in google, you can find it.
6. Sorry, i bored and forgot some english spell.

But you no learn it in you school? About hex edit value, binary 0.1, or something?


andibad answered:

Hex is just advanced people if you understand hex every normall hex pokemon. Check bulbapedia to found many hex number. Every enggine rpg game have hex number and all files can find hex number. 0 and 1 deafult number, E,F,D, ect. But is for advanced people only, understand about technology for no wrongly action. Is automatic generate in every pokemon. Shortly ar codes is original hex to patch main game directly with many bad effect, and hack via cheat.
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andibad answered:

Hex value can create glith pokemon if avaible.
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andibad answered:

Every item, type, pokemon, and ect have no same hex number and value. But search help pokesav to more. . . .
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andibad answered:

Ok 1 bytes= 8 bit. 8 word in notepad is 1 bytes. Ar codes 16 digit number in one binary, is 2 bytes. More than 32 bytes game will freeze or less. Ok hex value is manuall creating pokemon, but if wrong 1 bit is will freeze, or become glitch, but is good for get best pokemon ever and look no using cheat if trade, battle. Hehe
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andibad answered:

Please use andibad, is my nickname please . . . ., bad is no mean bad! Just shorty some name. And my name andi. I join since december 2008 in gamespot but i can sign in in gamefaqs.

Ok shortly, hex value in pokesav part, some translate english wrong in pokesav, but nice english i thing. Is have two or more type. Hex value 2 bit in every text box. Is call bit no number. Bit is no byte. In main window edit pokemon and edit hex. But you know, in neoseeker, some member list code with code every pokemon is hex value (but i check again, the code was erared by user), pick it in end box text. But my computer have problem, and i have test in my school, i can't explain it if i no in my computer to look my modifity pokesav (edit with reshack to repair main window so look cleary and compact) . And my data are all in this computer. I bored, and look you question about cheat, pokesav, i can help with my all false word, sorry i very sorry.
I understand about hex value, html script, c++, flash script, binary pe exe, autoit script, nsis script, yes ar code is hex value.
And i was create guide about pokesav in 2009, include hex, list hex, and pkm files and more. But my blog is for private, limit people can see it. . . Is no english language, and i bored translate it to english (i know some service can translate it), because after get test and now refreshing, open social networking, and for search data for my homework. In december i no have holiday, and lot test in this month. Sorry. . . . . .
Last cheat, my email, all. Sorry. . . . I no bring all code. . .
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