Question from 96eclipse96

Where can I find 151 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

I can't find it if you just tell me were it is i will look for it but if you tell me what pokemon it will be even better.

96eclipse96 provided additional details:

Ok thanks and were do i see rydon i can't find it anywere


Badali714 answered:

Number 151 is Manaphy. Go to the mansion south of Hearthome city. In the room with the owner, there is a book on the table. "Read" it and it will show you a pic of Manaphy.
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Kraleck answered:

Manaphy is where Badali told you. Rhydon can be seen in Victory Road (Floor B1F) from Ace Trainer Henry (one of the only 4 Trainer Battles on this floor)
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pokemoncube answered:

#151 is Manaphy. You go to the pokemon mansion and go into the only open room. There is a book on a table and you read it.
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