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what is an Enigma Berry?

I saw a pokemon on the GTS holding one, and i've looked all over to try and find out where one would be but i can find no mention of it.


Badali714 answered:

From the Item FAQ in the Diamond version heading:

#60 Enigma Berry HP is recovered when hit with a super-effective attack.
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Badali714 answered:

BTW, Diamond heading has an Item FAQ that has every item except the new ones, such as the Griseous Orb of Giratina. Dk why they didn't post it in this one too.
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Kraleck answered:

General 4th Gen Berry Info:

4th Gen Enigma Berry Info:

General 3rd Gen Berry Info:

3rd Gen Enigma Berry Info:

To get an Enigma Berry, you must transfer one from a 3rd Gen Pokemon Game (Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald) after using the E-Reader accessory for the GameBoy Advanced to get the special Berries (listed below Enigma Berry in the General 3rd Gen Berry Info). They will become Enigma Berries when a Pokemon holding one is Migrated in via Pal Park.

Or they hack the game. Hacking is a popular tactic for hard to find things like Rare Berries.
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Vongola_XI answered:

How: A berry that can't be obtain through legit.... Only by event or hacking....

Effect: Restores HP when hit by a Super-Effective move....
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