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Breeding Shinies...?

From the information I've gathered, breeding foreign pokemon doubles your chance of hatching a shiny. So if I breed a male Foreign Charmander with a ditto, I will have twice the chance of hatching a shiny charmander. Now, if I breed a foreign Charmander with a Foreign ditto, will that give me four times the chance of hatching a shiny charmander? Thanks

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Kraleck answered:

The Masuda Method (breed Pokemon from 2 different countries for shinies) increases the Shiny chance from 1 in 8192 to 1 in 2048. Period. Flat rate increase.

They must be from 2 different countries (one CAN be your own) for the increased rate. For example, if you are from France and you breed 2 Pokemon from South Korea, it WON'T work. However, if you breed one from France and one from Japan, it WILL work.

You cannot use the Everstone Nature Trick and the Masuda Method at the same time.
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mariam12345 answered:

No it's just still 1 chance out of 946
Regular is 1/1892
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andibad answered:

But try foreign chamander with foreign ditto but no same country as you, is make triple you can get shiny.
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