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So i got the pikachu colored pichu today and i was wondering, if you take off the ever stone does the pichu turn into a pikachu next level? or can you just keep training it with out evolving. and if you do evolve can you still get the spiky ear pichu in soul silver and heart gold even though its still a pikachu?? and if you guys didnt know the pikachu colored pichu has volt tackle so if your still going in the trouble of finding a pikachu holding a light ball i think you should get the even pichu but dont evolve it.

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Okay thanks

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From: gandalfail 5 years ago

If you want the event for the HeartGold/SoulSilver game, you do not want to evolve it, because you then cannot transfer + get event. It must be a Pichu when traded over and at the event.

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Dont take off the everstone then it will evolve and u wont gt the notched eared pichu

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