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A good electric type?

well the title says it all... i was wondering if ampharos was good? if it is please come with a move set and any suggestoins i might want to train ev on... and where to get the best ev . and i was also wondering about Electivre. will he work when you trade from platnium to heart gold or soul silver if you can what is that item that goes with it when you trade an electibuzz to make it an electivre

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What does rain dance do anyways? does it boost up special attack?

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Okay I got an electivire and I just got it to 90 and his move set is thunder punch fire punch brick break and earthquake is that good

EvilMonkey5268 asked for clarification:

Hi. If you would like information about an electric type pokemon for you to Ev train, then e-mail me. my E-mail is i would love to give you great ideas about what to choose. but before we can do that i will require more information. Thanks.

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Kraleck answered:

My rating scale is Bad, Mediocre, Decent, Good, or Great.

Raichu - Mediocre Stats, good Movepool. Decent Electric Pokemon.
Electrode - Good Speed, average Movepool. Bad Electric Pokemon.
Jolteon - Good Speed and Sp.Atk, great Movepool. Great Electric Pokemon.
Zapdos - Great Electric Pokemon, Legendary Status restrictions.
Lanturn - Bad Stats, great Movepool, unpredictable. Good Electric Pokemon
Ampharos - Good Sp.Atk, bad Movepool. Mediocre Electric Pokemon.
Raikou - See Zapdos.
Manectric - Decent stats, mediocre Movepool. Mediocre Electric Pokemon.
Plusle & Minun - Terrible in Single Battles, decent in Double Battles.
Luxray - Great Attack, good Movepool. Great Electric Pokemon.
Pachirisu - Bad stats, good Movepool. Bad Electric Pokemon.
Magnezone - Good Sp.Atk, good Movepool, Magnet Rise counteracts 4x Ground Weakness. Great Electric Pokemon.
Electivire - Good Attack, good Movepool, Great Electric Pokemon.
Rotom - Decent stats, great Movepool, 6 forms (regular + 5 appliances). Great Electric Pokemon.
Arceus (Zap Plate) - Generally banned from play in any form.

As for Rain Dance, read:
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NoNoRocker answered:

Well, Ampharos is a good one, I recommend Speed Ev train (3 evs Raichu, Crobat, Pidgeot, 2 evs, medicham, staravia, floatzel) and moveset: Thunder, Thunder wave, Brick break and Iron tail (i'm not good for movesets). Electabuzz evolves by trding while holding a electrizer. Electivire, Defense Ev train (3 evs, Golem and poliwrath 2 evs, Graveler Steelix and silcoon) Moveset: Thunder punch, Ice punch, earthquake and light screen (once again i'm not good for movesets).
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gandalfail answered:

Good Electrics include Magnezone, which is a complete Special Sweeper, and can also be an effective wall. It has a deep movepool including Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt. Rain Dancing Magnezone with Thunder is also effective.
Electrivire gives intensity. With the ability to learn elemental punches, it brings a punch to your team with a physical pack and can also be a very good wall.
Ampharos can be speed EVed and also be strong in special as well. Thunderbolt and Brick Break / Focus Blast definitely can get your opponent off guard, while Rain Dancing can be good as well. Last move should be either Thunder Wave or Hidden Power Grass / Ice to get the opponent off guard again.
Raichu is another alternative, but it doesn't pack enough to be a worthy party member.
The choice is yours. The Electric type has tons of advantages, but Magnezone has 4x weak to Ground, but Magnet Rise solves that if you can somehow outspeed it (it's really slow). Watch out for those Earthquakes, and you'll be fine. Good luck, and do well with your choice.
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gandalfail answered:

Rain Dance causes Thunder to hit 100% of the time, which is pretty cool. Rain Dancing or setting up Rain Dance and Baton Passing to your electric type is an excellent idea.
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nellan1223 answered:

Luxray and Electrivire are my top choices.
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sirpandemona answered:

Magnezone has a great Sp. Atk & good defensive stats. He also has the most resistances of all Pokemon, but he lacks speed.
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verac31 answered:

I prefer Luxray and Jolteon as my top 2 electric type pokemon to use. Luxray is easy to catch early on, and you get a free Eevee a short way into the game, which can evolve into Jolteon. And as for Rain Dance, it gives Thunder 100% accuracy.
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Bio_Hazardss answered:

yes ampharos is definitely very strong but i also like rotom. As for rain dance it increases the move thunder's accuracy
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

The best Electrics are Electivire Amphorados Magezone and Lanturn

I like Electivire heres a good move set for him

thunder bolt
magnet rise
brick break or cross chop
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budkeisler answered:

This Is A Good Choice Above The Others... a classic Pikacku!Seriously!!!
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Coralinefan09 answered:

Luxray, and or Pikachu
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kickbuttowski24 answered:

I gotta say luxray
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supergamer1112 answered:

pikachu has low hp and atk but has great speed and is one cute Pokemon!
if you like cuteness and speed pikachu is for you!!!
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PINK_HATERS_123 answered:

Get a Ampharos, or Pikachu, or maybe a Luxray. My Ampharos knows Fire punch, Electric punch, Rockclimb and Thunder. My Luxray knows Thunder fang, Protect, Crunch and Thunder wave. And finally my Pikachu knows Surf, Protect, Thunder volt (or whatever) and Spark. They all have good stats except Pikachu, not good HP.
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Pokemaxeran answered:

Yo dude I say the best electric type would have to be an electivire because
one it has good attack
two it looks awesome
and three it can learn a ton of moves like surf and flamethrower ect.
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EmpoleonLeader answered:

I said Luxray and Electrivire is good.. and have a great look..
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Sh0ryu_Repp4 answered:

check or for great movesets, but me personally, i prefer electivire he's got great stats all around, a decent moveset, and his ability is great. what i like to do is when i know my opponent will use an electric move i switch immediatelty to electivire, and it's a free speed boost.

Hope this helped!
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Sh0ryu_Repp4 answered:

Oh i forgot to say the item that evolves electabuzz into elecatvire is ELECTRILIZER, wild elekid hold them.
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mimgrim answered:

Hmmm out of your two choces i would go with electricvire but i have a luxray in platnum and its a total monster
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TedhaunGaoGao answered:

Electivire is a good physical wall
Jolteon is a good special sweeper
Magnezone is a good special wall
Luxray is a good physical sweeper

Hope this helps
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TinMan2812 answered:

Ignore the above poster. Electivire and Magnezone are not walls in the slightest. Electivire is a mixed attacker, who can sweep given half the chance, and Magnezone is a special sweeper and Steel trapper, who has the added bonus of being able to explode on things.

For in game, though, Jolteon, Electivire, Magnezone and Luxray are all fairly easy to get (Vire only if you can trade), and powerful enough to get you through.
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game_14 answered:

I think jolteon is the best, because it has a great speed.
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tul3 answered:

Pikachu, Raichu, Luxray, Arceus (Zap Plate), Zapdos, Electivire, Jolteon, Electivire, and High-leveled Plusle and Minun (Good for Double Battles).
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Leslie14 answered:

I wud sey Jolteon and raichu becaus raichu knows thunder punch and jolteon can learn volt tackle(IF U TRAIN IT PROPERLY)....... THEY ROCK!!!!
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Redzone0110 answered:

I used Luxray ingame, and I found it to be pretty good; if you're in competitive play, some of the good/common ones are Magnezone, Jolteon, and Electivire.
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bidoh answered:

If you ask me, I prefer Jolteon as the best. Not only because of it's high speed, but also it's great Sp. Attack. I suggest you:
- Give it a lot of Carbos, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron while it's still an Eevee.
- Give it a Soothe Bell to make it more friendlier and make the move 'Return' have a high power.
Suggested moves:
Charge Beam
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samsam87 answered:

Are you people blind the real electeric type poke mon is the rats Piachu, Pikachu and Riachu the pokemon who know volt tackel typo.
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