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Staraptor's moveset?

Adamant Nature
Strongly defiant

Aerial Ace

I'm thinking of replacing one of those with Facade. Thoughts/suggestions?

gestaine provided additional details:


I've mulled over a couple moveset combinations, but I don't know if one or the other will be putting too high expectations on him. I've equipped him with Lax Incense and narrowed the sets down to:

Aerial Ace OR Aerial Ace
Roost Roost
Close Combat Facade/Return
Facade/Return Agility/Double Team

I'm just torn because I know that while the first set is going to allow him to fight back against most, if not all types of opponents, it's not going to do him any good if Opponents like Electabuzz cut him down before he can do anything. The second set will give him the advantage of boosted stats, but he'll be useless against the likes of Steelix and Rhyperior. Again, discuss or bring up whatever comments or advice you experts see fit to give. Yoroshiku.

gestaine provided additional details:

UPDATE II: Stupid page has no regard for the use of the space bar. Okay, let me repeat it so there's no confusion. First set is: Aerial Ace, Roost, Close Combat and Facade/Return.

Second set is: Aerial Ace, Roost, Facade/Return, and Agility/Double Team.

gestaine provided additional details:

Very interesting tidbits you guys, and I thank you. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I did decide to scrap Agility, since that move (and its effects) will become useless if someone pulls a Glare or an all-too-common Thunder Wave. On the other hand, someone could paralyze or even freeze him and he'd still maintain however many levels of evasion he had gained with Double Team. All the more reason why I'm really getting tempted by facade.

Oh Kraleck, where can I find Secret Power? And assuming I go with your recoil set, why would steel wing be more useful than Brave Bird against ghosts?


Ghost000123 answered:

Well I think that you sould go with the first set and the close combat but remember if you didn't know roost lays pokemon to the floor for the turn and is succecible to ground type attacks.I have arial ace,close combat,edeavor,and brave bird but that is my opinion you tell me.
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Kraleck answered:

My suggestion:
Attack Minded
--Aerial Ace (for Accuracy) OR Wing Attack (for PP) OR Pluck (for Berry Holders, especially ones that may use Salac, Sitrus, or Liechi Berry)
--Return (for Power) OR Facade (for opponents' Status Effects) OR Secret Power (for Status Effects of your own)
--Close Combat (Base 120 Power is good)
--U-Turn (U-Turn after a Close Combat will cause an opponent's next attack to hit a more defensive Pokemon like Blissey or Skarmory if you're faster)

Recoil Minded
--Brave Bird
--Close Combat OR Steel Wing OR Heat Wave (yes you read that right, Heat Wave can inflict Burns 10% of the time and be a real surprise to an opponent's Skarmory, Steel Wing is if you face more Ghost Types than you'd prefer to see)
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Kraleck answered:

One copy of TM43 (Secret Power) is found at Amity Square (the teleporter maze seems to change daily). I like to use Pal Park to Transfer it in because you can buy it in Slateport City (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald).

Close Combat is a Fighting Type Move, so Ghosts are Immune to both it and Double-Edge, leaving you with Brave Bird as an option. They can then set you up to Brave Bird into a Rock or Steel Type, leaving their Ghost Type untouched (and hurting you more than you'll hurt them when they switch back to the Ghost on Close Combat and waste your low PP). Steel Wing/Heat Wave makes them think twice about switching.

--Since Skarmory and Magnezone can put the hurt on Staraptor with Stone Edge and STAB Electric Moves, respectively, Heat Wave becomes a viable option.
--Steel Wing gives you most of the Super Effective Type coverage Close Combat provides, but you'll have weak hits VS Steel and neutral hits VS Normal instead of no hits VS Ghosts and Super Effective VS Normal.
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mariopupli answered:

My Suggestion.
Staraptor adamant nature Ev spread 252attack 252speed 4Hp
Brave bird
Close combat
Steel wing
Take down
(make him hold shell bell to retain the health lost with the hp draining moves. :)
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