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Where can I find the secret gengar?

What are those eyes for in the room next to the room with the girl who appears in the room with the tm? In the old chateau?

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Also whats the point of the eyes in the old chateau room anyway?

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Also whats the point of the people in there, can you talk to them?

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Do they appear anywhere else...

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

The "people" are ghosts the programmers added as a "creep factor" Easter Egg.

Also, Gengar is only found in that previously mentioned room. Haunter will appear everywhere inside as well with a GBA Pokemon Version inserted.

Gastly is still the most common Pokemon here with a (roughly) 75% encounter rate, 20% or 25% for Haunter depending on if you're in the Gengar room or not, and 5% for Gengar in the room with the painting only.
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mondrae205 answered:

I think that if you have a pokemon game in your gba slot and talk to the eyes the gengar appears. It might only work if its emerald though.
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Kraleck answered:

The painting is supposedly possessed by a Gengar (Easter Egg). As such, Wild Gengar will appear in this room when you have any 3rd Gen Pokemon Version in the GBA Slot.
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