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Ice stone?

Whar is the ice stone at?

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Badali714 answered:

It's actually called an Icy Rock, and it's on the snowy route. From the house that you can heal at, after exiting Mt. Coronet, go North and stay to your right, there's a house way north and a grass patch above the house. The rock is there. Level up your Eevee in that vicinity, and you'll get Glaceon.
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Clankis3 answered:

Go to Snowpoint City, head west to Route 217. The head west still till you get to a stop where you can go south then west again then stay by the trees on the east when heading south the second time. When you head east and you get to the spot where you go north, go that was and you get into grass. In the grass there is a clear spot with an Ice Covered Rock.
Hope this helps!
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