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Can someone help me with a good eevee team moveset?

I've decided to make a team entirely of the eevee evolutions. I think I'll go with all except claceon since vaporeon can do it's job as well as a waters job. I don't intend on competitive battling just in game stuff. I'm having particular trouble with umbreon and flareon since they don't have a great move pool


Kraleck answered:

Vaporeon - Bold Nature, 252 Defense, 252 Sp.Atk/HP, 6 HP/Sp.Atk
HP and Sp.Atk EVs depend on if you want to go with a Tank-n-Spank or Sponge Vaporeon. Surf, Ice Beam, and either Substitute and Rest for Sponge Vaporeon or Toxic and Aqua Ring for Tank-n-Spank Vaporeon.

Jolteon - Modest Nature - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed, 6 Defense
Non-Defense Form Deoxys, Ninjask, and Electrode will outrun you, Crobat, Mewtwo, and Aerodactyl get a Speed tie, barring a +Speed Nature or Choice Scarf. Aerodactyl can Earthquake and Ninjask can Dig, so be careful. Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam (Tutor), and Trump Card (Learn as Eevee)

Flareon - Impish Nature - 252 Attack, 252 Defense, 6 Sp.Def
The black sheep of the Eevee family does well with Curse (Egg), Fire Fang, Bite or Iron Tail, and Last Resort (Learn as Eevee). Speed is an issue for every Eevee-lution except Jolteon and Espeon, making Flareon's lack of potential a tad worrisome.

Espeon - Timid Nature - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed, 6 Defense
Psychic, Hidden Power (NOT Psychic or Grass Type), Swift, and either Calm Mind or Grass Knot

Umbreon - Impish Nature - 252 Attack, 129 Defense, 129 Sp.Def
Sucker Punch (Tutor) or Bite, Iron Tail, Facade (complements Synchronize Ability and Umbreon's defenses very well), and either Curse or Wish (both of which are Egg Moves).

Leafeon - Careful Nature - 252 Attack, 252 Sp.Def, 6 Speed
Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, and either Swords Dance, Iron Tail, or Knock Off (Tutor)

Just in case you ever want to substitute a Glaceon in:
Calm Nature - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Sp.Def, 6 HP
Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Signal Beam (Tutor).
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