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Why does the game keep giving me a communication error when trading?

I recently started my HeartGold game, and was attempting to collect all the Eeveelutions, including those from Platinum, using the two DS that I have, physically right next to each other. The trading went fine between HG and my completed SS game, but all of a sudden trying to trade between HG and Platinum, or SS and Platinum, results in a "communication error". Before I traded just fine between Platinum and SS, when I was getting the Eeveelutions on SS. I can't figure out why it's not working now.

Any advice?

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Except the weather has been just fine here. No storms, not even any wind.


Kraleck answered:

One or both of the DSes' wireless transmitters may be getting electronic interference. Find a spot where there are fewer electronic devices and a table and get a sheet of aluminum foil than can fit both DSes on it. Face the tops toward each other on a table (place them on the foil) and try again.

I've noticed there can be dead zones for the wireless communication, even when next to each other and added metal can help boost signals (I used aluminum foil on a folding table to improve the reception of my mother's laptop and got another bar and a half). You may also want to wipe the grime off of the entire DS as it can interfere as well.
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dibbion answered:

Gotta agree with Kraleck.
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