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Transferring my pokemon on diamond to platinum?

I have lots of Legendarys on diamond, and want to move them to platinum, how can I do that?

p.s : please give detailed answers, not just "pal park" as iv never done this before

p.p.s : I only have 1 ds

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if i borrow a friends ds, what would i then have to do to trade the pokemon?

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

If you borrow a DS, go upstairs in any Pokemon Center and talk to the middle woman to enter the Union Room after several "Yes" answers for both players. Once inside, use one player to talk to the other and select Trade from the list. The second player must then say Yes to proceed when prompted.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

If it's from Diamond to Platinum, your best suggestion is to get a 2nd DS from somewhere (a friend perhaps?) as Pal Park will not work with another DS game. (Pal Park is only for the GBA games)

But otherwise, I dun think there's any other way...
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