Question from quco

Asked: 4 years ago

About underground flags?

I was wondering if u had to steal a flag from 50 different persons or if u could steal the flag of only on person... if it works like catching Spritoomb, that u hafta talk with someone in the underground 30 times but u can talk to the same friend over 30, he (or you?) hafta log out and come back in 30 times? does that work for flag capture too?
coz the heck can i find 50 friends with DS? and that thy have pokemon platinum!?

Accepted Answer

From: Texasjake95 4 years ago

I only stole from one person, my Diamond version. I put them as close as i could and ran between the two bases and no you do not have to exit the underground 50 times.

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Any 50 Flags will work, even from 1 person.

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