Question from kittenpaws28

How do go to the 4th gym leader?

Stuck on getting to the gym leader i got to the 1st and 2nd guy but on the 3rd guy on the upper left corner i can't seem to punch the bag correctly to get to the lower left bags beacause the blue lockers are in the way

shingpups16 asked for clarification:

But i need to no where he is in the city not in the gym.


iamdsplayer answered:

Are you talking about maylene"s gym? if so, you need more specific information
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heydies answered:

You should look up some walkthroughs of the gym on youtube, i've seen some people do walkthroughs of various gyms on youtube
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DeJongJr answered:

If you mean the fighting type gym, it's a girl. If the lockers are in the way it's because it isn't supposed to move that way just look at a walkthrough
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