Question from oblivionSR

How many types of pokemon fossils are underground?

Ive got three different fossils but i dont really know how many different types of pokemon there are can anyone tell me i want more?

AcceptThisName asked for clarification:

what did you find? I found shieldon

oblivionSR provided additional details:

ive found Kabuto, Areodactyle, and sheildon


xxyyzzz answered:

There is 7 areodactyle,kabuto,omanyte,leelip,anorith,*cranidos*,and shieldon*
*depends on trainer id even* odd**
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Kraleck answered:

Fossil - Pokemon - Rarity (Requirements)
Helix Fossil - Omanyte - Rare (National Dex)
Dome Fossil - Kabuto - Rare (National Dex)
Old Amber - Aerodactyl - Rare (National Dex)
Claw Fossil - Anorith - Rare (National Dex)
Root Fossil - Lileep - Rare (National Dex)
Skull Fossil - Cranidos - Uncommon (Odd Final Digit in Trainer ID#)
Armor Fossil - Shieldon - Uncommon (Even Final Digit in Trainer ID#)

Although it doesn't revive into a Pokemon, Rare Bone counts toward the "100 Fossils Prize" from Mr. Goods in Hearthome City.
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